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  • Name: Agniya Kuznetsova ( Kuznetsova Agni )
  • Date of birth: 15 July 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married to Maxim Petrov

    Agniya Kuznetsova: biography

    Agniya Evgenevna Kuznetsova was born in Novosibirsk on 15 July 1985. Creativity were in her genes, as the mother of the actress — teacher of decorative art at the Institute, father is an artist. Biography Agnes Kuznetsova is closely linked to creative development. Artistic talent was passed on to Agnes of the inheritance, is already up to 8 years, she was regularly holding a brush, writing with oil paints, and gradually learned how to Prime the canvas. However, perseverance isn’t his thing. To 12 years, Agnes began attending the lessons of theatrical skill, set a goal in the future to leave his native city.

    Her dream came true. Immediately after school, along with Agnes’s father went to Moscow to experience all the drama College. Success was not long in coming, in 2006, Kuznetsova graduated from the Higher theatre school named after BV Shchukin. In addition, she was awarded a diploma in artistic expression. Teachers in the College looked to Agnes and then concluded that it is sure to become a popular actress.

  • Movies
  • Filmography of Agnes Kuznetsova, a young but already popular actress rich and diverse. The debut Agnes was still in College, when Kuznetsova played the role of Sasha in the film «the Birds» by Tatiana Firsova. Triumph girls began with her lead role in the film «Gruz 200», Director Alexei Balabanov. Having studied the role, Agnes has agreed to try to play the main character of the film – Angelique.

    The film caused a major stir, as it contained scenes of violence. The main character was pathetic and the sympathy of the audience. Then she starred in another film Balabanov «Morphine». The actress always speaks well about his work with the deceased Director, their friendships forever pictured Agnes Kuznetsova.

    Bold and talented actress interested in a young soon the scandalous film Director Valeria Gai Germanicus. The Director contacted the Agnia on the phone and offered to star in the controversial tape «All will die, and I will remain.» Kuznetsov agreed, and she managed very well to try the image loose of a ninth-grader. These dramas have given a good start in his career.

    One of the most striking films with Agnes Kuznetsova is the role in the TV series «Made in USSR», where the actress played Lisa Vetrov. The viewer has the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the 70-ies.According to the stars, they managed to convey the spirit of the Soviet time. The artist notes that it was very difficult to play first kiss in the Soviet style. He had to look timid and romantic, and something Agnes more than the heroine Lisa.

    Also noteworthy is her work in melodramas. She played in the films «Oh, mommy» Vyacheslav Krishtofovicha (Jeanne), «Para Gnedyh» Sergey Krutin (Irina), «Arithmetic mean» Alexei Lisovets (Varya), «I will never give up» Vladimir Yanosuke (Rita). Recent work highlighted the military drama «the dawns here are quiet…» Renata Davletyarova, «Circular motion» and «Script».

  • Personal life
  • To enroll in drama school personal life Agnes Kuznetsova has changed dramatically. A fateful acquaintance with a classmate Leonid Bichevin was delayed for several years. Agnes is rather long shunned the advances of Bichevina, although he did not depart and decisively proved the seriousness of his intentions. Leonid made a girl and after some time, the couple began to live together. After a few years of life Bichevin decided to break their relationship. The girl was very worried about this, but time will put everything in its place.

    Soon personal life Agnes Kuznetsova improved, she has twirled the novel with the operator Fyodor Lescom, whom he met during the filming of the television series «the Tower». The actress is deeply convinced that the state of love is very good for creative development. The feeling of love, in her opinion, helps to fully open on the scene in the frame. Fedor Bookmark is 6 years older than Kuznetsova and has extensive experience in the cinema. Native actress would like to believe that this time her personal life would be different and this relationship will lead to family creation. But this did not happen, the pair are soon parted.

    16 September 2015 Agniya Kuznetsova was married to dancer Maksim Petrov, with whom he was introduced by her close friend Valeria Gai Germanika. According to some media reports, the couple is waiting for replenishment in the family in the spring of 2016.


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    Agniya Kuznetsova

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