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photo by Alexander Nikiforov

  • Name: Aleksandra Nikiforova ( Aleksandra Nikiforova )
  • Date of birth: 16 February 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Sevastopol
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Nikiforov: the biography

    Aleksandra Nikiforova is a young Russian actress, best known for starring in the historical series «Anna di». The girl was born on 16 February 1993 at the famed the big victories of the city of Sevastopol. In her family were representatives of creative professions, for example, aunt Sasha was playing at the theater of the black sea fleet and was a role model for his niece.

    Aleksandra Nikiforova
    Photo By Alexandra Nikiforova | Woman

    For the first time Alexander was thinking about how to turn into a artist, about the age of seven. And in the school years, biography of Alexandra Nikiforova directly connected with the theatre. First she appeared in crowd scenes, but since the age of 15 became a full-fledged actress of the Sevastopol theatre of the young spectator, and after a while joined the troupe of the private theatre «Psycho Del Art». On account of its leading images in such plays as «war has no female face», «On the island, including the raging elements», «Messalina, the wife of the Emperor» and many others. Around the same time he first appeared on the set.

    Aleksandra Nikiforova
    Photos Of Sashi Nikiforova | Woman

    In 2010, the biography of Alexandra Nikiforova makes an unexpected turn. The girl learned that St.-Petersburg is held the youth competition «Mind + beauty = student» and decides to take part in it. The main reason that Sasha went to the Northern capital, was an old dream to see this beautiful city, and the contest was merely a pretext. But unexpectedly for herself Nikiforova and the winner gets as a reward the right to study in any faculty of St. Petersburg state University. So, without exams and creative tests, Sasha Nikiforov became a student of acting.

    Aleksandra Nikiforova
    Photo By Alexandra Nikiforova | Woman

    But what so suddenly come and gone: six months later, Alexander suddenly begins to doubt that correctly chose the profession, and is translated in the philological faculty, she loved Russian literature. However, there she also studied for only one semester, and then all dropped out. In St. Petersburg’s Russian state Institute of performing arts Nikiforova already in the General thread and was enrolled in the first year. The fact that her candidature was endorsed by the experts, added sachets of confidence that the actor’s path for her, and she has no place here. However, this University her finish not meant to be. Due to personal life, the actress moved to Moscow and transferred to the Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin.


    Filmography of Alexandra Nikiforova was filled in 2008 when the girl was 15 years old. Her first work in film was a children’s adventure film «Three of the square Carronade» in which she played the role of schoolgirl People Sviridova.

    Alexander Nikiforov in the movie
    In the role of Lyudmila Sviridova in the movie «Three of the square Carronade» | RusKino

    In the future, in student period, there were such films Alexandra Nikiforova, as a melodrama of «One family», the crime series «Russian character», a military detective «Leningrad 46», action «Leave to injury».

    Alexander Nikiforov in the movie
    In the role of Eugene in the film «Leningrad-46» | RusKino

    When the actress moved to Moscow, she was almost immediately approved for the role of the heroine of the historical project «Anna di». When Alexander first read the script, she immediately realized that the image of Anna Mironova very close to her, the character and the performer are actually connected.

    Alexander Nikiforov in the movie
    In the role of Anna Mironova in the movie «Anna detective» | RusKino

    Interestingly, during the shoot Nikiforova so imbued with the era of the nineteenth century and the corresponding time outfits that could not understand, as will later appear in modern clothes. And when the dramas of the 60-ies of the «Idol» Alexander turned to the Soviet model, it is the first time felt uncomfortable in dresses to the knee.

    Personal life

    Even during his studies in Saint Petersburg the personal life of Alexandra Nikiforova has changed dramatically. She met a man, whose love and whom she married. Husband of Alexandra Nikiforova also has a direct relationship to the cinema: he was a Director of feature films. It is because the wife of Alexander left the Institute and moved to Moscow.

    Aleksandra Nikiforova daughter
    With his daughter Anna | Facebook

    The couple Nikiforov has a young daughter named Anna. Interestingly, on maternity leave, the actress was only a month and a half, and then started shooting in the project «Anna-detective» and «Idol.» Husband brought Sasha, the daughter right on the set, and the young woman fed the child in a designated room. Now Nikiforova really wants to go to the famous theater troupe on a permanent basis, as it believes that a full-fledged actor can be only after 10-15 years of performing on the stage.


    • 2008 — Three of the square Carronade
    • 2009 — One family
    • 2013 — City spies
    • 2014-2015 — Leningrad 46
    • 2014 — Russian character
    • 2014 — a sick Leave
    • 2015 — High stakes
    • 2016 — Anna-detective
    • 2016 — Idol
    • 2017 — Other blood


    Aleksandra Nikiforova

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