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  • Name: Alexander Vlasov ( Aleksandra Vlasova )
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1990
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 166
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Vlasov: biography

    Russian actress and model Alexandra Vlasova is one of the most mysterious and promising on the Russian stage. This charming girl has played in several films and TV series, constantly shooting a commercial, and its popularity is only growing

    Actress Oleksandr Vlasov
    Actress Alexandra Vlasova | Actor Online

    Alexander Vlasov was born on 19 Jan 1990 in Moscow, where she lives in the moment. Since 2012 the place of her residence was the town of science Korolev, in the Moscow oblast. Sasha from an early age was distinguished by flexibility and grace, so in childhood and adolescence, her passion and main occupation was the Latin American dances.

    After graduation, a girl comes in and gets MNUI legal profession. However, the profession is a young specialist is not to their liking, and Alexander one day realizes that he wants to become an actress.

    Alexander Vlasov in childhood
    Alexander Vlasov in childhood | VK

    She makes every effort to realize their aspirations and ends up acting lessons from the Academy of cinema (New York Film Academy, Russia & CIS) in new York in 2013 and the School of drama Herman Sidakova in 2015.

    Modeling career

    In the period of study at the University Alexander Vlasov tries himself in the modeling field. Participates in major shows, for example, in the framework of the Week of high fashion shows of national costumes.

    Along with that it has been invited to appear in commercials, a list of which is now quite significant. Particularly impressed by the beautiful girl impressed the audience in the advertisement of tablets, formulated for dishwashers that airs on the main channel of the country.

    Oleksandr Vlasov model
    Alexander Vlasov a model | Actor Online

    No less eloquent was the promotional video social focus for TK «Trust.» In addition, Alexander appeared in advertising of famous brands, including «Eldorado», «McDonald’s», «Rostelecom», «Crunch», «Rublevsky», Maybelline New York, «Carousel», Fix Price.

    Alexander Vlasov took part in the filming of music videos. These include: Arsenium — Bella Bella, a group of «Freud» «I love you», the group «March» — «a Hug» and SnowPatrol The Lightning Strike. On the videos girl, like photo shoots for magazines, looked pretty sexy and photogenic.

    Biography of Alexandra Vlasova can be found filming music videos, as well as participate in photo shoots in men’s magazines, for example, in the popular edition of Maxim («Maxim»), and everywhere she looks quite harmoniously, with its own «flavor».


    Filmography of Alexandra Vlasova includes enough interesting work. First of all, it is a well-known TV series «Junior» on the channel STS, in which she got the students Irina Selehovoj, passionately in love with Sasha Kostrov (Ivan Zhvakin), but wants to become his father’s mistress (Anatoly lobotsky). In it she had to play, since 131 series (season 4). Recall that this series displays the life of a young hockey team called the Bears.

    Alexander Vlasov in the series
    Alexander Vlasov in the TV series «Three Queens» | Movie-Theater

    In addition, Alexander has played in «Uni» (bit part), «Free writing», the short film «midlife Crisis», «Blue bird», «Two four legs» and «Agent 003», «Three Queens» (8 episodes, first starring role, Kate), etc.

    In the last scene the heroine appeared a simple girl, first love, Victor Pogodin (actor Denis Vasiliev), who returned to the town of Primorye to conduct their own investigation as to the circumstances in which he was killed by her father. The heroine Alexandra Vlasova fights for love with a spoiled the good things of life, the bride of Victor from Moscow.

    Personal life of Alexandra Vlasova

    For a long time it was believed that Alexander Vlasov no hurry to tie the knot with a legal marriage. However, according to recent information, she has a husband whose name she will not disclose. In this respect, Alexander is fairly closed about the details of his personal life prefers not to extend. Children, the actress is not.

    Oleksandr Vlasov
    Alexandra Vlasova | VK

    In an interview Alexander Vlasov admitted that know how to cook well, but because of the tight schedule is not able to realize their cooking talent.


    At the moment Alexander Vlasov is working as an actress on the TNT channel, gaining momentum and taking advantage of the growing popularity.

    The actress maintains his consistently good form: its weight with the growth of 168 cm is 52 kg, options: 88-63-90 cm, size 42.

    Oleksandr Vlasov
    Alexandra Vlasova | VK

    The love of the sport remains at the girl and now she enjoys skating, movies, snowboarding, surfing and Biking. Vlasov fluent English, studied vocals and a professional sound system.

    In short, Alexander Vlasov, without exaggeration, be called a promising specialist in the field of acting and the beauty industry because of her beauty, grace and charm only confirm this.

    Photo By Alexandra Vlasova

    Oleksandr Vlasov

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