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  • Name: Alexander Baluev ( Aleksandr Baluev )
  • Date of birth: 6 December 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status:

    Aleksandr Baluev biography

    Alexander Baluev is a charismatic and popular actor. His record includes more than 90 film credits and more than 30 roles on the stage.

    Baluev Alexander grew up in a family of military personnel. The simple childhood of the future actor was on the streets of Moscow Kotelnicheskaya embankment. After some time the parents changed quay quarter on Smolenke. Military education of the head of family was reflected on the steel of discipline. A military by profession and vocation-cherished hope of the continuation of military activities and increase in rank in the face of the beloved son. Dreams father went awry.

    Alexander Baluev in his youth and now
    Alexander Baluev in his youth and now |

    Biography of Alexander Balueva were no signs of military. Creative and freedom-loving soul of the future of the actor resisted the seamy side of military life. The inability to make decisions independently, however, the need to unquestioningly follow orders is tantamount to a deprivation of liberty. Unwillingness to submit to no impact on physical education of youth. Alexander was active in sports, had a positive impact on the physical form of man, endurance and health. The idea to go to the sport slipped, but did not become a reality.

    A love of theatre instilled in the mother – a refined intellectual, educated, modest woman, she from an early age he took his son with him to the theatre. Frequent trips to performances attracted interest from young talents. In those moments Baluev Alexander wanted to be among the scenic extravaganza and to take part in a vibrant, unique setting. Future profession was defined.

    Aleksandr Baluev
    Alexander Baluev |

    Love of theater is not dissipated through the school years, by contrast, has grown and matured. Thought was not: at the end of the school Baluev has filed documents in the Shchukin school, where suddenly flunked out. Sustainable choice of the future profession steadfastly overcame the setback and waited. Nevertheless, Alexander took a job among the cast. Assistant illuminator in «Mosfilm» did not promise great prospects, but the hard work and dedication in a year bore fruit.

    Alexander became a student of the Moscow art theatre, where he studied on the course P. V. Massalsky, and V. M. Tarkhanov. In 1980 he received a ticket in their native element, in the form of a diploma on the successful completion of the Moscow art Theater.


    Career of Alexander Balueva was developed after the completion of training. The actor has received an invitation to the troupe’s several theatres. However, the upcoming service in the army has pushed guy to make a choice in favor of the Theater of the Soviet army. Source of career growth were the performances of «Robin hood’s Arrow,» «the Lady with camellias», «Clock without hands», where the actor appeared before the face of the theatre audience. Six years Baluev worked at the theater.

    Alexander Baluev in the play
    Alexander Baluev in the play «of mice and Men» | Mine!Online

    In 1986 he changed his place of work at the capital theatre. Yermolova, where, under the direction of Valery Fokin’s starred in productions of «the Second year of freedom», «Caligula», «the snow close to the prison.» However, as mentioned earlier, Alexander Baluev was not among the unquestioning subordinates, and at the end of 80s left the theater.

    Multi-faceted talent and popularity in theatrical circles persistently overlooked Directors. The first role in the movie the talented artist performed in 1981-1983, but it was only short episodes. Already in 1984, the ball played the role of the pilot in the movie «Yegor». 1985 brought Alexander Balueva the role of associate karmelyuka in the movie «Karmelyuk». Then followed the film «the Wife of kerosinka», where the actor presented as twin brothers Udaltsov. The first achievement in film became the prize for best actor in the production «the Wife of kerosinka».

    Alexander Baluev in the film
    Alexander Baluev in «Egorka» | full Movie.RU

    Continuous shooting and theatrical productions tired of the actor. To combine theatre and photography in films was not possible because of the high emotional stress and lack of sleep. The artist soon ceased altogether of the same type acting career and went to the entreprise. As noted by the actor himself, a permanent job in one theatre and one Director sustains the artist in bondage and kills the talent. Entreprise allowed Alexander to act in films and participate in theatrical productions without being tied to a rigid schedule and rehearsals.

    Rise of acting career is noted in 1990. Career rapidly went up, as evidenced filmography Balueva. There followed a series of cameo and leading roles in different genres in films. Mainly manly physique and genuine charisma has brought brutal and strong role.

    Popularity brought the film «Bless the woman» by Stanislav Govorukhin. The actor appeared before the audience a few despotic and cruel captain Serevices. In spite of a male nature with an implacable nature, Balueva in the frame was assessed as inconceivably charming actor.

    Alexander Baluev in the film
    Alexander Baluev in the movie «Bless the woman» | Kino24

    Thousands of fans gave to Alexander Balueva your love and acceptance, and the male part of the audience praised the ability to grow into the role. Such films have become «Antikiller», «Kandahar», «Officers», etc

    Later, the actor famous in the West, played in the films «deep impact» and «the Peacemaker.» In Hollywood, he starred with George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and others So filmography actor replenished worthy stories on a global scale. But special growth in popularity for a Western audience it can not be called. These blockbusters have become an isolated incident in the career of the actor, and he remained Slavic invited artist for several films.

    Alexander Baluev in the film
    Alexander Baluev in the movie «deep impact» | FILMZ.RU

    Personal life

    Famous actor prefers not to advertise family relationships. Personal life Alexander Balueva was associated with the famous Polish journalist Maria Urbanowski. The couple spent 10 years in the actual relationship, and in 2003 married. In the same year Mary gave to Alexander Balueva daughter Marie-Anne. Family ties ended in 2013, which shocked many fans of the actor. The ball seemed like a real family man and the perfect husband, so nobody expected such a sudden divorce.

    Wife Balueva it was difficult to endure the constant absence of her husband and the Bohemian life. Not only is she alone watched the house, but she built it, Baluev in this do not understand, and time to understand. In fact, the family «stuck life». After the divorce, Mary decided not to divide the property and was not opposed to living in an abandoned house in Russia. But without Mary, the mansion was abandoned, flowers and paths were left untended – no one with great difficulty and dedication not created on the site comfort.

    Alexander Baluev and Mary Urbanovsky daughter
    Alexander Baluev and Mary Urbanovsky with my daughter | See All

    While beloved daughter Balueva not deprived of parental attention. Despite the fact that Mary Urbanovsky returned home with Maria-Anna, where she leaves behind two adult children, Alexander in his spare time gets on a plane and flies to his beloved daughter.

    Aleksandr Baluev
    Alexander Baluev | TV Center

    However, Alexander Baluev did not leave hope again to have a family. Shortly after the relationship ended, Alexander began to appear everywhere together with Olga Matveichuk, mother of musician Gleb Matveychuk. Olga took care of the actor, when he fell ill during a tour, stood up for him during the scandal over alleged alcohol addiction, but to talk about the relationship between Alexander and Olga hard. They do not allow themselves liberties in public, don’t make any statements, in addition, in contrast to the free now Balueva, Matviychuk married and having to constantly follow Baluev makeup artist Olha Matviychuk is a completely professional reasons.


    • «Richard The Lionheart»
    • «The peacemaker»
    • «Deep impact»
    • «Special forces»
    • «Atlantis»
    • «Antikiller»
    • «Bless the woman»
    • «Turkish gambit»
    • «Kings can do everything»
    • «Kandahar»
    • «Two winters and three summers»


    Aleksandr Baluev

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