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  • Name: Alec Baldwin ( Alexander RAE Baldwin III )
  • Date of birth: 3 April 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Amityville, new York, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, film Director, journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Alec Baldwin: biography

    Alexander RAE Baldwin III, better known by the diminutive name of the Alec Baldwin — American actor and film Director, winner of Golden globe and Emmy awards, star of such films as «On the verge», «the Habit to marry» and «Studio 30».

    He was born in the village of Amityville, located in the U.S. state of new York. His father is Alexander RAE Baldwin II was a teacher of history and sociology in high school and also coached a youth football team. Mother is Carol Newcomb Martineau most of the time was devoted to the education of children, because she had six.

    Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin | Funsterz

    Alec has two sisters Jane and Elizabeth, and three younger brothers — William, Daniel and Stephen, who also became actors. So Alexander is the representative of the acting dynasty of Baldwins.

    I must say that in childhood Alec on stage not even thought of. He loved sports, played football and was very interested in politics. Therefore, having received the document on secondary education, the young man enters the George Washington University in the capital of the USA and becomes a student of political science. He really wanted to make a career as a politician, and first planned to become student body President of his University, but lost to another candidate with only two votes less.

    Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin | Vanity Fair

    To ensure your life young man along with studies he worked as a waiter in a restaurant, a driver structure, a seller of men’s underwear in the store. In General, undertook any suggestions that can generate income. And once had been an extra in a TV series. And that’s when the producers persuaded Baldwin to change majors as he had an amazing photogenic and very natural behaved in front of cameras.

    Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin | 30

    Science political science Alec still learning, but to work in the specialty did not, and went to new York and began to study dramatic arts at the local University. He also took acting lessons at the famous Lee Strasberg Academy. Along with learning aspiring actor managed to debut on the Broadway stage in the tale «Prelude to a kiss» and grotesque satire «Big money» and even received a rather prestigious theater award.

    But interest in the Humanities and social Sciences in Alec Baldwin’s gone forever. Much later, becoming a huge Hollywood star, he will lead his own column in the newspaper «The Huffington Post» as an observer of all the significant events in the world.


    On the silver screen Alec Baldwin first appeared in the soap Opera «the Doctors.» At first, it came as an extra, but in the end stayed there for two and a half years. There were other TV projects: «Hotel», «Massacre in Houston», «knots landing». The first major role went to actor in the war drama, «Sweet revenge», but popularity came after black Comedy «Beetlejuice,» the criminal story «Married to the mob» and Thriller «Miami Blues».

    Alec Baldwin and Michelle Pfeiffer in the film
    Alec Baldwin and Michelle Pfeiffer in «Married to the mob» | Kinopoisk

    In the 90-ies Alec Baldwin enters the first rank of Hollywood actors. His duet with Sean Connery in the Thriller «the Hunt for Red October, the cooperation with Kim Basinger in the romantic Comedy «the Habit to marry» and with al Pacino in the drama «the Americans» make the actor a star of the first magnitude. Still more high-profile steel projects such as the Thriller «the Escape,» mystical fantasy «the Shadow,» detective «heaven’s Prisoners» and especially the adventure drama «On the verge».

    Alec Baldwin FLM
    Alec Baldwin in the movie «the Hunt for Red October | Kinozon

    In the twenty-first century, Alec Baldwin continued to play, bringing the number of pictures in the filmography almost $ 120. Of the many works of this period is to emphasize the Comedy «the Last shot», the melodrama «the girl from the suburbs,» family picture «Luxurious life» and Comedy series «Studio 30» for which the actor received the award «Golden globe». The audience warmly accepted the Duo of Baldwin and actress Meryl Streep in an unobtrusive Comedy about love’s complicated.

    Alec Baldwin FLM
    Alec Baldwin in the film «On the verge» | Real movie

    In 2004, Alec Baldwin tried himself as a Director. He took a philosophical-mystical drama «the Devil and Daniel Webster», where he himself played the main role of the writer sells his soul for fame. In his painting, he invited still of Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Love Hewitt. It would seem that the project was famous all over the world, but due to financial disagreements with the producers of the movie appeared on the screens only three years, so already had such tremendous success that Alec originally expected.

    Personal life

    In his youth, at the dawn of his film career, Alec Baldwin has dated Actresses Holly Gagner and Janine Turner. With the last of them, he even was engaged in 1983, although through the year the couple announced the breakup.

    Alec Baldwin and Janine Turner
    Alec Baldwin and Janine Turner | Person

    In the early 90-ies the actor began a romance with the star of the movie «Nine and a half weeks» and «My stepmother is an alien» with Kim Basinger. They dated for three years, during this time, even managed to star together in the Comedy «the Habit to marry». As a result, in 1993, hosted the wedding of Alex and Kim. The ceremony was held in the hometown of the groom, Amityville.

    Alec Baldwin and Hall Gagner
    Alec Baldwin and Holly Gagner

    But I must say that many friends of Baldwin were convinced Basinger getting married solely for financial reasons. The fact that the actress lost the case and was obliged to indemnify the company in the amount of $ 6 million. It completely ruined woman, and marriage with a successful actor offset.

    Photo i Who Boldon Besnier
    Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger | Fasted

    Whatever it was, Alec married Kim Basinger, and two years later first became a father. They had a daughter Alice island, which now became a famous fashion model. By the way, interestingly, in the home of Baldwin and Basinger have always lived animals, and lots of it. At some period they were simultaneously 11 dogs, 7 cats and a wolf.

    The family life of actors lasted for about seven years. In 2000 they parted, and a year later filed the official divorce. The main reason for the breakup of Kim and Alec pointed to the «insuperable contradictions».

    Alec Baldwin and Nicole Seidel
    Alec Baldwin and Nicole Seidel | Bingapis

    Immediately after Baldwin had Affairs with glamorous Actresses Kristin Davis, Tatum o’neal and Anna Rothschild. Then he had a fairly long relationship with attorney Nicole Seidel and star of the film «Short cuts» Lori singer.

    Alec Baldwn LOR I Snger
    Alec Baldwin and Lori singer | Personality

    In 2011, Alec first met yoga teacher Hilary Thomas, who is younger than his 25 years. The couple went down the aisle 30 June 2012. The wedding ceremony took place in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in new York. With Hilary actor happy to this day. Moreover, the young wife three more times helped Baldwin to feel the joy of fatherhood.

    Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilary Thomas and children
    Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilary Thomas and children | Zimbio

    First, they had a daughter Carmen Gabriela, then was born the son of Raphael Thomas, and in September of 2016 saw the light of the fourth child of Alec and a third for his wife, son Leonardo angel Charles.

    Actor Alec Baldwin loves animals. He is an activist of the society «people for the humane treatment of animals» and completely abandoned meat eating, becoming a vegetarian.


    • 1990 — the Hunt for Red October
    • 1991 — the Habit of get married
    • 1992 — Prelude to a kiss
    • 1996 — heaven’s Prisoners
    • 2006 — On the sharp edges
    • 2007 — the Devil and Daniel Webster
    • 2007 — suburban Girl
    • 2008 — a Luxurious life
    • 2009 — Simple complexity
    • 2016 — In the past


    Alec Baldwin

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