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  • Name: Aida Vedischeva ( IDA Weiss )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1941
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, writer of musicals
  • Marital status: married

    Aida Vedischeva: biography

    Aida Vedischeva, whose real name is IDA Weiss is a Soviet and American singer, most known to the domestic audience as a performer of songs from old movies and cartoons. His most famous compositions are «Forest deer», «song about bears», «Help me» and «lullaby bear».

    IDA was born in Kazan on the eve of the great Patriotic war. Her parents moved to this city from Kiev. The fact that the girl’s father, Solomon I., was Professor of medicine and invited him to lecture at a local University. Directly related to medicine was the mother of Elena Mitrofanovna, a surgeon by profession.

    When their daughter was 10 years old, the wife of Weiss moved to Irkutsk. IDA, despite the profession of their parents, grew up surrounded by the songs and creativity, as all of her family played musical instruments and regularly hosted house concerts. Since childhood he loved music and future pop star. It is their choice graduated from the school of music, began to play on stage in local Theatre, and in the Irkutsk theatre of musical Comedy.

    But at the insistence of the father and mother of the girl was forced to receive higher education at the Institute of foreign languages. And though studied there Vedischeva Aida «under duress», but the assimilation of the English and German languages came in handy later. However, feeling in the soul of the artist, IDA travels to Moscow and delivers the documents at the Higher theatre school named after M. S. Schepkin. She easily passed the multi-level exams, but the last interview was refused. The official reason was to study at first Institute.

    Then Vedischeva begins his singing career. She was a member of the Kharkov and Orel Philharmonic was part of the orchestras of Oleg Lundstrem, Leonid Utyosov, and performed with ensembles «Meloton», «Blue guitar» and team «Singing stories».


    The singer’s popularity gradually gathered momentum, and in 1966 we are talking about it throughout the Soviet Union. The fact that the screens out Comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai’s «kidnapping, Caucasian style», where the heroine Natalia Varley voice Aida Vedischeva performed the romantic hit «song about bears». A record only in the early days was sold over 7 million copies.

    In a year hits a solo composition «Geese, geese» and the song «Volcano of passion» from the movie «the diamond arm», which is popularly referred to as «Help me.» Later had a great success on the Patriotic song «Comrade.» Interestingly, the author of this hit, Oleg Ivanov, then was an ordinary medical student, and he did the famous singer introduction.

    Also added to the popularity of Aida songs such as «Forest deer» from the Comedy «Oh, this Nastya!», «Let them talk» romantic history «Three plus two», «Chunga-Changa» from the cartoon «the cutter», «lullaby bear» from the movie about the bear cub Umka. But if the students praised the talent of the singer to heaven, then the government is constantly fiddling with her obstacles.

    Her name was removed from the credits of the film were not on TV, limited. Moreover, when the smash-hit «Forest deer» became the winner in the «song of the year», this song is Aida Vedischeva was invited to make the Big children’s choir of Central television and all-Union radio. In the mid 70-ies the name of the artist has disappeared from billboards and all video tapes and magnetic recording were degaussed and destroyed. If Vedischeva has not made its own archive library, the famous song would have been lost.


    The main reason for the disfavor of the authorities to Aida Vedischeva was, as it turned out, not so much its Jewish origins, and a concert in the Polish city of Sopot. Just at that moment, Soviet troops entered the Czechoslovak capital, Prague, and the singer is not supported by this aggression. Moreover, at the concert she sang a song of Vladimir Shainsky, who was also in a state of cold war with the government of their own country.

    Tired of the constant humiliation and the inability to work normally, Hades decides to leave home. In 1980 she emigrated to the United States, where he began his career from scratch. That’s where the handy fluency in English. Woman of 40 years sits down at the Desk and studying theatre in College. Later she created her own troupe, takes the stage name the Amazing Aida (Aida Amazing) and manages to conquer a new country. Vedischeva became the first pop singer from Russia, unconditionally conquered America. In the 21st century, its success will repeat Lena Katina and Julia Volkova, the segments of the group «Tatu», but girls still act in a different genre.

    And Aida specialized in Broadway musicals, and she wrote many of them. She also sang Russian and Gypsy songs, Jewish folk songs. In her repertoire was the hits of English and Russian languages. Worth mentioning are the songs of the late period as «the Ballad of Chernobyl», «the Old garden», «I will return, Moscow!», «Life is music», «Christmas», and many others. In addition, she is an author of a musical «Masterpiece and singing Liberty», dedicated to the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001.

    Personal life

    The first time IDA Weiss was married at 20 years. Her husband became a circus artist, acrobat Vyacheslav Vedishchev. The man gave his wife the new name, and she added one letter to the name to try to avoid anti-Semitic sentiments prevailing then in the leadership of Shugochara. In the first marriage of Aida was born her only child, a son Vladimir. But Vyacheslav her life failed, as they were very different people.

    Second husband Boris Dvernik was a pianist and led the ensemble «Meloton» in which the singer performed. Despite the fact that Hades was older than 9 years, they got along very well and went on the other side of the ocean. And the actress still can’t explain even to herself why. Dvernik later committed suicide.

    When Vedischeva was 45, she married again. New lover was a millionaire Jay Markoff, senior more than 15 years. The first years the woman enjoyed the stay, but then he wanted to return to singing career. But her husband was against their Union began to crumble, and they split up. However, the divorce process was very hard and lasted about three years.

    In the early 90-ies of the doctors diagnosed the famous singer cancer third degree. It is already advanced stage, and she did not recommend surgery. But Aida, which was supported by only one friend, Israeli businessman Naim Begim, insisted. She had surgery, had chemotherapy and as a result, the disease was defeated. After experienced the tragic events Vedischeva married someone who was all this time with her – for Naim Begima. The couple is still happy together.


    • 1967 — a song about bears
    • 1967 — Aida Vedischeva
    • 1968 — a Man came up with the song
    • 1968 — stay with me still
    • 1969 — Sings Aida Vedischeva
    • 1969 — Songs from the movie «White Piano»
    • 1970 — Not born beautiful
    • 1974 — Your fault


    Aida Vedischeva

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