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  • Name: Alexey Maklakov ( Maklakov Alexey )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1961
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actor, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Maklakov: biography

    Perhaps all the vast space of the former Soviet Union to find a loved one ensign, than the ensign by the name Shmatko. Which is embodied on the screen of this cunning military of lower rank actor Alexey Maklakov instantly became a star of the national cinema. But today this artist has many other equally talented players.

    In most sources, including Wikipedia, indicate that Alex Maklakov was born in Novosibirsk. But this is not true. He was born in Moscow on 6 January 1961. What happened in the family of the future artist is unknown, but almost immediately after his son’s birth mom went with him to the North. She brought up the Alex one. In Novosibirsk passed his childhood and youth Maklakova. In this city he made his first steps in the profession.

    Alexey Maklakov
    Alexei Maklakov | VK

    Mother of Alexey Maklakova worked as a librarian. Hence the love of a famous actor reading his exceptional erudition.

    In addition to the fascination with the books the guy was another, no less strong. In middle school he joined the drama club and enjoyed playing in Amateur theatricals. After completing his matriculation went to study at the local drama school, which soon grew into the Institute.


    Received a diploma of theatre education, Alexei Maklakov went on stage. It was adopted in the Novosibirsk theatre «Red torch». But still a great reading, beautiful voice and lovely diction helped him to find a place on radio «yuniton».

    A new impetus to the creative biography of Alexey Maklakova received in 1996, when the Novosibirsk artist moved to Moscow. Here he was admitted to the theatre named. V. Mayakovsky. In this scene the audience see in his acting. With great pleasure theatergoers watched the performances with his participation «Synth love», «Children Vanyushina», «a Plague on both your houses» and «As you like it».

    Alex Maklakov in the film
    Alex Maklakov in the movie «Nochnoy Dozor» |

    Wide popularity he received only after appear on the screen. In 2001, he played a cameo role in the film «Hello, baby!», where he was noticed by the famous Director Timur Bekmambetov. He invited the actor of «Mayakovka» in the project «Night watch,» the role of driver magic Seeds.

    Later the crew of «Night watch», told reporters about the incredible hard work of Alexei Maklakov and his professionalism. But critics and viewers agreed on the opinion that the artist is very definitely «got in the way.» It is impossible to imagine that the role of the driver would be played by someone else.

    Even more popular novel is received after the release of the cult TV series «Soldiers». His ensign Shmatko so fond of the audience that Alexei Konstantinovich had some time to hire a security guard to leave the house and walk down the street was impossible.

    Maklakov later starred in all the following seasons of «Soldiers,» in which the cast has undergone many changes. But imagine the series without Shmatko was impossible.

    Alex Maklakov in the series
    Alex Maklakov in the series «Soldiers» | VK

    Among subsequent works of Alexey Maklakova you can mark the tape «After life», «Thunder» and «a Time to gather stones». In these films, the actor has managed to prove that he can cope with diverse characters.

    In the film «Dull fat hare» Alexey was very convincing: he had to play an unrecognized actor. Respect demanding critics Alexei Maklakov deserved for his work in the film «Platinum», «step by Step» and «Merciful», although the audience not liking these films.

    A lot of fans of this wonderful actor I love him not only for his excellent playing but also for singing talent. Disk Maklakova «E-mine» is in great demand.

    Personal life

    Today Alexey Maklakov is at the peak of its popularity. He, that is, 100 percent brand awareness and a huge army of fans. His charm and incredible charisma, you can feel when he communicates with the audience directly on their concerts. The attraction of this talented man feel not only his supporters, but also women. The artist for the third marriage and four children.

    Alexey Maklakov wife
    Alexey Maklakov wife | VK

    Personal life Alexei Maklakov today is his wife Anna Romantseva. With her actor met on the set of his most successful project «Soldiers.» Together the couple has two children – daughters, Irina and Sofia. The younger girl was born in 2012.

    Have Maklakova has two older children from two previous marriages: son Ilya and daughter Nicole.


    • «Hi, baby!»
    • «Night watch»
    • «Soldiers»
    • «After life»
    • «Thunder»
    • «Time to gather stones together»
    • «Stupid fat Bunny»
    • «All’s fair»
    • Platina
    • «Merciful»


    Alexey Maklakov

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