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  • Name: Alexey Bardukov ( Aleksey Bardukov )
  • Date of birth: 18 November 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married Anna starshenbaum

    Aleksey Bardukov: biography

    Aleksey Bardukov is a Russian theater and movie actor who became famous after her debut in the military drama «the Saboteur», then strengthened the popularity thanks to blockbusters «the game» and «Metro».

    Alexey was born in Moscow in a working class family, far removed from the theatrical and cinematic activities. His father worked as a fitter, and mother was oklacity-packer at the factory. Alex is the first born of his parents, later he had a younger brother and sister. For a long time the family lived in one room of a communal apartment, and only when Alexei was already 12 years old, the parents were able to afford independent housing.

    In school young Bardukov a lot of time to sports and visited sections of the football, swimming, fencing and martial arts. Even while studying in the 11th grade, he still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life. All agreed the event is a classmate of Alex signed up for training courses for receipt in theatrical Institute, and the young man decided that I could try too, although I’ve never even been to the theatre. After the first class Alexey Bardukov realized that drama is exactly that which corresponds to his idea of their future profession.

    After graduation in 2001, a young man successfully passed the entrance test once in three theatrical institution — the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, ACTOR and theatre Institute named after Shchukin. His choice fell on the Moscow art theater as the creative head of the group was the legendary actor Konstantin Raikin. From the second course Aleksey Bardukov began to appear on the stage of the Satirikon theatre, and after graduation became a full-fledged member of the troupe. On account of his nearly 10-ka roles in classic productions of plays by Carlo Galdoni, Alexander Ostrovsky, Carla Gozzi and Lope de VEGA.


    The debut for Alexis burdukova in 2004 was the role of the scout-Lieutenant Leonid Filatov in the military multiseries drama «the Saboteur». The film was popular, was nominated for various film awards and after 3 years the plot will be continued in the film «Saboteur. The end of the war», in which Aleksey Bardukov also took part, «rising to the rank of captain.

    The success of this military drama played a role in the future career of the actor. It began to invite Directors, but for the most part wanted to see only in uniform. For example, in the blockbuster «Battle of local importance» Alexey role of the second Lieutenant, who along with a group of soldiers is forced to confront the Waffen-SS, in the drama «Summer of wolves» — Lieutenant Ivan Hats, and in the detective series «Mosgaz», based on real events in Moscow in the 70-ies, as well as in the story related films «the Executioner» and «the Spider», the actor tries on a police uniform and plays detective Lieutenant Alexey garkushu.

    But Aleksey Bardukov has not remained an actor of one role. He was able to get the opportunity to play a romantic role in the melodrama «Bride to order», the drama «the Foundling» and the youth Comedy «Club happiness». Another famous work of actor, which strengthened his popularity came in the first Russian 8-a serial film in the genre of cyberpunk «In the game». The picture tells the story of teen gamers who are exposed to the interactive effects that turn their virtual skills in the real, was a huge success. This was filmed TV series «On game-2. New level» with the same cast, also had nice reviews and ratings viewing.

    There was another sequel – widescreen the movie «Gamers», participation in which Aleksey Bardukov decided to give up. Instead, he played Denis Istomin in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Dmitry Safronov «Metro». The picture is spectacularly shot in the genre of disaster movie and tells about the accident in the Moscow metro.

    Personal life

    In 2009, Aleksey Bardukov married actress Anna Starshenbaum, plays at the Theater, Vladimir Spesivtsev, as well as in the popular television series. The bride and groom signed in Moscow Izmailovo, and spent their honeymoon in the Maldives. In November 2011 the family had a son, who was called Ivan.

    At the end of 2014, Alex and Anna were broken up, according to rumors due to the fact that Starshenbaum resumed relations with Vladimir Agrichem. However, the official divorce wasn’t issued, and in may 2015, the couple reconciled and began to live together again.


    • 2004 — the Saboteur
    • 2007 — Bride to order
    • 2008 — Battle of local importance
    • 2009 — At play
    • 2010 — Foundling
    • 2010 — happiness Club
    • 2011 — Summer of wolves
    • 2012 Once in Rostov
    • 2013 — Metro
    • 2013 — Bomb


    Aleksey Bardukov

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