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  • Name: Aglaya Shilovskaya ( Aglaya Shilovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 2 January 1993
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Aglaya Shilovskaya: biography

    Aglaya Shilovskaya – a popular Russian actress of theater and cinema, known for films and TV shows «…In the style of JAZZ», «My crazy family», «the miracle worker». The young promising actress is a spokeswoman for the cinematic dynasty Shilovsky. Also the actress known to viewers of the show «the Voice 3» and «exactly Exactly».

    Aglaya Shilovskaya
    Aglaya Shilovskaya | FILMS

    Aglaya Shilovskaya was born 2 January 1993 in Moscow, in one of the oldest areas of the capital on Prechistenka. The girl’s parents are well-known in the acting environment Svetlana and Ilya Shilovsky, the grandfather of Aglaia, Vsevolod Shilovsky is also famous for his acting and directing work in the domestic film industry. In early childhood the creative genes of the future stars of the Russian cinema has begun to rapidly emerge. A girl of three years became a student of children’s music troupe of Boris Pokrovsky, and just a year after the start of classes was performed at the Bolshoi theatre in a production of «the Beautiful müllerin».

    In 1998, Aglaia passed the selection process and became a student of the prestigious music and drama school «Class Center». There she gained her first professional acting skills, academic and jazz vocals, and mastered the piano and flute. The girl was very eager to finish the training and to engage in serious acting career. Shilovsky graduated the musical school at the age of 15 without any problems enrolled in the Shchukin school.

    Movies and theatre

    Biography Shilovsky started after the end of the first course «Pike». The actress debuted in the famous picture of Stanislav Govorukhin «In the style of JAZZ», is performing the main role. Triumphant debut in the harsh world of the film industry brought a great success among the audience and in the circle of serious creators of Russian cinema. In his first role, the actress received the prestigious prize of Natalia gundarevoj in the festival «Moscow premiere», which she was awarded «best actress».

    Aglaya Shilovskaya in the series
    Aglaya Shilovskaya in the series «Courage» | the BANK SERIES

    Brilliant debut by the young stars made it popular. In 2011 Shilovskaya became the main heroine of the popular TV series «My crazy family» and «Medicine for grandmother.» The following year, star of the national cinema, invited to perform a Central role in the Comedy «Nanny». In 2013, the success has brought is played the main role in the movie «Apofigey», which after the release of the film won the Grand Prix at the international Yalta film forum. In 2014, Aglaia perfectly reincarnated in the image of the journalist Vicky in the acclaimed series «Courage», in which writers and Directors have recreated the history of relations between Alla Pugacheva and Alexander Stefanovich.

    Along with acting job in the movie Aglaya Shilovskaya actively working at the theater. She played a major role in the famous musical «Monte Cristo», a statement which turned out to be the most visited in Moscow. Also among the latest theatrical works Shilovsky is possible to allocate the production of the musical «Graf Orlov» in which the actress played the Princess Tarakanova.

    During active filming of television series «the Nanny» actress has made quite unexpected for themselves and their families act – Aglaya Shilovskaya starred in an erotic photo shoot of Maxim magazine. Until that moment, she completely avoided the naked erotic scenes in film and theater, which she lost understudy.

    Aglaya Shilovskaya, photo shoot
    Aglaya Shilovskaya photoshoot | FAMore

    Photo shoot for «Maxim» Shilovsky described as very hard work, which is very far from erotic moments. She noted that the modeling job has brought tangible physical discomfort. Erotic photos of Aglaia Shilovskaya appreciated her fans, noting that their idol is not only a beautiful face but also a fantastically beautiful shaped figure. The actress admits that in her youth she was very curvy, but before entering the Shchukin school Aglaya sat on a strict diet and doing fitness, which enabled her to lose 15 kg.

    «The voice» and «exactly»

    In the multi-faceted artist also developed vocal talent. In the fall of 2014 Aglaya Shilovskaya participated in season 3 of the show «the Voice», but failed in the blind auditions. None of the members of the jury did not turn to singing the song «House of the rising sun», considering her singing is fake. One of the judges advised participants in «Voices» involved acting, not recognizing Shilovsky fairly well-known actress.

    In 2015 Shilovsky participated in the transformation show «Toch-V-Toch» on the First channel. The actress did a fantastic job on the project in the images of Anne Veski, Jennifer Lopez, Larissa Golubkina and other Members of the jury repeatedly stressed that the singing ability of the artist.

    Personal life

    It is known that in 2011 the actress had a whirlwind romance with popular actor Ivan by Stepanovym, is the former husband of Marina Alexandrova. Familiarity of the actors happened on the set, where colleagues played a loving couple in the film «We are one family». Aglaya Shilovskaya and Ivan stebunov fully into the image of their characters both on stage and in life.

    Aglaya Shilovskaya and Ivan stebunov
    Aglaya Shilovskaya and Ivan stebunov | News Dale

    A month after meeting in the circle of actors there were rumors that young people are planning to get married. But the wedding Shilovsky and Stebunova did not take place. The former lovers are left in secret the format of their relations and the reason for the breakup, which became the topic of discussion among journalists and fans.

    Then a little privacy Aglaia Shilovskaya her grandfather, who said that a wedding between his «star» granddaughter and Stepanovym may not be considered. Vsevolod Shilovsky said that the pair have long parted and the girl already has a new suitor, whose name was kept secret.

    Aglaya Shilovskaya and Feodor Vorontsov
    Aglaya Shilovskaya and Feodor Vorontsov | Teleprogramma

    According to some, now the actress is Dating a colleague from the theater. Vakhtangov, whose name is Feodor Vorontsov. Aglaya never misses an opportunity to emphasize that the values in your young person’s mind, courage, character.


    • 2010 — «… in the style of JAZZ»
    • 2011 — My family is crazy
    • 2012 — Nanny
    • 2013 — Apoteka
    • 2014 — Courage
    • 2014 — the miracle worker
    • 2016 — Ke-Dy


    Aglaya Shilovskaya

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