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  • Name: Alex Barabash ( Barabash Y. )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Aleksey Barabash: biography

    Aleksey Barabash was born 12 June 1977 in a simple Soviet family in St. Petersburg. In his family only his grandmother Galina Frantseva Rusetskaya, was an actress. Despite the fact that the future artist was not personally familiar with it, it still influenced the further choice of its path.

    The boy attended music school, but quickly lost interest in drumming and neglected classes. Like many boys his age Barabash fond of sports: played soccer and hockey, professionally practiced martial arts and participated in competitions. But the drama club and theater productions was Alex wrong. But the mother of the future actor was sure that with such good looks and genes from her son will make a wonderful artist. When Alex was sixteen years old she gave him up for theater courses, which are taught by well-known teacher of Roman Korogodsky.

    The influence of Zinovy Yakovlevich the guy was so strong that after graduation as an external student Alex filed the documents in St.-Petersburg humanitarian University of trade unions. The entrance exam was easy for him, Barabash himself wrote the lyrics and easy to remember large amounts of text. The applicant decided not to try to impress the Commission with their originality, and just read the famous fable of the crow and the cheese. Alexei was enrolled in the workshop Zenobia Komogortseva.

    The first course was not easy, the guy was absolutely not ready for a theatrical life. Barabash began to skip classes several times under threat of expulsion. But his head was quite loyal, waiting patiently for adaptation. In the second year remedial student who often became the object of criticism Korogodsky, Alex turned to his pet. Every day, his talents became more obvious. With Zinovy Yakovlevich actor could find his way in life.


    In 1997 Alexey graduated from University and immediately received several invitations in the famous theatres. But graduate preferred Theatre of young spectator, where he led Anatoly Abramovich is the chief Director. Working with the head Director turned out to be extremely fruitful: in addition to the numerous roles of animals, which were frequent characters in the repertoire, Alex played Ivan the fool in a production of «the little humpbacked Horse». When the chief Director left the theatre, the actor and the entire theater troupe decided to follow him.

    Anatoly Arkadyevich made an experimental stage at the theater «Baltic house», where Barabash began to play in 1998. Debut theatre group was the unusual performance of «Krokodil» based on the tale of Chukotka. In the Wake of this success, the actors went on tour to Russia, where he performed on the best stages.

    The actor also participated in the following statement Praudin is. In the play «Sisyphus and a stone», he played the legendary Theseus, and in «Lesson one. Sunday» appeared in the form of one of the apostles. The experimental stage Barabash worked for two years, and then lost interest in the theatre. The artist made a bet on the movie and I was right.


    First role in a movie was for Alexei very passable. In 2000, he participated in the film «Russian revolt», where he played the role of a nameless clerk. Then there were a few episodic roles in various films. His first notable role was the character of Alexander I from the TV series «poor, Poor Paul». The serial film was a success, and the talented actor began to notice her.

    Actor fundamentally doing sitcoms, almost every day abandoning such projects. Nevertheless he has his weakness: Barabash loves costume movies where the main emphasis is on mapping of the era and the look of characters. So when Eugene Ivanov invited the artist in his historical film «gentlemen of the jury,» he couldn’t resist.

    Many viewers Barabash remembered for the role of Bones, an office worker with a romantic film «Peter FM». Interestingly, to Alex, this role did not like. For him the image of a Manager turned out to be too simple and boring.

    A vivid and memorable role of Aleksey Barabash Nikiforov is the image from the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk «Stalingrad». When the Director invited the actor to the shooting, he immediately agreed. Not without difficulties: according to the script his character is an Opera singer, by fate found themselves on the front should be trimmed. And in the shooting of another film, which were conducted in parallel, Alexei played the role of a person with a fairly voluminous hair, which was forced to order several wigs, in order not to violate the terms of the contract. For the role Barabash lost 15 kg, in order to feel and Express the whole range of feelings and emotions experienced by starving in the war.

    One of the latest work of the artist — biographical series «These eyes opposite», in which Barabash has played legendary singer Valery obodzinsky.

    Personal life

    Alex was four times married. His first wife was actress Olga Belinskaya. They met at University and got married young. Soon they had a son Arseniy, Alex had to combine study, work and raising a child.

    Point in their family life put a terrible accident, after which Barabash had a long walk with his wife. But eventually Olga decided to move away from the actor. Alex continues to maintain a relationship with his son and to the best of their ability helps him in life.

    His second wife was the actress Natalia Burmistrova. Their marriage also did not last long. She was replaced by an unknown woman named Julia, in Alliance with whom was born a son, Matthew. But this relationship failed the test of life and time.

    On the set of the TV series «the Man in me» Alex met with actress Anna Zdor. At that time both artists were proprietary, and at first Anna didn’t respond to the advances of the actor. Later between them clicked, and they began to think about living together. The actress filed for divorce, and Barabash left his wife and infant son.

    Anna and Alex got married and soon had a daughter Barbara. In 2014 I filed for divorce because of infidelity of her husband. She told reporters that she found love letters of Alexei with his ex-wife, whom he had met in Saint-Petersburg. The actor denied it categorically and did not agree with the reason for the divorce. Nevertheless, the court granted the request of Anne and ordered the actor to pay child support.


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    Aleksey Barabash

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