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  • Name: Alexander Abdulov ( Aleksandr Abdulov )
  • Date of birth: 29 may 1953
  • Age: 54 years
  • Date of death: January 3, 2008
  • Place of birth: Tobolsk, Tyumen oblast
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Actor, Director, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Abdulov: biography

    Alexander Abdulov – the icon of Soviet cinema. He starred in the films that are now considered classics and a sample of what «used to be better». On account of his «Ordinary miracle», «Carnival», «the most charming and attractive» and many others. High handsome man went crazy is a huge country. Abdulov has gained recognition not only as an actor but also as a theater actor and voice Director.

    Childhood of Alexander Gavrilovich Abdulov was in the family theater. Dad Abdulov Gavriil Danilovich been a Director in Fergana, and mother Lyudmila Aleksandrovna worked as a makeup artist. Nationality Alexander is everywhere written as Russian, but, most likely, had Tatar roots.

    Alexander Abdulov in childhood
    Alexander Abdulov in childhood

    Alexander’s mother gave birth to two boys, and the third didn’t. When it became known that again a boy, the decision was quite difficult. Conscientious doctors have told the woman, saying that she is carrying a child. Was it a mistake or deliberate deception – it does not matter, the boy was born.

    For the first time Alexander Gavrilovich touched art at the theater in Fergana, where from behind the scenes of his father. First experience in the creative biography of Alexander Abdulov was held in the play «the Kremlin chimes». Very young at heart all his life had a touching moment. The memory of his father, perhaps the most beautiful childhood memories. The main character of the Fergana drama theatre brought the love of the son to the drama, as if he were preaching the truth.

    Alexander Abdulov in his youth
    Alexander Abdulov in his youth

    The actor’s path was predetermined by fate, but active, inquisitive boy deliberately not delved into the distant future. Little Abdulov had become so involved in music and sports, in his spare time was building guitars out of scrap tools. His idols were the Beatles. Loyal fan on homemade guitars played the songs that had the reputation among his peers as «the fifth beatle». He often got from his older brother, who always tried to reason with the younger «brother» on the right path. To bind the boy to the house, big brother cut a lock of hair, hoping that the young man had nothing to do, go hit the books.

    Alexander Abdulov in his youth
    Alexander Abdulov in his youth

    Abdulov studied well, but always he was drawn to trouble: a smashed window, was in a fight and so the First achievements of Alexander Abdulov made in sports, namely, fencing. Regular and hard training brought a talented guy, master of sports of the USSR. As a result, fencing will come in handy in the winter, when the actor starred in the film «Ordinary miracle» without backup. A family provided that one of the sons will probably repeat the fate of their parents and become an actor.

    Alexander Abdulov

    Following the counsel of the father, Aleksandr Abdulov made an attempt to enter the theatre Cod, but was refused. By the mother for a year settled in University, physical faculty, not to get into a military snare. In parallel with study worked near the scene of the theater, where his father.


    A year later, Alexander Abdulov as planned, again went to Moscow to seek his fortune. This time he entered GITIS to V. M. Raevsky. Older brothers also decided to become actors, but the attempt in College was a failure. The eldest of the sons studied in the petrochemical Institute. Gubkin. The middle got in trouble, he was found dead. The cause of death was not established. The main version was that he was killed by the bullies.

    Career of Alexander Abdulov, like all the provincials, was not easy. He compared himself to a mutt, which swung to conquer Moscow. In 13 years of his stay in Moscow, he wandered through the Dorm, worked in the unloading of cars, thus never complained. In the same period, Alexander Abdulov Gavrilovic began to participate in the crowd.

    Alexander Abdulov and mark Zakharov
    Alexander Abdulov and mark Zakharov

    At the graduation performance in 1974 a talented young man noticed mark Zakharov invited in «Lenkom». At the theater of Alexander Abdulov has played a major role in the play «In lists did not appear» in the story Vasiliev. For the role of Lieutenant Pluzhnikova was awarded the «Theatre spring». Since that time, Alexander Gavrilovich lived and breathed the brainchild of Mark Zakharov.

    The native scene has not released Abdulov until the last days. Significant views is considered to be a production of «Juno and Avos».

    Alexander Abdulov in the play
    Alexander Abdulov in the play «In lists did not appear»

    Successful was her role in the play «the Barbarian and heretic», a stage adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel «Idiot». For participation in this production, he received an independent non-governmental prize «crystal Turandot» and the prize «Fund of K. S. Stanislavsky». Acting Abdulova said and international theatre Foundation named E. L. Leonov.

    In 1985-m to year on the screens released film «the most charming and attractive», which instantly conquered Soviet viewers, was the most popular film of the Perestroika and remains one of the favourite Soviet comedies and the modern audience.

    Alexander Abdulov in the movie
    Alexander Abdulov in the movie «the most charming and attractive»

    Abdulov played the role of handsome Volodya Smirnov, a love interest of the protagonist Hopes Blueway. It was played by Irina Muravyova. The role of Hope was especially written for Muravyov, and the Director went for it literally and begged to play in the film, Irina has long refused: after the «Carnival» she was determined not to do more Comedy. If in the end, the actress did not agree, the film just would not have to take.

    But the Director still managed to persuade his heroine, and the country received Comedy, which for many years remained in the hearts of the audience, and Alexander Abdulov one of his most outstanding roles. Despite the choice of the main character, a girl gave a preference Abdulov and his character, a well maintained music lover with high growth and pleasant appearance.

    Irina Muraveva and Alexander Abdulov in the movie
    Irina Muraveva and Alexander Abdulov in a film «the most charming and attractive»

    The second half of the ‘ 70s-productive impact on career Abdulov. He took part in productions of well-known series of films: «12 chairs», «the meeting Place cannot be changed», «Missing expedition». But national recognition and incredible love came to the artist after the film «Ordinary miracle» at the beginning of Zakharov.

    Alexander Abdulov in the movie
    Alexander Abdulov in the movie «Ordinary miracle»

    Exceptional talent expands the role and successfully fulfills a diverse role. The wide creative range and unique appearance Abdulov allowed to actively act in comedies, adventures, detective stories, historical paintings, lyrical, romantic, and even to take a deep dramatic images. In addition, Abdulov himself did all the stunts in most of his movies and even received awards as the best stuntman.

    Massive success was influenced by a film «With favourite do not leave», where Alexander played Mitya. In the early 80-ies the actor finds wide popularity and demand among Directors. Most Abdulov starred with Mark Zakharov and Sergei Solovyov. Often had to keep shooting simultaneously in several films due to the tight schedule.

    The most memorable actor of this period is Nikita from «Carnival», Ivan from «Magicians» and Robert de Charans of «Look for the woman». In addition, Alexander Abdulov has played in such popular to this day, movies like «the very Munchausen», «Gardemariny, vpered!», «Formula of love» and many other films.

    Alexander Abdulov in the movie
    Alexander Abdulov in a film «With favourite do not leave»

    The popularity has also brought official recognition. In 1986 he received the title of honored artist of the RSFSR.

    In 1991, Alexander Abdulov became a people’s artist of the RSFSR.

    In the same year the actor played the main role in the film «Genius» Victor Sergeev. With this painting and began a collaboration Abdulov with the Director. The film is about a talented inventor who, because of their poverty and General lack of demand of smart people became a crook. The picture has become a revelation for the viewer and become part of the leaders of the rental, it is recognized as one of the most interesting works of the period.

    Later was a popular melodrama with a criminal bent of «Strange men Semenova Ekaterina» and «Schizophrenia», the screenplay for which was written by Abdulov. The last film, however, was not particularly strong love of the audience or critics.

    Alexander Abdulov in the movie
    Alexander Abdulov in a film «Genius»

    In the 90 Abdulov gave to the public his new creation, the festival «the Backyard.» The actor not only topped the West, but he organized it. It was a charity festival, which was attended by actors of theatre «Lenkom» and invited various celebrities, mostly musicians, rock stars. Charities are enjoyed great respect among the intelligentsia, both creative and entrepreneurial.

    Revenue from the events was restored near the theatre, the Church of Nativity in Putinki. But basically, the money from the concerts, the actor gave to orphanages and others in need.

    Alexander Abdulov in the movie
    Alexander Abdulov in a film «Strange men Semenova Ekaterina»

    The actor actively participated in the restoration of the Moscow international film festival, and until 1995 worked as its Director General.

    In 2000-m to year Alexander Abdulov made his debut as a Director. Based on the fairy tale «the Bremen town musicians» Abdulov took the musical.

    In 2004, the country saw the beloved actor in the role of presenter of the program «Natural selection» on REN TV.

    Alexander Abdulov in the series
    Alexander Abdulov in the series «Master and Margarita»

    In 2005, the year the actor played Koroviev in the series «Master and Margarita», which added to the Bank a successful and significant role Abdulov.

    Personal life

    Abdulov has always been a hero-lover, both on screen and in life. He had many admirers throughout the country, and the press attributed his Affairs with different women, famous and not. His romantic and impulsive nature was simply not compatible with the quiet harmony of family life that he showed in all his dealings.

    Alexander Abdulov

    In the early 70-ies Abdulov felt the first love, and even tried to commit suicide, when he caught his girlfriend Tatiana in the arms of another man. To the credit of the girls, it should be noted that Alexander himself was not faithful to her, and treason Tatiana went only when she found out that her partner loves not only her. Saved Alexander from blood loss one of the dorms, which I was lucky to come back early. Even more luck was the fact that the future actor narrowly escaped the premises in a psychiatric clinic after this event. This situation, the actor recalled with a smile and saying: «you Fool!».

    Then there was another Tatiana. Unknown Abdulov charmed prosperous dancer Tatiana, Label. It was a really good novel, but it quickly ended. Tatiana realized that the feelings of Alexander to her faded, and her place in his heart was taken by another, the young actress and his future wife Irina. The separation was amicable, the pair maintained friendly relations until the dancer moved to Canada.

    Alexander Abdulov and she Label

    With his first wife Irina Alferova Alexander Abdulov has got acquainted on shootings «With favourite do not leave». The life story of the characters mirror your the couple outside of work. They are rightly called the most romantic and wonderful couple of Soviet times.

    Married Alferov out, being pregnant from the foreign businessman Boyko Gurov. Abdulov and his wife carefully concealed this fact from prying newspaper reporters, his adopted daughter Xenia Alferov Alexander Gavrilovich raised it as my own. The actor was not their children for fifty years. But he never thought of Xenia a stranger. She always felt the support of his famous stepfather, even after his parents ‘ divorce. Much later she made a film «Visionary» dedicated to the memory of my stepfather.

    Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov
    Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov

    Despite the fact that Abdulov and Irina Alferova was married, in 1993 an exemplary family disintegrated. Together with his wife he has lived for 14 years. But the amorous adventures of an incorrigible womanizer could not pass unnoticed.

    Two years lasted Roman Abdulov and Larisa Steinman. Larissa worked as a journalist and on duty came to take from celebrity interviews. The actor always disliked members of the press that did not prevent him to have a relationship with one of them.

    Larisa Steinman , Oleksandr Abdulov
    Larisa Steinman and Alexander Abdulov

    Alexander Abdulov had to endure a complex operation, but he recovered and continued his career. After the miraculous recovery of a successful artist engaged in the construction of the house, where he later lived with his civil wife, a ballerina Galina Lobanova

  • and mother. The house often visited close friends who helped Abdulov to build the house.

    Galina Lobanova and Alexander Abdulov
    Galina Lobanova and Alexander Abdulov

    Having lived in the same house with his girlfriend of 8 years, the actor has not married, even more, he has not severed its Alliance with Irina Alferova. The first marriage of the actor was connected by ties of Church and Alexander as a believer, are not considered to violate this oath before God. As befits a real man, Abdulov both women left the shelter, and he roamed the theater back. Parting with Galina moved heavily, for a long time suffered from depression, haggard and aged.

    In spite of this promise, after antidepressant therapy personal life of Alexander Abdulov became better: he married a second time. Choice was Julia’s Car. According to the artist, this girl brought him back to life. They met in 2005-m to year quite by accident. Flying next to the plane to Kamchatka. Alexander, to friends, to relax, hunt and fish, and Julia – business. The fact that they have a lot of mutual friends, new friends found out on the plane, and on the Peninsula were once again convinced in this. Julia and Alexander met again in a friendly company.

    Alexander and Yulia
    Alexander and Yulia

    A middle-aged Abdulov acted like a lovestruck teenager, kissed his lady’s hands. Even then they felt each other warm feelings that seemed unreal: too much difference in age, occupations and Outlook. But back to the capital of the future spouses came separately.

    Holiday romance has convinced Julia that her marriage no longer suits her. At that time she was married to Alexey Ignatenko, a man of the highest circle. Many were surprised that the girl breaks up with a young loving wealthy man from an educated family. After the breakup, Julia didn’t write in the capital, and she went to a small home in Odessa.

    Alexander and Yulia

    The actor exhausted himself with love. He realized that he no longer wants to live without his beloved Julia. Abdulov has ordered his Director to contact his fiancee and to invite you to Saint Petersburg. Julia surprised us all, the girl refused to recognized the favorite of women, said that if he wants her attention, you should come to her himself. The actor flew to Odessa. The couple celebrated the old New year, and after that lovers are never parted, never denied their relationship and never tried to hide.

    In 2006, the year the restaurant of the Central house of writers hosted a modest wedding. Journalists at the celebration were not allowed, the holiday was only for the closest friends. There was not a white dress or a plurality of images.

    In March 2007, Yuliya Abdulova gave the actor a daughter named Eugenia.

    Julia Alexander and daughter Eugenia
    Julia Alexander and daughter Eugenia

    Family the Union of Alexander and Julia was condemned almost everything. The girl was accused of greed for glory and materialism. The difference in age of the spouses did not give rest to the public. Rumors had any justification. Cute brunette wasn’t hunter the star of the family, she had a stable job, a career, and numerous useful contacts.

    In fact, at the beginning of the relationship financial condition Abdulaeva was much less stable than his lady. Against were the parents of Julia. From their point of view it was exactly the opposite, and already the actor was worthy of their daughter. They do not like any profession Abdulov, nor his age, especially the age difference with their daughter or the couple as a whole. But all the attacks only made the lovers to unite.


    At the end of August 2007, the media was buzzing about the terrible illness of the actor. A survey in Israel has shocked the close – Abdulov was detected lung cancer stage IV, which was the cause of death of the actor, the addiction to Smoking could not pass unnoticed. The amazing thing is that just at that time, Abdulov starred in his last movie, where he played the artist, dying of lung cancer. A terrible coincidence.

    Oleksandr Abdulov
    Alexander Abdulov

    The wrestler on the life of Alexander Abdulov until recently refused to accept the reality, and, despite the support of millions of viewers, died January 3, 2008.

    To say goodbye to the actor could be in the theatre «Lenkom». Despite the winter chill a crowd of thousands of fans formed a crush in the theatre and around it, and law enforcement agencies seriously afraid that this mess could kill people. At some point, some people drove on the street, promising that they would be allowed to say goodbye to the idol, when will those who are lucky enough to stay. Fans tried several times to storm the theatre.

    Farewell to Alexander Abdulov in the theater
    Farewell to Alexander Abdulov in the theater «Lenkom»

    People gathered from all over the country, some even flew in from Siberia to pay tribute to the beloved actor. But this did not happen. A huge number of people stood for hours in the cold just to see how the car with the coffin goes in the direction of the cemetery Vagankovsky.

    Around the grave Abdulov is also a scandal. As the actor’s widow, Julia, it is absolutely natural, directed the funeral and gave the orders. It did not suit the friends of the actor, and a few men quite bluntly told the poor woman to keep quiet and not get involved in this important process. According to eyewitnesses quarrel, Julia led the very reasonable and logical. Most likely it was not that and as did the widow and the hostility of the friends of the actor to his new wife that they threw in such an inopportune moment.

    The tomb of Alexander Abdulov Vagankovskoye cemetery
    The tomb of Alexander Abdulov Vagankovskoye cemetery

    Perhaps affected by nerves because of the tragedy, but such a move friends and relatives towards a woman who has lost a loved one, still Unforgiven. The widow with a small child became hysterical, Yulia long could not calm down.


    For the great contribution – the actor starred in 112 pictures in domestic cinema Alexander Abdulov has repeatedly received various awards. The winner of the award «Golden horseshoe» for best Director went to the plot of «the Bremen town musicians and co».

    Alexander Abdulov filmography includes a huge number of masterpiece paintings, including:

    • «An ordinary miracle»
    • «The lost expedition»
    • «12 chairs»
    • «Formula of love»
    • «Captain’s daughter»
    • «D’artagnan and three Musketeers»
    • «That Munchhausen»
    • «Schizophrenia»
    • «The master and Margarita»
    • «Trap»
    • «Anna Karenina»


    Oleksandr Abdulov

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