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  • Name: Alan Rickman ( Alan Rickman )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1946.
  • Age: 69 years
  • Date of death: January 14, 2016
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: British actor of theater and cinema, actor, sound, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Alan Rickman: biography

    Alan Rickman was born in February 1946 in a London borough – Hammersmith, which is located on the North Bank of the Thames. At the time of his birth the family already has grown 2-year-old son David. A few years later there were two more children – son Michael and daughter Sheila.

    The family lived a wealthy life. Her head is Bernard Rickman worked as an ordinary worker in the factory, and my mother, Margaret Doreen rose raised four children. When Alan was 8 years old, life has become even harder: from lung cancer his father died.

    Alan Rickman in childhood
    In the school years |

    From an early age to Alan Rickman come to understand that in this life you have to rely only on themselves and not wait for the mercy of fate. The boy studied hard and even earned a scholarship to the prestigious London school «Latimer».

    Alan Rickman in childhood
    At school |

    Here he first came on the scene. School drama club staged Amateur theatricals, and he was given the role. It seems that he loved the stage and thought about acting as a future profession. And if not for the act of drawing and design, career artist would have started much earlier. But Alan Rickman went at it the wrong way. He enrolled in the «School of art and design Chelsea. Later studied at the «Royal College of art».

    Alan Rickman in his youth
    Alan Rickman in his youth |

    While still a student, young professional took on the position of the designer in edition of «Notting Hill Herald». This job helped him make ends meet. After graduating from the College of arts, he, along with five associates, he opened a design Studio in SOHO. But the company has not produced any income.

    Only then Alan Rickman reminded of a long-standing interest in the theatre. He sent a letter requesting an audition at the Royal Academy of dramatic arts. After listening to the young man accepted. He soon began to demonstrate notable successes. Student was given several awards for their brilliant acting, and the Academy appointed a Royal scholarship.


    Biography of Alan Rickman began on the stage. In the mid-1980s on Broadway was the play «Dangerous liaisons» in which the actor played the main character of Vicomte de Valmont. Here promising actor and was noticed by the famous producers Joel silver and Charles Gordon. They went to his dressing room and offered the role in the blockbuster «die hard» where the main character was supposed to play Bruce Willis. Alan Rickman has long wanted to get, and happily agreed. The film was released in 1988 and received a resounding success.

    Alan Rickman in the play
    In the role of Tybalt in «Romeo and Juliet» |

    In «die hard» went to the British the image of the villain, which he did a great job. This prompted Director Kevin Reynolds to offer the actor another negative role in his adventure film «Robin hood: Prince of thieves». The tape was released in 1992 and was warmly welcomed by the audience and critics, many of whom noted a brilliant game British in a «villainous» role.

    But around the same time on the screens out another project – a wonderful romance «truly madly deeply» where Alan Rickman received the first positive role. As it turned out, he is so «plastic» that is easily transforms into the opposite role.

    Alan Rickman in the film
    In «die hard» |

    Another starring role, besides the main, was played by Rickman in the film «Rasputin». For this work he received his first major award – the prestigious award «Golden globe» and «Emmy».

    The actor had long wanted to try his hand as a Director. To realize this dream, he was able in 1997. First Alan Rickman put on a play, and then made a film based on the play by Sharman MacDonald. And setting, and the picture got the same name as the play «the Winter guest». Directorial debut proved to be very successful. The film received two awards from the Venice film festival.

    Alan Rickman in the play
    In the production of «Dangerous liaisons» |

    After a few years the Director has set the play «my name is Rachel Corey». Drama theatre-goers saw in 2005 on the stage of one of the London theatres.

    Fans of the Alan Rickman love him not only a brilliant game, but a surprising tone of voice, which is an integral part of his success. The study, which had as its aim the identification of «the perfect voice», came to the conclusion that the voice of Rickman, one of the best. The artist had a perfect English pronunciation.

    Alan Rickman in the play
    In the play «Antony and Cleopatra» |

    Therefore, as the actor voicing Alan Rickman is incredibly successful. This could make sure fans of films about Harry Potter. Alan went to the mission VoiceOver of Professor Severus Snape. The choice of the British for scoring one of the heroes of the novel itself is endorsed by JK Rowling.

    In the 2000s, the star has continued to delight its fans with new roles in films. In 2006, there were two great movie where Alan Rickman has starred in key roles. This high-profile project «Snow cake» and «Perfume. The story of a murderer». And the following year saw him in the image of judge Turpin in the film of the famous Director Tim Burton’s «Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street».

    Alan Rickman in the film
    In the film «Versailles romance» |

    Continues Alan Rickman to come on stage.

    Recent work British stars not to mention Comedy «Gambit», an historical musical drama «CBGB» and «all Seeing eye», where Rickman turned into General Frank Benson. This film was released in theaters in the spring of 2016, when the stars were no longer alive. Did not wait for it and exit the fantasy adventure film «Alice in Wonderland» in which a unique voice Rickman said the tie Up.

    Personal life

    The only beloved woman of the famous artist was Rima Horton. They met when Alan was 19, and Rome 18 years. Since then the pair have been inseparable for decades.

    Alan Rickman with his wife
    Wife |

    Rome Horton lecturer at Kingston University. And yet – a prominent member of the labour party. Their married couple has always been the benchmark of a strong marriage and mutual understanding.

    It is noteworthy that to legalize their relationship, they decided nearly 50 years after meeting in 2012. And the news that the marriage has moved to official status, entered the media later in 2015.

    Alan Rickman with his wife
    Wife |

    The German newspaper «Bild» reported that the personal lives of Alan Rickman and Rima Hartono finally found a «legal shape». The same newspaper, the actor said that the wedding took place in new York and was perfect because it had no guests.

    Children of the couple were not.


    Did not the stars in the beginning of 2016. Death Alan Rickman was a complete surprise to most of his supporters. Their pet died January 14. A memorial service was held in February 2016 at Covent garden, St. Paul’s Church, also called Church of the actors.

    Alan Rickman
    Did not live up to the 70-anniversary |

    Cause of death Alan Rickman – transient pancreatic cancer. This diagnosis is a famous Briton put in the summer of 2015, when he was in the hospital with a minor stroke.

    The actor did not live to see its 70th birthday month.


    • «Die hard»
    • «Robin hood: Prince of thieves»
    • «Truly madly deeply»
    • «Mind and feelings»
    • «Snow cake» and
    • «Perfume. The story of a murderer»
    • «Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street»
    • «Gambit»
    • «CBGB»
    • «All seeing eye»


    Alan Rickman

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