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  • Name: Al Pacino ( Alfredo James Pacino )
  • Date of birth: 25 April 1940
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor, film Director, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Al Pacino: biography

    Alfredo Pacino was born in new York in the area of East Harlem in Manhattan. His parents rose and Salvatore Pacino were immigrants from Italy. When the boy was only 2 years mother and father decided to leave. Alfredo remained with her mother, who moved to live with his parents in the South Bronx.

    Due to the fact that he grew up in a crime area, al Pacino was not a model child, although initially well studied in School of performing arts», for which in early childhood was nicknamed «the Actor». But he was just a rowdy kid, started Smoking at the age of 9 and 12 have consumed alcohol. Also often was the initiator of quarrels, fights and confrontations. This behavior is reflected in the study. In high school, he couldn’t pass a single exam, so in 17 years was expelled.

    This turn of events has led to serious conflict with her mother, and the young man leaves the home. He finds a job as a janitor, and later a bellboy, a waiter, a postman. At the same time began performing in Amateur non-profit theater «HB Studio» where he met with Charlie Lawton, who taught acting courses. After numerous attempts, in 1966, al Pacino accept at the professional actors Studio. After training, the novice actor was waiting for a theatrical career. He performed dramatic roles in such plays as «Awake and sing!», «America, Hurrah,» «the Indians want the Bronx», «Richard III» and «does a tiger tie?», for which he received in 1969 the prestigious theater award «Tony».

    This success he repeated in the 1977 production of «the Basic training of Pavlo Hummell». Even after becoming a famous actor Pacino has not abandoned the theater stage and played in productions of «American Buffalo», «Salome», «Huey», «Orphans…» and the play «the merchant of Venice», which in 2010 managed over 1 week to collect more than a million dollars.


    Al Pacino’s film career, like many actors, began with a cameo role. His name was not even mentioned in the credits. The first relatively known film with the actor was the Comedy drama «Me, Natalie». A greater role Pacino played in the 1971 film «the Panic in needle Park.» The image of the drug addict Bobby, masterfully displayed the actor, was so impressed by the famous Director Francis Ford Coppola that he did not even consider other candidates for the role of Michael Corleone in his crime Thriller «the Godfather». The film’s success was deafening, and al Pacino was first nominated for the award «Oscar».

    The following year came the film «Scarecrow» and «Serpico». For the role of policeman Frank Serpico, the actor again nominated for «Oscar» award and the British Academy of film and television arts, and also became a laureate of the prize «Golden globe».

    In 1974 comes the continuation of «the Godfather» and Pacino for the third time in a row nominated for «Oscar». But this role along with the implementation of the image of Santino in the Thriller «Dog day afternoon» brought him a British Academy award of film and television arts and the prize at the film festival in San Sebastian.

    Followed by the drama «Bobby Deerfield», crime Thriller «Wanted,» romance «Author! Author!», historical drama «Revolution,» romance «Sea of love» and other films. But most of these paintings were cool met by critics and viewers. In the 80-ies provided only crime drama «Scarface» in which al Pacino plays a Cuban drug Lord Tony Montana. The film was heavily criticized by experts, but obtained very high box office and eventually became a cult. For her role in this film Pacino was nominated for a Golden globe.

    90-e years have begun for the actor more successful. First, the screens out a gangster film based on the comic strip «dick Tracy,» for which al Pacino 6 times nominated for «Oscar» and for the 11th time on «the Gold globe». In the same year he published a sequel to the famous mafia drama «the Godfather 3». And in 1991, Pacino performs in a duet with Michelle Pfeiffer starring in tragicomedy «Frankie and johnny».

    1993 finally brought the actor the coveted statuette «Oscar» for the role of a blind Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade in the drama «Scent of a woman». After this was successful shooting in the films «Fight», «Hall», «Donnie Brasco», «every Sunday», «your man» and «Chinese coffee.» In the 1996 film «looking for Richard,» Pacino has also acted as a Director and producer.

    A new round of popularity brought the actor famous mystical picture of «devil’s Advocate» in which he plays the role of Satan. Partner in the set was Keanu Reeves who played the main role.

    In the new Millennium from numerous works may be noted the criminal drama «the right people», the Thriller «the Recruit», an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play «merchant of Venice», the detective «Right to kill» and the TV movie «You don’t know Jack,» for which the actor was awarded the Golden globe, Emmy and screen actors Guild USA.

    Personal life

    Al Pacino is one of those stars-actors who are trying to hide their relationship. He had many love Affairs, but most of the names of these women did not become known. Officially Pacino never recorded the marital relationship.

    In 1967, he met with a theater actress Jill Clayberg, with whom he played on stage in the play «America Hurrah.» Their relationship lasted 5 years.

    In 1972, on the set of «the Godfather» al Pacino meets and starts Dating Diane Keaton. They divorced in 1974. He also had a long relationship with the actress Marthe Keller, who subsequently developed into a long friendship.

    Jen Tarrant, lecturer in acting courses, in 1989, gave birth to al Pacino’s daughter Julie Pacino, Mary. Despite this fact, the actor remained a bachelor and soon broke up with Jen.

    The longest relationship in my life al Pacino lasted 8 years. From 1996 to 2003, he met with actress Beverly d’angelo, who gave birth to twins Anton James and Olivia rose. The last known girlfriend of the actor was actress Lucelia Saul.


    • 1972 — the Godfather
    • 1973 — Serpico
    • 1975 — Dog day afternoon
    • 1979 — Justice for all
    • 1983 — Scarface
    • 1990 — Dick Tracy
    • 1991 — Frankie and johnny
    • 1992 — Scent of a woman
    • 1997 — the devil’s Advocate
    • 2004 — the merchant of Venice


    Al Pacino

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