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  • Name: Alexei Balabanov ( Y. Balabanov )
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1959
  • Age: 54 years
  • Date of death: may 18, 2013
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Aleksei Balabanov biography

    Outstanding Russian film Director Aleksei Balabanov was born on February 25, 1959 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). The childhood of Alex was held in his hometown, the future master was no different from their peers and showed little interest in art. Like many children, Balabanov dreamed about the unknown far-off countries and travel — perhaps this explains his fascination with foreign languages, knowledge of which he hoped to use in future travels.

    Alexei Balabanov in his youth
    Photo in his youth | «1tvnet»

    After school the young man enters the Gorky pedagogical Institute of foreign languages, where mastering the profession of an interpreter. In 1981, after graduation, the biography of Alexei Balabanov moved to the ranks of the Soviet army. While for two years as an officer of military transport aircraft, Alexei gets life experience, which subsequently embodied in his cinematic works. On the one hand, fulfilled a childhood dream of travels: consisting of his military unit officer Balabanov performs various tasks in Asia and on the African continent. On the other hand, Alex had to personally take part in the Afghan war.

    Controversial events, events which become the future Director, and army history and legends heard in the circle of colleagues that would later form the basis of one of the most difficult for perception by the viewer of the paintings Balabanov «Cargo 200».

    With the heroine of the film «Cargo 200» Agnia Kuznetsova | «Around the TV»

    Hometown Alex came back in 1983. Oktyabrin S. Balabanov at the time worked at the Sverdlovsk film Studio. As for education science journalist, he held the position of editor-in-chief of the Association of popular science films. Father’s giving the son to the Studio as assistant Director.

    At that time Sverdlovsk booming underground culture. Being at a sufficient distance from the capital and government circles, in the city there is a special school of rock music. Alexei Balabanov was personally acquainted with the group «Nautilus Pompilius». The music of this band will accompany many of the paintings of the great Director, merging into a single whole with the aesthetics of the city, became a monument to the era in film.

    Films Of Alexei Balabanov

    Four years Balabanov worked at the Sverdlovsk film Studio. The debut work of the Director began the film, produced spontaneously in 1985. As later recalled a great Director, he was asked about the using statement, which lacked resources for thesis in connection with a very limited budget. Alex in one night wrote the screenplay, which removed his friends from the group «Nautilus Pompilius», and as the extras involved in the restaurant, which took place in the film.

    By the time of graduation in 1990 Balabanov has had several works in which he filmed as a guest star musicians Sverdlovsk rock club. His first professional work called «Before, it was a different time».

    Alexei Balabanov
    Photo producer | «the Russian newspaper»

    In 1990 Alexei Balabanov moved to St. Petersburg, and a passionate dream about serious cinema. In 1992 the biography of Alexei Balabanov went on a great directorial way. Together with producer Sergey Selyanov, he established the film company «STV», which withdrew most of the films.

    In 1991 he shoots the film «Happy days», his first independent film. In the film embodied some of the stories of the work of Samuel Becket, the founder of the «theater of the absurd» in literature. The main character — the man with no name, played by Viktor Sukhorukov, wanders around Petersburg looking for a room, thus having no memory, no past, no friends. The film participated in the competition program of the Cannes film festival and was awarded prizes at festivals in Russia.

    Alexei Balabanov
    A great Director | woman’s day

    Until the mid-90s Alexey Balabanov has become fairly well-known figure in the artistic circles of St. Petersburg. National popularity he brings filmed in the 1997 film «Brother», which won the Grand Prix of the festival «Kinotavr» and prizes festivals in Torino, Cottbus and Trieste. The film stars Sergei Bodrov Jr. (the main role), Viktor Sukhorukov, Andrei Krasko, etc.

    Alexander Balabanov, Sergei Bodrov and Irina Saltykova
    By Sergei Bodrov and Irina Saltykova | «»

    Following the wizard called «About freaks and people» where Balabanov is trying a new semantic plane, originally not intended for a wide audience. Despite this, the film was awarded the prize «Nika» and received the status of a cult movie in the post-Soviet space. Alexey said that each Director has only one good movie «me «About freaks and people «like».

    Alexei Balabanov
    In the film | Movie Theater.RU

    In 2000, Aleksei Balabanov directed the film, which tells about the fate of the protagonist of the film «Brother». If the first picture is an artifact of the era, the second tape called «Brother 2» is made more as a farewell to the illusions of the 90-ies.

    The movie «War» (2002) brought charges Balabanova of politically incorrect, the action takes place in the North Caucasus during the Second Chechen war.

    Subsequent major work of the Director is made in a light, ironic manner. In 2005, he removes the black Comedy «dead Man’s bluff», where already openly mocks have been «dashing» 90-that is a year in hire leaves a melodrama with Renata Litvinova: «I’m not hurt», noted by critics and received the main film award of the country.

    Alexei Balabanov, Dmitry Dyuzhev and Alexey Panin
    The producer with the actors of the movie «Zhmurki» | «Know it All»

    The following year Alexei Balabanov produced his most complex film «Cargo 200». The main semantic load of the picture contains in contrast demonstration «alternately» inside Soviet society, which tries to appear outwardly prosperous. Due to the large number of violent scenes, the picture was banned in many cities of Russia. Starring young actress Agniya Kuznetsova and glorified Alexei Serebryakov.

    Stills from the film «I want to» | «HDclub»

    In 2013, the Director worked on the film-a parable «me too». Heroes go in search of the artifact, mysterious «bell tower of happiness, located somewhere in the Russian province. In this picture Balabanov starred as himself, a Director who is dying, being rejected by that tower. Real rickety bell tower, seen Balabanov on the island in the Vologda region, fell forty days after the death of the Director.

    Personal life

    Alexei Balabanov was married twice. By his first wife Irina had a son Fyodor.

    Alexei Balabanov with children
    Children producer | «full»

    Personal life Alexei Balabanov with his second wife Nadezhda Vasilyeva started while working on the film «the Castle», where she was a costume designer. In 1994 they had a son Peter.

    Alexei Balabanov with his wife
    With his wife Hope | TODAY.ia

    The second wife of Alexei Balabanov was with him until the last days of his life.


    May 18, 2013 in the sanatorium «Dune» heart of the great master stopped beating. The cause of death of Alexei Balabanov called congestive heart failure. The funeral of Alexei Balabanov was held in Saint Petersburg the Prince Vladimir Cathedral on may 21. The funeral was attended by about 200 people — family, colleagues, and admirers of the Director.

    For his biography, the Director managed to create the image of the hero of the post-Soviet era with its legends, desires and contradictory destiny. Films of Alexei Balabanov has forever fixed the image of a bygone time, becoming one of the best Russian films.


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    Alexei Balabanov, Alexander Mosin and Yury Matveev

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