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  • Name: Will Gradite Agne ( Agne Grudyte )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Siauliai, Lithuania
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: Lithuanian actress
  • Marital status: married

    Agne will Gradite : biography

    Blonde beauty Agne will Graditi was born in the Lithuanian Siauliai in July 1986. Your artistry and vocal Agne showed at an early age. As a child she took part in the oldest children’s singing competition in Lithuania, called «Song of songs». Probably, then Agne will Gradite felt neither the incomparable taste of fame and popularity. She liked to be the center of attention. She began to dream about the stage and acting career.

    After school, Agne went to do in Siauliai University. She chose the faculty of pop art. The girl did the first time, as she had all the necessary knowledge, beautiful vocal and bright appearance.

    Agne will Gradite, in addition to his native Lithuanian, fluent Russian and English. She dances beautifully and sings, plays the piano. From an early age, the girl a lot of time invested sports activities. Agne riding her bike and skiing. And she loves horse riding.


    Biography Agne will Gradite began immediately after graduation. Career talented Lithuanian beauties are rapidly moving up. Aspiring actress appeared on the screens of Lithuania in 2010 in the series «Summer in Nisei». The male part of the population instantly proclaimed him the new sex symbol. This «title» Agne received with a reserved smile, saying that although surprised, but pleasantly surprised. And thanked the male part of the population for such a compliment.

    As for the series, it received high ratings and its creators took season 4 of the tape.

    After a brilliant debut in the melodrama Agne will Gradite immediately fell asleep. It was not only the offer to play in artistic pictures, but also be leading some projects. Agne gladly agreed, and soon began to lead the program «family songs». Then I worked as a leading in the popular Lithuanian TV show «Golden follicle», «Dance with me» and «Battle of choirs».

    While working on the TV show rapidly evolved cinematic biography Agne will Gradite. The actress actively acted in television series. In 2012 started filming tape «the Wine road». The following year, Agne was invited for the lead role in a melodramatic TV series «Valentine’s Day», where she starred in quite explicit scenes, once again confirming the title of a sex symbol.

    Popular in Russia and Ukraine Agne will Gradite acquired after the participation in Ukrainian crime series «the Sniffer» by Artem Litvinenko, the shooting of which started in 2013. She brilliantly played CSI Irina Nordin. Fragile and delicate Agne showed a lot of courage. Because in the story she had to deal with blood and corpses, though not real. And the young actress learned a lot of very specific terms which it operates masterfully in the film. In the image the magic of the forensic expert will Gradite starred in two seasons of «Sniffer».

    It is noteworthy that the invitation to sample this crime series Agne received through Facebook. At first she even thought that she was joking.

    Even more popularity and recognition in Russia, Lithuanian actress, vaguely reminiscent of his famous compatriot Ingeborga Dapkunaite, is likely to receive after release of the film-catastrophe «Crew» by Nikolai Lebedev, a friend of the famous film «the Legend №17».

    The shooting of the remake began in September 2014. The last shots were taken in early winter of 2015. Agne will Gradite got one of the main roles – co-pilot Alexandra. This is a film about how in the moment of danger people behave, members of the crew, which consists of strong personalities. They will become a cohesive team in the face of impending disaster is intriguing.

    In this movie, which premieres scheduled for the second half of April 2016, along with Agne will Gradite in the main roles were played by Danila Kozlovsky and Vladimir Mashkov, Katherine Spitz, Elena Yakovleva and other stars of Russian cinema. Judging by the constellation of actors assembled, the tape promises to be the hit of the year. As for Agne will Gradite, it could well be also favorite actress of a domestic cinema, like its compatriot Dapkunaite.

    It is noteworthy that before starting shooting the movie crash, Agne will Gradite together with Russian actors have been trained in flight school. For greater reliability of future «pilots» for a long time learned to fly a plane at the controls of the simulator.

    Personal life

    While information about Lithuanian actress very little. It is known that personal life Agne will Gradite it is arranged. Blonde beauty is married to his compatriot, whose name is Andrius. From them grows a wonderful daughter Eva who was born in 2010. The family lives in Vilnius.


    • «Summer in Nisei»
    • «The sniffer»
    • «Valentine’s day»
    • «The wine road»
    • «Inspector Majilis»
    • «The crew»


    Agne Will Gradite

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