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  • Name: Al Capone ( Alphonse Gabriel Capone )
  • Date of birth: January 17, 1899.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Date of death: 25 Jan 1947
  • Place of birth: Brooklyn, new York, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: gangster, boss of the Chicago mafia
  • Marital status: married

    Al Capone: a biography

    Most often people are interested in the identity of historical persons, which could become an example of behavior, or who has created something useful for the country, for art, for science, for the future life. But there are a number of personalities who became famous not by creation, and crimes, but no less interesting to the public. One of the most famous criminals in the history of mankind is Alphonse Gabriel Capone, who was usually called by a diminutive name is al Capone. Let’s see what this famous gangster.

    Al Capone
    The famous boss of the Italian mafia | Airbnb

    He is considered one of the founding fathers of organized crime United States of the prohibition era and the great depression, the author of the system of money laundering and such thing as a «racket». But most of all, the name Capone went down in history in connection with the sensational series of murders, which was titled «a Massacre on Valentine’s Day». Biography of al Capone directly connected with his ancestors, rather with a native Italian. It is from Italy emigrated Gabriel and Teresa Capone, who settled in the new York suburb of Williamsburg. And that’s with the Italian mafia life would be connected by their son.

    Al Capone
    Gangster with a kind face | Noticias Terra

    Alfonso was born in the last year of the nineteenth century and became the first of nine children his father and mother. From an early age he showed his sharply stimulating character. Today the boy is still a preschooler would have been among the patients of a psychiatrist and probably wouldn’t be in the criminal sphere, but in the years of childhood al Capone, none of these things thought. Therefore, the aggression Alfonso stretched behind him like a train. From the first class he loudly and rapidly arguing with classmates and teachers, and in the sixth even tried to beat up a teacher right in the classroom. Soon after, the teenager dropping out of school and joins a local gang, which later become part of the famous new York group «Five Points».

    Al Capone
    Photo Of Alphonse Capone | News Zing

    The young people were mainly engaged in extortion and illegal gambling. To cover that the guy was moonlighting as a bouncer of the club «Harvard Inn», and also acted as a professional Billiards player. The growth of al Capone was not too big, just 170 centimeters, but he was always a very large and producing the effect of thunder. By the way, in the billiard room there was a fight, «gave» al Capone scar on his face. He let go a clear remark about one of the girls, and she was either sister or wife of a criminal, also present in the room.

    Al Capone
    The famous scar Capone got in a fight | Scriggler

    The slaughter started, and Alfonso came his famous scar on his cheek. Interestingly, the future head of the mafia such a banal history has always been shy, so come up with an alternative version: that the scar is the result of the participation in the heroic battles during the First world war. In fact, Capone not only fought, but did not serve in the army. 18 Alphonse Capone was suspected by the police of the city in a variety of crimes, including two murders. So the young man decided to look for happiness in another city and moved from new York to Chicago.

    Career in the mafia

    In a new place «Big al» as he was called by friends, was engaged in a pimping in one of the provincial brothels. Among the bandits Chicago 30-ies it was considered probably the most humiliating thing to do, but Capone managed to make one of the base institutions is incredibly profitable business. He turned it from a normal public house in a four-bar «The Four Deuces», where the floors were located beer, betting, casino and the brothel. First, cheap hot spot very quickly turned into the company that gives $ 35 million per year. Translated into today’s money it would be roughly 420 million per annum.

    Al Capone
    Capone started out as a pimp and reached the leadership of the mafia | BuGazete

    Therefore, no wonder that until the age of 26 al Capone becomes the owner of all criminal Empire, after the previous mob boss John Torrio, also called «Lis» or «Papa johnny», resigned these powers. First of all, the newly minted crime boss introduced this previously unknown concept of racketeering. That is, he offered honest entrepreneurs to pay him a reward, and considerable, and for this gave them protection from other gangs, and sometimes from the police.

    The Mafia Al Capone
    At the head of the Italian mafia | Free Keyword

    If businessmen refused, their institutions, and often they themselves were threatened with death. Also the mafia began to operate prostitution, introduced a fraudulent scheme, many years later, was named «money laundering» for bribes «bought» the police and even high-ranking politicians, what before it was impossible to imagine. Incidentally, the invention of the scheme «money laundering» is also credited with Alfonso Capone.

    Al Capone
    Capone devised a scheme of money laundering | Chronim

    The fact that his personal business was directly linked to the smuggling of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in those years in the United States. Profit was needed to legitimize, and this mafia, opened a chain of laundromats. Service prices were set so low that the number of customers it was impossible to count. Accordingly, officially laundries showed a huge profit, in fact, derived from the alcohol trade. In fact, because of the Laundry scheme and is called «money laundering», however, this term was first used only a few decades after the death of al Capone.

    A massacre on Valentine’s Day

    The main feature of the mafia al Capone – a never-ending shootouts, usually end with the death of any of the bandits. For the first five years of «government» Capone in the shootings killed more than five hundred not ordinary gangsters. Alfonso completely destroyed the gang of Irish, Russian and Mexicans in Chicago, getting rid of the competition. It was his idea to replace the usual Italian gangsters guns on the machines, and then and machine guns.

    It Capone armed their people with hand guns | OutGun

    Also in his approval of the course included explosive devices that are connected to the car starter, which destroyed a car with driver and passengers after ignition. A series of murders of gangsters in the widely known name «the Massacre on Valentine’s Day». It began on 14 February 1929 in the garage where one of the gang was keeping the composition of whiskey. Armed men Capone broke in the form of police officers and competitors who decided that victims of justice, silently lined up against the wall to arrest him, but were shot on the spot.

    A massacre on Valentine's Day
    A massacre on Valentine’s Day | Notes about everything

    Such a shocking murder happened a couple more times. Direct evidence in these episodes, Capone was found, so he, like all his team escaped punishment. In fact, for the mass executions of the police in General, no one was punished, which once again proves how highly law enforcement raised a hand to al Capone. Nevertheless, it is «a Massacre on Valentine’s Day» became the reason for Alfonso began carefully monitored by representatives of the Federal Bureau of investigation. Officers of the FBI, seeing no way to arrest him for the robbery, found another lead to the arrest of one of the most legendary gangsters of the twentieth century appealed to the Tax office.

    Personal life

    Adolescence revolving in criminal circles, the personal life of al Capone is inextricably linked with ladies of easy virtue. Already 16 years the young man had several venereal diseases, including syphilis, which tried to treat, but soon abandoned the case. Later such disregard for health will affect son al Capone. Alfonso married at age 19. The wife of al Capone, the Irish saleswoman ardent Catholic Mae Josephine Coughlin, a month before the wedding, gave birth to his only son, albert Francis, whom the family called Sonny.

    Al Capone with his wife
    The marriage of Alfonso and Mae Capone | Newspaper.ia

    Interestingly, for minority Capone couldn’t go away without parental consent, so his father Gabriel wrote a written authorization to the official service. As for the son, albert Francis Capone, it significantly affected the carefree behavior of the father. The boy was born with congenital syphilis and severe complication of the brain, in childhood, had several surgeries, was able to survive, but was almost deaf.

    Al Capone's son
    Son of Alfred Francis «Sleepy» Capone | Infose

    It is noteworthy that only once in a lifetime albert tried to feel as a criminal and stole the store some little thing, but he was immediately arrested by the police. Capone, Jr., was sentenced to two years probation, and he the end of life had not broken the law. The Mature age albert changed his famous surname to brown, got married and gave birth to four daughters. So Alfonso Capone still have biological descendants.

    Prison and death

    As mentioned above, for criminal acts, the police could not, did not want to catch the head of the Italian mafia. And as to prove the involvement of Capone most crimes could not even the FBI, authorities found another loophole: they accused Alfonso failure to pay income tax. In the autumn of 1931 a mafia boss sentenced to 11-year term and a huge fine. To Capone from prison could not control his subordinates, he was placed in a correctional institution in Atlanta, and later in the isolated prison island of Alcatraz.

    Al Capone
    Photo in the prison of Alcatraz | Alcatraz History

    With 11 years the gangster served only seven, but they had to Alfonso’s health was undermined and was released, completely lost criminal influence. In prison, his chronic syphilis has entered the final stage of destruction of the body, though al Capone died for another reason. At the end of January he had a stroke, three days later, the doctors further diagnosed him with pneumonia, and on January 25, 1947, Alphonse Capone died from cardiac arrest at his vacation home in Florida.

    Grave Of Al Capone
    The Grave Of Alphonse Capone |

    Buried mob boss in Chicago, but due to the huge flow of tourists, is actually a pilgrimage, his body was reburied in the cemetery of mount Carmel in Illinois. In history, the name Capone remains as the embodiment of organized crime, but few a gangster halo of romance, which is very often used in film. In movies and TV series al Capone played a few dozen well-known actors, including legendary Hollywood star Robert De Niro and al Pacino.

    Interesting personality al Capone and collectors. At auctions even sell the weapons belonged to him. For example, in January 2017 Capone revolver brand «Smith & Wesson» 32-caliber, which the mafia didn’t split up even while playing Golf, becoming a major highlight of the us session.


    Al Capone

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