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  • Name: Aydan Shener ( Aydan Sener )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Kilis, Turkey
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Turkish model and actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Aidan Shener : biography

    «Goldcrest – bird singing» was one of the first foreign TV series that began airing in the Soviet Union. The tape was released in 1986 and put on TV half the country. Domestic viewers with a sinking heart watched destiny of the beautiful heroine.

    Aidan Shener, and she played a mysterious woman, Feride, was born in March 1963 in the Turkish town of Kilis, although it could be our compatriot. Ancestors her father lived in Kazan. But because of the unwillingness to assimilate and accept baptism, they left their homes and emigrated to Turkey.

    When Aidan Shener was 5 years old, the family changed its residence and moved to the larger city of Bursa, where she graduated from high school. The family of the future actress was not rich. Mother – housewife, father is a musicologist. But the parents were people of modern attitudes and not opposed to the fact that their adult daughter began her career as a model. They saw the extraordinary beauty Aidan and dreamed that their little girl became famous.

    It just happened. Young schöner was the winner of the beauty contest and received the title of «Miss Turkey». In 1981 the country send a girl to represent it in the competition «Miss World». Aidan Shener then gave way to models from Venezuela. However, she became famous all over the country and far beyond its borders. Modelling career of the beautiful Turkish woman developed rapidly. It is often filmed in ads.


    The magnificent external data, girls did not go unnoticed by Turkish Directors. In 1983 had a very successful debut of the model on the screen. Aidan Shener starred in the mini-series «Little head», and in the title role.

    But the real fame, and deafening the world, came to the artist in 1986, after the release of the 7-episode melodrama «Goldcrest — bird singing» Osman F. Publications. The fate of the young teacher who ran away from her fiance, but managed to keep his love and dignity, conquered the audience in many countries. Since the release of the series schöner acquired the status of a star of Turkish cinema.

    It is not surprising that collapsed has not allowed the young actress to remain in the shadows. A cinematic biography of Aydan Shener developed. She was invited into their projects the best Directors of the country. But success commensurate to that which he received «Wren», was not followed. Although several paintings that were popular at home in the filmography of the actress is.

    In 1989 he released a 4-episode melodrama «the milky way», where schöner again got the star role. This is another tragic story of love between cousins and Salal Miata that a young person lost, and then long and hard revived. Image Zelal went to Aidan.

    Worthy of attention, two more melodrama, which starred the actress loved by millions. This is «Two faces of Istanbul» and «Branded rose». The last tape shot in the new century.

    In 2004, the Turkish artist visited Kazan. Here she came with her father, who has long dreamed of seeing the land of their ancestors. And in 2013, Aidan Shener came to the Crimea, where they held talks about the filming of the TV project «Stars of Bakhchisarai».

    Personal life

    Can’t believe it, but the personal life of Aidan Shener, one of the first beauties of Turkish cinema, has developed unfortunately. In 1983 she was married. Her husband was a famous football player of Turkish national team Ayhan Akun. At first the family was very good. After 5 years in this marriage had a daughter Edge. But after she was born between spouses quarrel. The husband was jealous of Aidan to new film roles and numerous fans demanding to devote himself to the family.

    To put an end to this marriage, the actress has decided after 8 years, when one of the birthday her husband gave her as a gift a veil. Schöner took my daughter and left her husband. More she married not out, although the proposals, according to Aidan, it was a lot.

    His life Aidan Shener devoted daughter, raised her the same freedom as herself. Edge did not go in her mother’s footsteps and received the profession of architect. In addition, she is interested in design.

    The artist lives in his own house with father and daughter and loves animals. She has many Pets, for which schöner love to care. She is involved in many social projects that aim to help homeless animals.


    • «Little chief»
    • «Goldcrest — bird singing»
    • «The milky way»
    • «The two faces of Istanbul»
    • «Branded rose»
    • «Confrontation»
    • «Face of sorrow»
    • «Several years later»


    Schöner Months

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