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  • Name: Alexey Serov ( Serov Alexey )
  • Date of birth: November 15, 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Ivanovo,Russia
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexei Serov: biography

    One of the most prominent members of the popular group «Disco Crash» Alexey Serov was born in the famous city of brides» Ivanovo. He was born in November 1974 in a family where music was constantly heard. But to go the beaten parents «musical road» son decided only at a Mature age. Although hearing his voice was evident quite early: 1 to 3 class Alex practiced the vocal part of the children’s pop band «A+B».

    Alexey Serov
    Alexey Serov |

    As told in one of his interviews the musician, he practiced, but in the reporting of concerts, the leaders of the «A+B» to produce him on the scene did not dare. The boy was distressed, but not particularly because he had many other Hobbies. Alexey Serov worked in the section Sambo, attended classes at a large and table tennis, went in a circle orienteering, played soccer and even tried his hand at the puppet theater.

    About a career in music, he thought. After graduating from secondary school, the guy enrolled in law school. In those years there was a convergence of Serov with the founders of the legendary group «Disco Crash» Nikolay Timofeev and Alexey Ryzhov. With Timofeev Serov was familiar with the school.

    «Disco Crash»

    At the 3rd course of the Institute Alexey Serov already own earned money on life. He got a job as a legal counsel at Ivanovo plant of artificial soles. And also led city clubs.

    Ryzhov and Timofeev 1990 and 1995 at the Ivanovo regional radio fought the transfer, which was called «Disco Crash». Within this transmission guys have been doing remixes and parodies of popular songs. In 1992 they were joined by Oleg Zhukov, and after 5 years joined Alexey Serov.

    Alexey Serov with colleagues old structure
    Alexey Serov with colleagues old «Disco Crash» | Diskoavariya.blogspot

    Since then the team has changed a lot. In February 2002 after a long illness died one of the brightest members of the team Oleg Zhukov. In the summer of 2012 in «independent swimming» went Nikolay Timofeev. But in November of the same year in the «Disco Crash» has a new soloist Anna Khokhlova, member of the Ukrainian talent show «X-Factor».

    The band has a brilliant history in which Alexey Serov played a key role. Since 1997, when he appeared in the «Disco Accident», the band released 8 albums popular. Many hits of the band sang and continues to sing the whole country. In their collection a huge number of prestigious awards and nominations.

    Biography of Alexei Serov is inextricably linked with the collective, whose popularity has grown to the size that allows you to take part in such stellar gigs as «Golden gramophone», «song of the year», «Blue light on Shabolovka» and many others. Serov and today does not change the ensemble remains the soloist.

    Personal life

    Unfortunately, the personal life of Alexei Serov was not as smoothly and safely as a musical career. On account of the soloist «Disco Crash» three marriages. And they all ended in divorce. Especially loud and scandalous was divorce from third wife, a blond beauty from the Baltics Irina Kachko.

    Alexey Serov third wife Irina and children
    Alexey Serov third wife Irina and children | Shownews

    A formal proposal of marriage to Irina had to wait 4 and a half years. The marriage was registered at the Consulate of Tallinn. The ceremony was attended by Alexei’s son from the 2nd marriage of Richard, daughter Irina from the 1st marriage of Betty and daughter pair shared Pauline. The eldest son of Alexey Serova, mark, born in 1 m married, remained in the capital.

    But the idyll did not last long. After the marriage cracked, Serov arrived in Tallinn and filed for divorce. Visual time added the fact that the musician has demanded sole custody of their daughter. The Ivanovo court granted his petition. Began a long litigation Irina who demanded the return of his daughter himself. In the end, she succeeded, and today, Pauline lives with her mother in Estonia. Alexey Serov participates in a girl’s life and tries as often as possible to see her.

    Alexey Serov with daughter Polina
    Alexey Serov with his daughter Pauline |


    • 1997 — «Dance with me»
    • 1999 — «Song about you and me»
    • 1999 — «Marathon»
    • 2000 — «Crash!»
    • 2001 — «Maniac»
    • 2006 — «Four guys»
    • 2011 — «not another Teen time»
    • 2014 — «the girl behind the wheel»


    Alexey Serov

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