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  • Name: Aleksandr Galibin ( Aleksandr Galibin )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, film Director, theater Director, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Irina Savinkova

    Alexander Galibin: biography

    Russian theater and movie actor Alexander Galibin was born in late September, 1955 in the city on the Neva. The boy’s father by profession was a carpenter and worked as a decorator Director at the «Lenfilm» and then at «Lennauchfilm». The mother of the actor was a factory worker more than forty years. In childhood Galibin was engaged in acrobatics, Boxing, singing, dancing, fencing, modeling and even needlework – embroidery and macrame. Parents sought to give him only the best, because at the time, has survived many difficulties, including the blockade, hunger and poverty.

    The father of the actor at the age of nine lost their parents during the bombing together with his brother they were hiding in cellars, struggling for survival. Then the children were crossing the lake Ladoga, where the barge, unfortunately, bombed – to stay alive was only the father of Alexander galibina. The mother of the artist left without a father in the first days of the war. A year later, she along with her mother and younger brother had to spend in the outside world cut off from the village, after which they were evacuated to Siberia.

    Little Sasha sometimes went with dad to work, where I could see how the shooting of the movie. At the age of 11 years he came to the Theatre of youth creativity at the Palace of pioneers. There together with other children participated in the performances that the children created with their own hands: they were making decorations, painted posters, staged performances, played a role. The boy was so fascinated by this occupation that the issue of career choice was not.

    After school, Galibin filed documents at the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinematography, but the first time the young man was not able to do. In order not to lose time, took a student got a job in a team of packers the train tracks, then went to the theater on moss mounter, and soon mastered the profession of a locksmith. Only in 1973 Galibin still arrived in LGITMiK and graduated in 1977. Later, when an acting career, Alexander Galibin decided to become a filmmaker in 1992 he enrolled in the directing faculty RATI.


    He received the diploma of the actor in 1977, Galibin was accepted into the troupe Theater. V. F. Komissarzhevskaya, where he worked for two years. During this time he played in performances «Five evenings» «the legend of the fool’s cap», «Bumbarash», «Ten unopened letters», «Tsar Boris» and others.

    Since the early 90s, Alexander concentrated on directing in the theatre. His first work in this field was the play «the Escorial», set in 1989. After GITIS actor on the stage of the St. Petersburg Youth theatre on the Fontanka put his prom performance of «La fünf in der Luft,» which was named best play of 1993. In the same year as a Director he went to work in the Theatre on Liteiny.

    Since 1995, he became Director of the Academic drama theatre. A. S. Pushkin, in five years – the chief Director of famous Novosibirsk academic youth theatre «Globus».

    Between 2008 and 2011, Aleksandr Galibin was artistic Director in the capital drama theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky.


    Aleksandr Galibin began to act in films since 1976. The famous actor did the painting «Tavern on Pyatnitskaya», in which he embodied the image of a Pasha is»of America». Then followed fifteen years during which Galibin has starred in over three dozen movies. The main role of the actor got in the films «Us crowned not in Church», «Battalions ask for fire», «risk», «My choice», «the Way to itself».

    In the 90 years Galibin started registercom, therefore almost ceased to act. Return to screens took place in 1997, when the actor was invited for the role of Nicholas II in the movie «the Romanovs. The Imperial family». The film was released in 2000 and was instantly seen by the viewer. Then he was also invited to appear, but for four years he refused. Could not refuse the actor from the role of the Wizard in the film «Master and Margarita» in 2005. After this work was his role in the film «friend or foe», «our Sins», «the Sweeney», «Furtseva» and others.

    Personal life

    Aleksandr Galibin was hesitant at first marriage, while still a student — then his choice was Olga Naruska, who also studied at the LGITMiK, but he was older than her husband by five years. From this Union the actor has a daughter Mary, who also trained as an actor. Marriage galibina and Naruchi did not last long – the actress has combined the care of little Mary in the theater, while the man often spent his time at social gatherings. In the end, the couple broke up due to the fact that the actor allegedly had an affair on the side.

    Second wife of Alexander became galibina Ruth Wyneken with which the actor met during his studies at the directing Department, a woman was a free student of Anatoly Vasilyev. The marriage was in 1991, lasted eight years.

    The third time the actor married actress of theatre of a name Lensoveta Irina Savinkova, which is 18 years younger than him. In 2003, the couple had a daughter Ksenia. In 2014, the actor once again became a father – forty years Irina gave him a son, Basil.


    • «Slap»
    • «The same as we are!»
    • «The disturbing departure»
    • «My chosen one»
    • «Coordinates of death»
    • «The husband and the daughter Tamara Aleksandrovny»
    • «The Romanovs. The Imperial family»
    • «My chosen one»
    • «He she and I»
    • «World for two»


    Aleksandr Galibin

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