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  • Name: Akira Kurosawa ( Akira Kurosava )
  • Date of birth: 23 March 1910
  • Age: 88 years
  • Date of death: September 6, 1998
  • Place of birth: Tokyo
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Japanese film Director, screenwriter and producer
  • Marital status: married

    Akira Kurosawa: biography

    One of the most influential Directors Akira Kurosawa was born in March 1910 in Tokyo. Akira was the youngest of 8 children of school Director Isamu Kurosawa. Kind of a famous Director on his father was of samurai origin. A huge impact on the education of the son needs the father. It was he who instilled in children a love of literature and opened the world of cinema. Isamu tried to make sure his descendants knew not only Japanese, but also other cultures of the world.

    Akira Kurosawa showed different talents since childhood. He was an excellent painter, one of his most successful pictures were taken at the famous exhibition «Nika-ten». At the time Kurosawa Jr. was 18 years old. The success of artistic endeavors have pushed 18-year-old boy to enroll in art College. But the attempt was unsuccessful. Upset. for a long time looking for myself. When the boy was 26 years old, he got a job as an assistant Director, who has worked at the prestigious film Studio.


    Biography Akira Kurosawa was developing slowly. He observed the work of famous Japanese film Directors and came to understand that he would like to be in their place. But Kurosawa started his activity in cinema as a screenwriter.

    The debut film by Akira Kurosawa called «Horse». Much success she had, but allowed the Director of the novice to «fill the hand». The film «Legend of the Grand master of judo», published 2 years, was more successful. The young wizard drew the attention of critics.

    Every next film Akira has been more successful than the previous one. After the war, in 1948, Kurosawa gave the audience a dramatic picture, «Drunken angel.» The main character – a doctor who tries to save a gangster from a serious illness, played by Toshiro Mifune. At that time he was a little-known actor. We can say that Kurosawa opened the star to the audience. Subsequently, Mifune starred in 15 pictures of the famous Director and became the brightest star of cinema of China.

    Glory descended on Akira Kurosawa in 1950. Just then, the screens out the first masterpiece of the film the picture of «rashomon». This project brought its Creator the first prestigious award – the Golden lion at the Venice film festival. The film was very popular on the Western market and brought a huge box office.

    The father’s influence emerged in the work of Akira Kurosawa in 1950-ies. At the time, a descendant of samurai, Isamu Kurosawa instilled a love for the son of the masterpieces of world literature, many of which were of Russian origin. In 1951, the screens out the film «the Idiot» based on a novel by the Russian genius Fyodor Dostoevsky. However, the Director changed a bit the storyline and moved the film in Hokkaido.

    Blew the Russian classics affected another masterpiece by Kurosawa. In 1957, he made the film «On the bottom.» It is based on the eponymous work of Maxim Gorky. However, Akira Kurosawa in his author’s «reading» of made the film a bit ironic.

    70 years was extremely difficult in the life of a genius Director. Strangely enough, at home he could not boast popularity. Akira wore in the West, but in Japan he had a crisis with the financing of the films which brought fame not only to him but also his country. For this reason, the Director almost committed suicide.

    One of the masterpieces of Kurosawa saw the light thanks to the Russian «Mosfilm», which allowed the Director to shoot the picture. It was called «Dersu Uzala» and was the first work of the Creator is not Japanese. The film received the main award of the international festival in Moscow and received 2 awards «Oscar».

    Of the last works of the master, which received worldwide recognition, you can call the projects «Kagemusya: Shadow warrior» and «Ran». It’s two samurai epic. In the end of his career, Kurosawa took two excellent drama «the August Rhapsody» and «not Yet.» The last painting was released in 1993. All of these movies were nominated for «Oscar».

    Personal life

    With his future wife a great Director met on the set of the film «the most beautiful». It Aguchi was an actress. The film was shot at the factory and had to tell about the women who worked on it. For best occurrence of the Actresses in the image of the Creator of the movie put them in the factory. After some time, the artist rebelled and sent to Akira as pregovorite It Aguchi. A conversation between actress and Director segued into a novel.

    The personal lives of Akira Kurosawa and its second half It has developed happily. In love and understanding the couple lived until the death of Kurosawa. To this Union were born two children: a son, Hisao, who later became a producer, and a daughter, Kazuko, his chosen profession is modeling clothes.


    In 1995, when Kurosawa was shooting his latest picture, he received a serious back injury, which turned out to be in a wheelchair. He wanted to die at his workplace – on the set. But life decided differently. 88-year-old Akira Kurosawa died of a stroke in the hospital. Doctors pronounced him dead on 6 September 1998.


    • «Rashomon»
    • «Live»
    • «Seven samurai»
    • «I live in fear»
    • «Throne of blood»
    • «At the bottom»
    • «Three men in a hidden fortress»
    • «Bad sleep well»
    • «The guard»


    Akira Kurosawa

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