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  • Name: Aglaya Tarasova ( Tarasova Daria )
  • Date of birth: 18 April 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Aglaia Tarasova: biography

    Aglaia V. Tarasova was born in St. Petersburg on 18 April 1994 in the family of a famous Russian actress Ksenia Rappoport and businessman Viktor Tarasov. Real name girls – Daria, however, in stage circles, the actress decided to establish herself as Aglaia.

    In childhood Aglaya was developed by the child – the girl was fond of dancing, tennis, worked in a music school and studied foreign languages. Then began the difficult teenage period. As noted by the actress in one interview, she never was an easy teenager of 14 years Aglaia’s desire for independence and autonomy jeopardized the relationship with his mother. Happiness

  • all these difficulties now in the past, but now the actress says Ksenia Rappoport not only a mother but a sister and friend. From an early age Aglaya often visited on the set, where her mother led. She managed to visit on shootings of films «the White guard», «the Man who loves», «the Double hour» and others. In 2008, Aglaia Tarasova visited for the first time at the Venice film festival, the leading of which was Ksenia Rappoport. There the girl was able to see the world famous stars of movies, for example, brad pitt and George Clooney.

    Despite their familiarity with the world of cinema, Tarasova was not going to become an actress. After graduation, the girl arrived at St. Petersburg University to be a scientist. However, the biography of Aglaia Tarasova turned out differently in 2012 through a month of classes, she was invited to the first shooting. The role was a cameo, so the filming process for girls ended quickly, and again she returned to his hometown to continue studying. Suddenly, just a week after the first successful acting experience, the young actress asked to star in a movie and she said Yes.

    At first, Aglaia Tarasova tried to combine work in a movie and study, but soon it became difficult (for shooting have to travel to Tallinn), and she threw the Institute.

    The following year, Aglaya entered the Pedagogical University named after Herzen, faculty of foreign languages

  • but
  • history with invitations to shooting again. Then the girl made a final choice in favor of the acting profession.

    Aglaia Tarasova movies

    The first role Aglaia Tarasova got in the TV series «After school», which was released in 2012. Despite the fact that the role was a cameo, the filming went successfully, and soon the young actress was invited Presnyakovym brothers (writers and Directors of «After school») as the singer of one of the main characters of the series. So Aglaia Tarasova has played cocky, but a wounded girl named Frida. The next work in cinema was the main role in the popular Russian TV series «

  • Interns» — casting for this project Aglaia took place in 2013. According to the story, Sofia is again received in subjection to the despot Bykov Intern. The girl is the niece of the head of the venereal disease branch of Ivan Natanovich kupitman to, because he was enlisted to pull. This fact does not rest colleagues of Sofia, from which she often gets. Despite this, Sophia Kalinina is a qualified doctor. Girl, dependent on the life of rich parents, is making every possible effort to prove their worth.

    As recognized by the actress, with this show it happened in the life of an interesting story. In a time when Aglaya still did not think to go to the actress, once with friends on the TV she saw the TV series «Interns», who immediately liked the girl. Then she’s like looking into the future, uttered the phrase «this is the only series in which I would like to do if I were an actress.»

    In 2014 she appeared on the screen in the eight-serial war drama Bahtiyor hudoynazarova «hetaeras major Sokolov» — in the film Tarasova played a major role. Another work of the actress became involved in the project «the Investigator Tikhonov» in 2015.

    Aglaia Tarasova: personal life

    The series «Interns» not only gave Aglaia Tarasova popularity, but also helped to find love. During filming, the actress had a love affair with colleague by Ilya Glinnikov – executing the role of Lovelace Gleb Romanenko. As usual, it all started with the warm friendly relations, which later escalated into something more. The lovers began to appear in public together, although initially agreed not to advertise their relationship, for fear of envy and the evil eye.

    A year Aglaia Tarasova and Ilya Glinnikov hide their love. Tired of hiding, they appeared together at the premiere of the Comedy film «In sport only girls», in which one of the roles played by the actor. In the event the lovers were hugging and kissing, do not hesitate cameras.

    In September 2014, the press published the news that onscreen couple interns got divorced. Young people have ceased to appear together in public places, at work actors came separately from each other, and the set behaved like strangers. The reasons of rupture of relations the actors chose to remain silent. It was not until the spring of 2015 – young people have decided to resume their relationship after a joint visit to Georgia.

    Ilya older Aglaia almost 10 years, but it does not interfere with the happiness of the couple. Now there are rumors that maybe soon the lovers get married.

    Aglaia Tarasova: photo

    Aglaia Tarasova

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