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  • Name: Agniya Ditkovskite ( Agne Ditkovskite )
  • Date of birth: 11 may 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married Alexei Chadov

    Agnia Ditkovskite: biography

    Biography Agnes Ditkovskite originates in the capital of the Lithuanian SSR – Vilnius. Her father Ditkovska Olegas was known in the vast of the country Director, actor and musician. Mother Tatiana lutaeva B. whole life was devoted to the cinema, left behind an impressive list of filmography. Agnes is not the only child in the family, she has a younger brother Dominic.

    Childhood and youth of the actress were held in Lithuania, and in 2004, when she was 15 years old, they together with brother and mother moved to live to Moscow. Here she received a high school diploma and decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. In 2006 she became a student of VGIK, successfully enrolling at the same time on the acting Department. Serious training Ditkovskite has not worked because six months later she decided to leave the Institute.

    Films and success

    The actress still does not have an acting education, but this does not prevent her to successfully meet their goals, and acting in cult films and television series. In 2006, Agnes Ditkas

  • Keith first showed their acting skills in the movie «Heat». She got the main role in the trial, which after happy. The actress played Cindy,this debut was more than successful. Then rolled out three more movie where Agnia Ditkovskite successfully embodied their characters. Detective «Death by will», directed by Sergei Bystritsky, allowed the girl to work with real gurus of the business and to do the lead female role of Gerda Michelinie. The TV series «Ivan Podushkin: Gentleman detective-1» loved by many viewers of the post-Soviet space, the girl played Galya. The third film 2006 became the film «Signs of love», where a person Agnii Ditkovskite embodied all the qualities and traits of Lucrezia.

    After that she had a two-year stagnation, she never filmed, as well as refused any kind of suggestions. Movies with Agnia Ditkovskite again appeared on the screens only in mid-2008, she starred in the emotional drama «Autumn waltz» and played the main female roles – Mary Petrosino. After the TV series acting career girls quickly went up, she was involved in such famous films as «angel Wings», «Operator», «the Iceman».

    Your talent the actress showed not only Russian films, but also in the Ukrainian film called «Rejection», which is considered the most successful of her career to date. In 2011, Agnia Ditkovskite took part in the legendary film adaptation of the novel Pushkin’s «Boris Godunov» in the role of Marina Mnishek.

    From recent works we can note the post-apocalyptic Thriller «Dance to death», which also play a lukeria Ilyashenko, Ivan Zhvakin, Denis Shvedov and others.


    Noticed agniyu Ditkovskite not only Directors of films and TV series, but producers and singers. The girl has twice starred in music videos of popular artists. Debut video for the song «Here and there», which the performer is a Russian singer Alexei Chumakov.

    After a while Agnes has a video for the song «Airplanes» Roma Kenga, not only the «light face», but also sang in a duet with the contractor.

    During his career, Agnia Ditkovskite managed to obtain two prestigious awards: Music award MTV Russia (2008) and Premiya MUZ-TV (2010).

    Personal life

    Agnia Ditkovskite and Alexey Chadov met on the set of the movie «Heat», then the girl did not know that met not only successful peers, but also her future husband. Then she’s barely 17 years old, he was already a grown 24 year old guy.

    For the rapid development of the novel was watched by all country, happy with the paparazzi barely had time to publish in journals naughty pictures of lovers. Their relationship developed quickly, and soon Chadov and Ditkovskite began to live in a civil marriage. Illegitimate relationship lasted three years. Happiness was short-lived, because in 2009 they divorced, and was the initiator of Agnia Ditkovskite. No comments for this reason did not want to give. One possible reason for the journalists called jealousy partners in work and friends.

    A new novel was characterized by for the actress in 2010, when she was spotted with Roma Kenga, who especially wrote the song «Airplanes.» Their relationship was short-lived and the gap can not be called painful. Then it became known that the girl returned to a former lover.

    24 Aug 2012 Chadov and Ditkovskite got married, and did so secretly, a holiday celebrated in a country an elite restaurant in the suburbs. To the wedding the couple invited only family and close friends, there were about fifty people. The actors were constantly busy filming, so to go on a honeymoon just does not work, only a year after the wedding, they went to the shore of the Indian ocean.

    In 2014, Agnes and Alexei Chadov became parents, my son they named Theodore.


    • «Signs of love»
    • «Death by will»
    • «The climber»
    • «Two love stories»
    • «Angel wings»
    • «Rejection»
    • «The game» part 2
    • «Happy New year, moms!»
    • «A matter of honor»
    • «Sex, coffee, cigarettes»
    • «Heat»


    Agnia Ditkovskite

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