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  • Name: Alain Delon ( Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1935.
  • Age: 81 years
  • Place of birth: France
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor, singer, film Director, producer, writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alain Delon biography

    Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon was born in a small town, which is a suburb of Paris, but spent his childhood in another small town Bourg-La-Reine. His father, Fabien Delon, was the owner of a private cinema. Mother, Edith Arnold, had the profession of pharmacist, but worked as an usher in the family business. When Helen was 3 years old, his parents split.

    After a year, Edith re-married owner of a popular in town butcher shop Bolona Field. As in the first marriage, the mother began to help her husband at work and she was not left time for his son. In the result it was transferred to the education of a hired nanny, Madame Noir, in a family whose 4-year-old kid and moved. Allen lived with their spouses Nero until their tragic death.

    In school the boy had a stormy character, lots of antics and persistent unwillingness to perform the job of teachers. Changing a few schools from which he was expelled for academic failure and bad behavior, he trained as a butcher and began working in the sausage shop.

    At 17 years old, I saw an opportunity to change lives for the better and went to serve under contract to the army. He was in the paratroopers and was sent to Indochina. The army has tempered future actor, he became a little more responsible and organized. After the service in 1956, Allen goes to Paris, finds a job as a waiter and starts to show your photos to the producers, and to participate in the tryout.

    The guy draws the attention of the famous American Manager Harry Wilson, who worked with James Dean, and invited Delon to move to Hollywood. But at the last moment popular Director Yves Allegro convinces the actor to start a career in the domestic film industry.


    Debut of Alain Delon becomes a film «When a woman intervenes» in 1957, then the same minor role in the «Be beautiful and shut up». Much success to the actor these pictures bring. Following several films such as «Christine», «women», «Road scholars» also added to the popularity.

    The expected praise of critics and the public caught up with the actor in 1960, after the release of detective film «In the sun». After this success, Alain Delon moved to Italy and starred in several popular movies: a sports drama «Rocco and his brothers», the melodrama «Eclipse», the epic film «the Leopard». These films were able to show the actor with the best hand and reveal his dramatic talent. It is noteworthy that Delon, who has no professional acting education, subsequently become a model for art University students.

    In 60-ies I was able to move away from the generic role suffers handsome and showed the talent of the comedian. His performance as Julien in «the Black Tulip», as Ulysses Cocconato in the Comedy «Joy of living» was very well received by the public. A film with Delon and Jean Gabena «the Melody from a cellar» was nominated for a Golden globe.

    It was after this film the actor invited to Hollywood. But the participation of great European stars in American films is not always lives up to expectations. The film «Born thief», «the lost squad», «is Paris Burning?», «Texas across the river» had no success. But first starring role after returning home in the French film «Samurai» has become a classic.

    In 70-e and 80-e years, the actor is involved in a large number of films, different quality levels and different degrees of fame. There were failures like «Scorpio» and «Transition» and the success of «Zorro,» «Airport’ 79: the Concord «do Not Wake a sleeping policeman.» Actor takes part in a sensational joint Spanish-French-Soviet detective, «Tehran-43», which plays the role of a police inspector Georges Foch. But the most prominent work in this period is the role of the alcoholic Robert Avranches in the drama «Our story» for which he received a césar award as best actor of the year.

    The next decade brought two iconic role. He plays the main character in the 1992 film «the Return of Casanova» and is involved in joint work with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Vanessa Paradis in the criminal Comedy «One chance for two» in 1998.

    In the new Millennium Delon for a long time did not appear in cinemas. In 2008 he played the role of Julius Caesar in a Comedy based on a French comic book «Asterix at the Olympic games.»


    Alain Delon has not only recognised his acting talent, but also a beautiful baritone voice. He first performed as a singer in 1967 with lyric song «Laetitia». It was performed as the soundtrack to the movie «Adventurers».

    After 5 years in a Duo with singer Delilah he did a cover version of the song «Paroles…Paroles…», which previously carried Alberto Lupo and Mina. In the new version of the song became a worldwide hit and a song title that translates as «words, Words…», was sustained by the French expression.

    In the ‘ 80s, the actor writes three songs: in 1983 — «Thought I’d ring you» paired with Shirley Bassey, «I don’t Know» 1985 duet with Phyllis Nelson and a solo «Comme au cinema» in 1987. The last two songs are quite popular.

    Personal life

    First love Alain Delon was a young Austrian actress Romy Schneider, with whom the actor met on the set of the movie «Christine». They married in 1959 and stayed in the role of bride and groom 6 years. But before the official marriage never came.

    Also, the actor had a fling with the actress and singer Christa of paffgen, better known under the pseudonym Nico. In 1962 she gave birth to a son, Christian Aaron, but Delon never recognized paternity. Despite the fact that I grew up a boy the parents of Alena, who gave his grandson his name.

    The first official marriage was entered into in 1984 with actress and Director Natalie Barthelemy. In this marriage the couple had a son Anthony, who also became an actor. This marriage lasted only 4 years, after which the couple broke up.

    In 1968, the film «Jeff» Alain Delon met with actress Mireille d’arc. They never married, and lived in a civil Union, but it was the longest relationship in the life of an actor. Alain and Mireille have been together for almost 15 years and parted amicably.

    The following marriage was civil. In 1987, I began to live with a fashion model from the Netherlands Rosal van Bremen. Rosal gave birth to Alain Delon’s daughter Anushka and son Alain-Fabien. After 10 years, Allen and Rosal broke up. Now the actor leads a bachelor lifestyle.

    Alain Delon owns two own a film Studio «Delbeau Productions» and «Adel Productions». He is also the owner of his own brand «A. D.», which produces classic suits, men’s outerwear, watches, sunglasses, perfumes. Particularly known for its perfume «Samurai», «Iquitos», «Lira».

    Selected filmography

    • 1960 — In the sun
    • 1961 Rocco and his brothers
    • 1963 — the Leopard
    • 1963 — Melody from the basement
    • 1967.
    • 1974 — Zorro
    • 1979 — Tehran-43
    • 1984 — Our history
    • 1995 — The Return Of Casanova
    • 2008 — Asterix at the Olympic games


    Alain Delon

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