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  • Name: Aida Nikolaychuk ( Aida Nikolaychuk )
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Height: 161
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Aida Nikolaychuk: biography

    Aida Yurievna Nikolaychuk was born in an ordinary family of Odessa in March 1982. Her parents had nothing to do with music and art. Is that grandma Aida had a lovely voice and sang well. That she saw in the girl singer and from an early age was accustomed to music and singing. Aida Nikolaychuk herself claims that her grandmother’s voice, and it was to this woman, she owes her musical career.

    Mama Aida’s is a seamstress, father is a computer tech. From Aida Nikolaychuk has a younger sister Alexandra. Sasha’s half – sister, as his parents divorced when her daughter was 10 years old. Mom married a second time.

    As soon as Aida Nikolaychuk went to school, it took the school choir, where he was elected as the soloist. But the music and singing was for girls only hobby.

    In 1998, after finishing 9 classes of secondary school, Aida enrolled in design school. Your future profession she wanted to associate themselves with the world of fashion, but with the singing girl didn’t break up and in high school. While training she met a group of hip-hop. Aida soon becoming a backup singer. Since 2002, Nikolaychuk decides to go its own way and is looking for a teacher who would have taught her singing. But to no avail.

    At the end of the Lyceum girl gets a diploma and a profession of tailor. For several years she changes a few jobs. Last before participation in competition «the X factor» becomes the position of senior cashier in a clothing store.

    Having watched several editions of the popular TV musical show, Aida decides to try his hand.

    Aida Nikolaychuk: «the X factor»

    Popular video with «X-factor», where Aida Nikolaychuk sings the famous song Polina Gagarina called «Ask the clouds», seen by millions of Youtube users. Then disturbed, the jury demanded of the performer to stop the performance and to sing a Capella, deciding that the girl sings to the sound recording with superimposed sound effects. Imagine their shock when the version without music is no different from the initial one. Voice Nikolaychuk – not a product of modern technology and the wonder of nature.

    Participation in the «X-factor» was arduous. Due to a failure of the collective rooms of Hades has left the project even at the second stage. But «the cashier from Odessa» did not stop there, taking part in the «X-factor online». At the same time when the video hit the Youtube, it in a very short time has gained a record number of votes. So Nikolaychuk becoming a winner in online version.

    A resounding success on the Internet and numerous requests of fans made the jury «X factor» to invite Nikolaychuk to participate in the third season of the show. Fans of the singer claim that the manner of performance of Aida is very similar to the performance style of Lara Fabian.

    Immediately after the show, in December 2013, Aida Nikolaychuk has been nominated for a prestigious music award YUNA-2013 in the category «discovery of the year». The national rating «Favorites of Success-2013» in Odessa, the singer recognized as «Singer of the year».

    After the debut performance Nikolaychuk on the casting of «X-factor» I heard a famous American actor Ashton Kutcher on his page in Facebook there was a message:

    «Sometimes what seems too good to be true, is actually very good.»

    In the same eventful and victories 2013 Aida Nikolaychuk has signed a contract with an international record company «Sony Music», but at the end of may of the same year presented his first single «On your planet», which was soon followed by the second — «do Not promise». In may 2013 took place the first solo concert of Aida Nikolaychuk in his native Odessa. In late December, the singer released his first album, «We’re under the same sky».

    At the end of the summer of 2014 Aida Nikolaychuk broke the contract with «Sony Music» and collaborating with a new team. The creative biography of the singer began a new round. This period was marked by new songs in September 2014, the fans of Aida heard the song «Music», and in December, the singer gave them a new hit «Two skies».

    Aida Nikolaychuk: personal life

    Personal life Aida Nikolaychuk hidden from prying eyes. Here, only certain details that tells the girl herself. It is known, for example, that Aida was a marriage that broke up after a few years. Name Aida Nikolaychuk left from my ex-husband. She independently raises her son Maxim, and with her ex-husband maintains friendly relations.

    Since 2013 Aida Nikolaychuk started Dating a famous athlete from Belarus Nikita Podolsky.

    Aida Nikolaychuk: discography

    • We’re under the same sky
    • Don’t promise
    • People-Mirage
    • Give me the night
    • My love your eyes
    • So bored spring
    • Fly
    • Eternity
    • Music
    • Two of the sky

    Aida Nikolaychuk: photo

    Aida Nikolaychuk

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