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  • Name: Denkova Albena ( Albena Denkova )
  • Date of birth: 3 December 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: the Bulgarian figure skater
  • Marital status: married to Maxim Stavisky

    Albena Denkova: biography

    Childhood and adolescence Albena Denkova took place in Sunny Bulgaria. In Sofia, she began studying figure skating. But it did not happen immediately. First, the parents took the girl to the gymnastics section.

    When Albena was 8 years old, out came a figure skating coach. At that time the sport was just beginning to develop in Bulgaria. The coach suggested they all want to come to practice.

    Albena Denkova
    Albena Denkova | Graziaonline

    Interested young Denkova. Parents supported the girl, and she went to learn a new sport.

    Figure skating

    Albena’s first partner on the ice was Hristo Nikolov. With it skater out on the ice to 22 years. In 1996 her partner retired from the sport. But Denkova wanted to pursue a career. And such an opportunity soon turned up.

    In the same year without a partner was the Russian figure skater Maxim Stavisky. At the next competition coach Elena Tchaikovsky drew attention to the Maxim and Albena. She had the idea to try to combine the two skaters in the pair. The idea was endorsed by the international arbitrator Eugenia Karnolsky.

    First Bulgarian athlete was not easy. In her country, figure skating in its development was much lower than in Russia. Therefore, Albena had to do two times more than the Maxim to «catch up» to his level.

    Maxim Stavisky and Albena Denkova
    Maxim Stavisky and Albena Denkova |

    Skaters trained under the direction of Oleg Epstein. Once at competitions in Bulgaria came a young coach Oleg Gorshkov, a talented pupil of Epstein. Former coach showed him a few promising. So it was decided to take Denkova and Stavisky back to Moscow.

    The girl with the Sunny and warm Sofia and Moscow met the chilly and rainy weather. And if not for the warm hospitality and the comfort of home parents Maxim Stavisky, who gave shelter to a Bulgarian figure skater in itself may Denkova soon returned home.

    Five years, starting from 2000, a couple of pots coached. But in 2005 the guys decided to go to America, where they offered their mentoring Gennady Karponosov and Natalia Linchuk. 2 years they have successfully trained, but in 2007 the fault Maxim happened an unfortunate traffic accident. A long litigation was the reason that skaters stopped his athletic career.

    Albena Denkova together with Maxim Stavisky 10 consecutive years led the Championships in his native country. She participated in 3 Olympic games and several European Championships. In 2007 Denkova was elected President of the Bulgarian skating Federation.

    Denkova Albena and Timur Rodriguez at
    Denkova Albena and Timur Rodriguez in «Ice age» |

    In Russia Albena became popular after participating in several seasons of the popular TV show «Ice age». In 2007, her partner was Igor Vernik, 2008- Timur Rodrigez and in 2009 she skated together with Igor Butman.

    Denkova out on the ice and in 2013. Her partner was actor Peter Kislov. They were on 3rd place.

    In 2016, the Russian-Bulgarian skater will again delight millions of his fans. At this time, will see her paired with an actor, TV presenter and a former resident of «Comedy club» Victor Vasilev.

    Personal life

    First, Albena Denkova with her Russian counterpart associated only friendly relations. The guys rode together in Bulgaria, then moved to Russia where she met with the parents of Maxim, happily sheltered the Bulgarian athlete.

    The novel developed gradually. That the existing between the senses can be called love, the couple realized at the tournament in Lausanne in 1998. Coach Alexei Gorshkov did not interfere with the novel, though usually the coaches are opposed to novels between charges. Gorshkov said that the main thing – that the relationship didn’t stop training.

    Albena Denkova with her husband and newborn son
    Albena Denkova with her husband and newborn son | Usnisa

    During pregnancy Albena Danko was in Sofia, trying to avoid the heavy traffic between countries. After the birth of a baby in 2011, a young mother moved to Moscow. The happy parents named her son Daniel.

    According to the athletes, after the child’s birth family has become a real and great strengthened. While parents work and take part in various popular TV shows, Daniel remains under the care of grandparents who live nearby.

    From time to time the press attributed to the skaters novels with partners on a TV show, but each time it is banal gossip. Personal life of Albena Denkova and Maxim Stavisky he had a happy and no dramatic changes to speak of.


    Albena Denkova

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