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  • Name: Alexey Komashko ( Aleksey Komashko )
  • Date of birth: 29 April 1981.
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Zaporozhye
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Aleksey Komashko : biography

    Alexey Komashko was born in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye in April 1981. Next to the house where he grew up, there was the circus. Because the boy, like most children, adored the circus, the family did not miss a single new. Most of the he held the clowns. This profession was the first, which thought the boy.

    After his family moved to another home, the circus was far enough away from the house in which the family settled Komashko. But there was the building of the cinema. Therefore, the priorities of Alexei began to shift in the direction of the cinema. Soon the boy grew out of dream of being a hilarious clown and seriously thinking about the scene.

    From 5 years of age Alexey Komashko lived with his mother. She has a son she tried to be to him not only a mother but a best friend. The actor says that it influenced his choice of profession, because she was a creative person. Despite most of the work – paramedic ambulance – the woman had time to sing in a wonderful ensemble «the milky way». The team was small – just 6 people, but consisted of amazingly talented people. They sang folk songs, and without the ensemble, there was not a single concert or a festive event in the city.

    Aleksey Komashko was very proud of my mother and heed her advice. When mom took him to the contemporary dance, he first «caught fire» and enthusiastic about doing this. But after his team, slightly modifying their main occupation, put on a New year winter Wonderland, Alex realized that acting is what will from that moment to occupy his thoughts. Thus, the biography of Aleksey Komashko began with a small role of the conductor at the Christmas party.

    The young dancer didn’t want to do the choreography and change the dance Studio at the theatre.

    After school Alexey Komashko decided to continue to follow your dreams. He was going to do in drama school. But after consulting with her mother, chose the more practical route of graphic designer.

    After 2 years, having graduated from College, Alex realized that working in this specialty don’t pull. Now mom didn’t mind, and he went to enter the theater. Chose the Saratov Conservatory named after Leonid Sobinov.

    Komashko received the first time. His mentor was the great artist Alexander Galko. Its role in the life of Alex is very large. The authority of the immutable mentor for a young artist and now that he’s graduated and left the walls of the University. Komashko claims that emerged as a professional artist thanks to Alexander Grigoryevich.

    At the end of the 3rd course of Aleksey Komashko was one of two students awarded the prize, founded by actor Yevgeny Mironov. To be awarded as Alex went to the capital. There he first met with Mironov. He made a huge impression on him. Moreover, Evgenij after a while called Alex and he said that soon in Saratov will tour Oleg Tabakov. He wants to get acquainted with the young artist.

    After the meeting, Alexey Komashko received an offer to work in the theatre-Studio Tabakov. Since 2005, the actor moved from Saratov to Moscow and began working in the theatre, Oleg Pavlovich on an ongoing basis.


    In «Snuff» Aleksey Komashko working today. He is a full member of this glorious troupe. Shortly after the artist moved from Saratov to Moscow, she appeared in high-profile performances of «the passion of Bumbarash», «the Elder son» and «Under the blue sky».

    A cinematic biography of Aleksey Komashko also went up rapidly. A year after he moved to the capital, he made his debut in the multiseries melodrama «Diamonds for dessert». The series was released in 2006. The actor was spotted by the Directors and since then continuously removed. Each year of his participation beyond a few projects. Most often it is the soap operas and crime dramas.

    «Angel or demon» is one of those shows. Viewers saw Alexei Komashko in the form of a character named Ian.

    But the best movies, which starred actor Zaporizhzhya can be called multiseries film «the Apostle», «Tula Tokarev» and «Cowboys». These projects are most warmly welcomed by domestic audience and received positive reviews.

    Filmography of Aleksey Komashko was greatly enriched after the release of the famous drama «to Live». It became a hit in 2010. Warmly welcomed by the audience and the TV series «the Sniper», where Komashko got a prominent role.

    In another picture – «Missing» – was released in 2015, Alexey Komashko played the main character.

    I must say that the actor does not share its role of main and episodic. He very conscientiously and carefully prepared for each work, considering the smallest move and live in the proposed images. In a high-profile crime series «the Method», where the main characters played by keira Knightley and Paulina Andreeva, Komashko appeared in one of the novels. He got the image of «Lipetsk Strangler», the murderer of Gregory White. Artist of a very delicately played this role.

    «Warrior» is one of the most «fresh» projects of Aleksey Komashko. This sports drama by Alexey Andrianov, was released in October of 2015. Viewers saw the artist as a company commander. This role of the second plan, and Komashko, made with a jeweler’s precision and depth.

    Now Ukrainian actor has concentrated all its strength on theatrical works. He continues to play on the stage of the theater of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov.

    Personal life

    Makes perfect sense not only the career of the artist, but also personal life of Alexei Komashko. For several years, the actor is married to Galina Vakhrusheva. The family lives in the capital and raising three wonderful children – two sons and a daughter. The spouses do not exclude the possibility of enlargement of the family. Because the more relatives, the richer the life.


    • «Diamonds for dessert»
    • «The Apostle»
    • «Tula Tokarev»
    • «Cowboys»
    • «Live»
    • «Sniper»
    • «Missing»
    • «Exchange»
    • «Method»
    • «Warrior»


    Alex Komashko

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