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  • Name: Oksana Shelest ( Oksana Shelest )
  • Place of birth: Ukraine
  • Activity: actress and model of Ukrainian origin
  • Marital status: divorced

    Aksana Shelest: biography

    The existence of the Ukrainian actress and model named Aksana Shelest many learned only after, when this bright brunette with brown eyes appeared next to the star of «Elimination» by Vladimir Mashkov.

    Oksana Shelest
    Model and actress Oksana | Vilingstore.net

    Unfortunately, the biography of Oksana Shelest today is a lot of «white spots» that need to be filled with true information. All said that Shelest was born in a small Ukrainian town, but to meet of his name and failed. Presumably, Oksana was born in 1980. As for the birthday, history is silent about it.


    In the media, mentioning the Rustle of Oksana, she is an actress and model of Ukrainian origin. But to find the filmography of the actress daunting. In connection with its relationship with Vladimir Mashkov is mentioned in only one film called «let’s make this quick». This film directed by Sergei Bodrov, who starred in America. The actor took the main role of the mafia leader Oleg.

    Oksana Shelest - the team of Volodymyr Mashkov
    Oksana Shelest — the wife of Vladimir Mashkov | mixnews.lv

    Allegedly, during the shooting of this project Vladimir and Oksana met. But what did magic Ukrainian brunette in this movie is unknown. Among the artists involved in the film, she does not appear even in a cameo role.

    Other movies involving the actress, is also unknown. Perhaps this is an American project.

    There is speculation that the mysterious beauty was more successful in another occupation is modeling and clothing design. Anyway, this was told in one interview her son Andrew. He reported that they have a home in America, where they go to relax with the whole family.

    Personal life

    The familiarity of the stars of the national cinema with the Ukrainian model occurred in the early 2000s. At that time Vladimir Mashkov was married to his third wife, the journalist Xenia Terentyeva. He invited her to America, where shooting is promised to last for several months, but his wife remained in the capital.

    Volodymyr I. Mashkov Oksana Shelest
    Vladimir Mashkov with the wife Oksana Shelest | 4gvideo.ru

    Novel hot Ukrainian brunette broke out and was just a short affair. The young woman quickly managed to find a way to the heart of the actor. As they say in the media, it has brought perfect order to the yacht, where there lived Vladimir, and was a wonderful hostess.

    Rumor has it that the desire to marry economic beauty Mashkov told her almost immediately, but Rustle did not consent for the whole year, what really intrigued the artist in Russia has long been considered a sex symbol. But the wedding still held. It happened in 2005. After the wedding the couple left for the United States, where the Russian star was waiting for an interesting job.

    Together, the couple lived for 3 years, and in 2008, the tabloids were full of reports of the impending divorce of Vladimir and Oksana. At that time the man already knew of the existence in his fourth wife’s son Andrew from a previous marriage. (According to unconfirmed information, the name of the Rustling got Oksana from first husband). Mashkov adopted a boy, and rumor has it, managed it’s great to make friends with a teenager who calls him dad.

    The rustle of Oksana with her son and Vladimir Mashkov
    The rustle of Oksana with her son and Vladimir Mashkov | Starhit.ru

    Say, the personal life of Oksana Shelest with her second husband has appeared not such cloudless, as if the woman wanted. Loving the star, according to some unconfirmed rumors, had an affair with a French woman. Wife heard about it and filed for divorce. According to colleagues who were close to the actor, who starred in the film «Train» by Alexei Uchitel, the message about the impending divorce came to him like thunder from a clear sky. The woman was well prepared for this step and consulted with American lawyers. They told her how to get out of this marriage with the maximum benefit for themselves.

    Consequence of divorce, saying it was a great impoverished budget star: an angry wife can sue a cheating husband a million dollars.

    Oksana Shelest
    Vladimir Mashkov with the fourth wife Oksana Shelest | Spletnik.ru

    In social networks there were messages that soon after a painful divorce, the actor started seeing the third wife Xenia Terentyeva. In a couple’s life was a difficult period, but they found a common language. Seemed, faded feelings have flashed with new force. There were rumors about a re-marriage couple.

    But the main macho of the national cinema has the ability to surprise. Today he again with Oksana, who moved into his flat on Strastnoy Boulevard and has already started repairs there.

    Oksana Shelest s Vladimirom Mashkovym
    The rustle Oksana Vladimirom Mashkov | Spletnik.ru

    The details of this reconciliation, told reporters the former driver star named Sergio, who worked Mashkov 20 years. He complained that he could not withstand a too rigid attitude towards themselves from the second half of the artist. Supposedly her character does not compare with the gentle disposition of Xenia Terentyeva. Constant carping and unjust claims forced her husband to leave her master, to whom he had long-standing friendly relations. But who knows whether the truth says the angry man, which for some reason was left without a job.

    Rumor has it, the young woman manages to keep the temperamental actor in full obedience. Moreover, he is happy and dreams of a child. Maybe she will manage the impossible: to enter the same river twice, and again to become the legal wife of a famous artist.

    Unfortunately, the life of this beautiful woman which today is the neighborhood known and loved by millions artist, shrouded in mystery and rumors. The couple had no comment about living together. In one of the Russian editions of adopted son Mashkov, Andrei, on questions of journalists laughed and said that no divorce never happened. His parents were together, and continue to stay.


    Oksana Shelest and Volodymyr Mashkov

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