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  • Name: Aidar Garayev ( Aidar Garaev )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: village of Dzhalil’, Tatarstan
  • Activities: actor, comedian kvnschik
  • Marital status: married

    Aidar Garayev: a biography

    Aidar Garayev was born in may 1990 in a small village Jalil, in Sarmanovsky district of Tatarstan. Shortly after his birth the parents and children – a son Aidar and daughter Alsou – moved to New Urengoy, where he found a new job. Here Aidar Garayev went to school.

    At the end of the school Garayev entered into the Urengoy branch of the Tyumen state University. But after the 3rd course moved to Donetsk, where he graduated from the University. The city is so liked Aydar, that he decided to stay and live in it. Here Garayev found work on a speciality: he worked as a chief specialist of the Regional center of additional education of children and youth. Additionally, Aidar Garayev developing its business project, organizing their weddings.


    Play KVN Aidar Garayev began in his school years. This lesson is so pleased him that he continued at the University. Soon after the appearance of Aydar in the University team, the game went much better. In 2014, the team «Union», whose captain selected Aidar Garayev, becomes the champion of KVN major League season in 2014. To this «Union» has been able to reach only up to ¼ of the Higher League.

    For the period when Aidar Garayev, head of the team «Union» managed to win many awards. In addition to the championship title team in the Premier League on account of players 4 Kivin: Small and Large gold, Large bright and Presidential. Last Kivinen team got in 2013.

    The team, headed by Aidar Garayev singing. The guys became famous for its excellent musical numbers, the characteristic feature of which is the so-called «carpool». This is a funny parody of the famous song, banter. During the performance of the team they normally are interrupted by another command, «Now, stop!». Besides Tyumen team player known for his sharp political jokes.

    In 2013, social networks gained millions of views sung Aidar Garayev «Social rock Opera». It was made by the captain during one of the performances of the «Union» and instantly became a hit. Many then called Aydar Tyumen Freddie mercury for the great vocals. But the most important is the sense and sharp social humor of the song. The main theme of the Opera» – the deplorable state of roads and housing and communal services. Aidar Garayev says that they were guided by not just a desire to laugh at problems. The main goal is to correct the deficiencies.

    «Social rock Opera» Aidar Garayev made in 1/8 of the Highest League in 2013 and was subsequently recognized as the best room of the year by the fans of KVN.

    Personal life

    With his future wife Anastasia Kazandzhan captain of the Tyumen command «Union» met in 2012 in one of the seasons Premier League. Nastya is too cheerful and resourceful. She played for team Taganrog «Gesture». First, young people were texting in social networks friends, shared secrets. Soon the friendship grew into love.

    In September 2014 the private life of Aidar Garayev has changed: Moscow hosted the wedding of two players of KVN, which brought together not only family, but also many colleagues on the game Club of cheerful and resourceful. Honeymoon the couple spent in the Dominican Republic.


    Aidar Garayev

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