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  • Name: Alan Dzagoev ( Alan Dzagoev )
  • Date of birth: 17 June 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Beslan
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: married

    Alan Dzagoev: the biography

    Alan Dzagoev was born in Beslan 17 June 1990. Football little Alan started to get involved since childhood. First played with friends in the yard, and then in Vladikavkaz «Youth», after which to hone their skills went to Togliatti school sports. There Dzagoev has established himself as a creative player with great speed and the ability to instantly make decisions on the field, which in combination with the technique allowed him to Express himself in first tournament «Leather ball».

    At the tournament he was noticed and was invited to FC «Krylya Sovetov — JUICE» from Dimitrovgrad, Alan where he played until 2007, having to spend on the field in 37 appearances, scoring 6 goals. It is a really professional and successful career Alan Dzagoev started in CSKA, where he was invited in late 2007.

    The main indicator of the game Alan Dzagoev became interested in him, CSKA (Moscow), where he moved at the end of the year.

  • Career in CSKA
  • For the first time on the field Alan Dzagoev appeared on the Cup of the First Channel in the match against Shakhtar Donetsk. Debut in official games took place only on 26 April 2008 against the team of «Luch-Energiya». Their full potential Alan Dzagoev opened in the match against «Khimki», where he appeared on the pitch in the starting lineup. The footballer scored his first goal for CSKA and gave a few assists, has established itself as a first-class playmaker. In the same year, Alan Dzagoev won his first professional trophy — the Cup of Russia. And most interestingly, in the final, CSKA Moscow lost in Perm «Amkar» with the score 0-2, but Alan Dzagoev, as a substitute on 61 minutes, helped the team turn the game to bring the game to penalties, in which the Muscovites won a landslide victory.

    Because of their youth and inexperience, Alan Dzagoev was periodically losing his place in the starting lineup. Not without scandals. Of particular prominence was the conflict with the head coach of CSKA Leonid Slutsky in 2011, when Alan was transferred to the youth team, but the player has asked for forgiveness and was returned to the main team. There is an opinion that this decision taken by Evgeny Giner and Leonid Slutsky was hasty. Some believe that young and «hot» Ossetian footballer had to immediately precipitate to the explosive nature did not prevent Dzagoev to develop professional skills.

    Speaking for CSKA Alan Dzagoev has played 144 matches and scored 36 goals. He twice became the champion of Russia (seasons 2012/13 and 2013/14), four times won the Cup of Russia (2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013), and in 2009 and 2013 along with CSKA won the Supercup of Russia. Personal achievements not less So, Alan Dzagoev in 2008 was recognized as the main opening and the best young player, and in 2009 entered the top ten best young players, finishing in 8th place.

  • Career in the Russian team.
  • Your first call to the national team Alan Dzagoev has received in 2008. In the Russian team he made his debut in the match against Germany in Dortmund, where he is training for the Renata Yanbaeva. After that he went out several times to change it but in the starting lineup appeared on the field only 14 October 2009 in the match against Azerbaijan, where he formed a real striker tandem along with brilliant at the time, Andrey Arshavin, repeatedly becoming the author assists and earned a penalty.

    His first goal for the national team of Russia Alan Dzagoev scored in the match against Ireland on 8 October 2010. Through Dzagoev scored goal brought the Russian team victory over Slovakia. At Euro 2012 Alan Dzagoev has become one of the best scorers of the tournament, scoring two goals against Czech Republic and one in Poland. Unfortunately, the national team failed to go beyond the group stage.

    Personal life Alan Dzagoev

    Alan Dzagoev July 7, 2012 he married the dancer Ossetian ensemble in Moscow «Alania» Kutafina the Zarema Abaeva. Next year, July 21, in their family, a daughter. Alan is very fond of his family, even the first goal scored at Euro 2012, he dedicated to his parents and second wife. In 2012 he graduated with a diploma in Togliatti state University «excellent.» He was awarded the qualification «Specialist in physical culture and sport».

  • Alan Dzagoev world Cup 2014
  • What do we expect from Alan Dzagoev in the world Cup in Brazil? Probably want to see the Alan, which was celebrated in the match against the Czech Republic, I want to help the team in the most difficult moment, has brought us joy not only from winning but also from the good of the team.

    Can he crumpled after season to show their best qualities in the team? Indeed, even now, being in the team, he is undergoing rehabilitation under the guidance of Mario Radio. This is one side of the issue, there is another – psychologically-emotional. This is the main drawback Dzagoev, which was hinted Capello, saying that for a stable player Dzagoev is not enough small step. His characteristic temper can play a cruel joke with him and with the team. Every game for our national team at the world Cup in 2014 – a decisive, all-too-short distance.

    To overestimate its significance is now impossible. Alan may be one of the most desired players, a kind of Joker, thanks to its versatility. To strengthen the right flank, playing a traditional midfielder, and, if necessary, and winger. Alan can play in midfield – he reads well the game and sees the field. In some cases Fabio Capello can use him as Central attacking midfielder (the player behind the striker). It is particularly important that Alan Dzagoev has managed to recover for the important match in the group stage against Belgium. Given the loss of Roman Shirokov situation Dzagoev becomes even more important.

    In an interview Valery Gazzaev said that he considered Alan a worthy substitute Roman Shirokov. If you have time to get in shape and will be kept in all game situations, then clearly the world Cup 2014 can be a new impetus in career development.

    Perhaps we’ll even see the birth of this new star and team leader. How to show all the previous world cups, really talented players during the tournament unfold its full potential, and builds character. Biography Alan Dzagoev can be updated with new personal achievements and to fill up the achievements of the national team. We wish the young talent to get in shape for the decisive matches and to be kept in provocative situations.

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  • Alan Dzagoev: video
  • Goal by Alan Dzagoev in the last minute of added time in the match Rubin — CSKA (2012)

    Goal by Alan Dzagoev in a match «Volga» — CSKA (22 Sep 2012)

    Goal by Alan Dzagoev in Russia mate — côte d’ivoire

    Goals by Alan Dzagoev in the match Russia-Czech Republic at Euro 2012

    Alan Dzagoev

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