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  • Name: Aleksei Berezutski ( Aleksey Berezutskiy )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: married

    Aleksei Berezutski: biography

    Aleksei Berezutski is a Russian footballer, defender of club of CSKA and the national team. He is a multiple champion of the Russian championship and the domestic Cup. Also Berezutski along with CSKA won the second largest European trophy – the UEFA Cup, and with the Russian national team bronze medals of the European championship.

    Alex was born at the same time with his brother Basil Berezutski. Noteworthy: you guys are so inseparable that not only went to soccer, but played in the same position, and then perform together for the club and for the national team. So nature gave them not only identity, but also equally great sporting talent.

    When Alex and Basil were young, they often used their similarity, especially in high school. For example, he often went to the Board instead of my brother because he was worse than him. Therefore, in the lower grades teachers were seated Berezutski in different parts of the Cabinet, not to be confused». For the boys it was weird, because they believed that they can be distinguished without any problems.

    The love of the sport Alex and his brother instilled a father who was a physical education teacher. Mom did the bookkeeping at one of Moscow enterprises. Along with secondary school Alex started in the football section «Change» from a well-known children’s coach Vladimir Ivanovich Lopandino.

    Football career

    The first professional club Aleksei Berezutski was the Moscow «torpedo-ZIL». At the age of 17 he managed to hold three matches for the first team, after a promising guy loaned in Novorossiysk «Chernomorets». It was there that the protector, that is, began to play. He is very confident despite his age, acted in the line of defense and quickly attracted attention from the stronger teams.

    But again all was Valery Gazzaev, coach of CSKA Moscow. He invited the twin brothers to your team and gradually began to introduce them into the game at the highest level. Alex is now 14 years defending the colours of CSKA and as before remains committed to them. During this period, the Berezutsky 6 time champion of Russia, 5 times silver medallist, has twice won the bronze medal. Also on account of the defender of CSKA of 7 Cups and 6 super cups internal competition.

    But the most coveted trophies Alex has achieved at the international level. Together with the Moscow club, he raised over his head the second largest European prize – the UEFA Cup. In the Champions League got in the symbolic team and became the first CSKA player, who has played in this most honorable event 50 matches.

    Good going Berezutsky and the national team of Russia. It was first called to the national team in 2003 and since then almost always goes with the coat of arms on the chest in the qualifying and official meetings. In 2008 Alex even led Russia for the match against Romania as a captain. And in the same year at the European Championship with the national team created a furor, unexpectedly winning the bronze medal of the competition. Berezutski is considered a key figure in the current team, which is sent to France for the next European championship under the leadership of Leonid Slutsky.

    Personal life

    His wife, whose name is Jamil, Alexey Berezutsky met in childhood, as her family lived next door. Also he girl went to the same school. But meet, of course, they started much later. And making sure his career is fast on his feet, he made his beloved proposal and they were married.

    In 2005, the family had a daughter Elena, seven years later, the son, which the defender of Russian national team long dreamed of. It should be noted that Alexei was very close with his brother and in adulthood. They often spend time together, and even their house on the ruble are located close to each other.

    Before the start of the European Championship on football of 2016 in the TV Studio was held the game «What? Where? When?» in which the questions of viewers answered the team made up of players of the national team. Intellectual duel ended with the victory of sportsmen with the score 6:4, and Alexey Berezutskiy was named the best participant of the meeting. By the way, he gave the correct answer to the last question, which allowed players to win in the game of minds. For this Berezutsky was awarded a special prize «Crystal atom». So Alex has demonstrated that the stereotype of the narrow-mindedness of players is a myth.


    Alexei Berezutski

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