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  • Name: Agata Muceniece ( agata Mutsenietse )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Married Paul Priluchny

    Agata muceniece: biography

    Today the name of this Russian actress of Latvian origin is familiar to many domestic viewers. Agata muceniece became famous after the release of the mystical detective tape «Closed school». But few people know that this charming girl could go completely the other way and become a successful model or translator of the Chinese language.

    Born little shooting star of Russian cinema in Riga on 1 March 1989. It seems that fate is already in the beginning made her trials that tempered the character of Agatha muceniece and taught to work hard to overcome obstacles.

    Agata muceniece in childhood
    Agata muceniece in childhood | See All

    Agata muceniece miraculously survived: when she was born the doctors made a mistake, and the girl barely managed to save. From the first days of life the child was having stomach problems, so access to kindergarten, she could not. Mom chef had to make considerable efforts for their daughter developed. The family had grown another girl 2 years older than Santa.

    Agata muceniece sister Santa
    Agata muceniece sister Santa | See All

    Dad died when Agatha was 3 years. He worked as a bartender in one of the Riga restaurants. The mother had to raise young daughters. For the family fell on hard times. In one of his interviews Agata muceniece bitterly shared, what to wear to school with my sister was absolutely nothing. More affluent peers laughed with modest clothing girls, calling them «bums.»

    Agata Muceniece
    Agata Muceniece | Avmode

    But Agata muceniece never tortured the tired mother asking for expensive dresses. Moreover, she tried to cheer up his little family funny scenes and concert «rooms.» Agate beautifully recited poems, sang and danced. Mom, noticing the acting skills of the baby, took her to a children’s theatre Studio called «Box». From that moment the young artist regularly took part in various school concerts and competitions of readers, where they took first place.

    When Agata muceniece grew up, everyone noticed how beautiful the girl. She had model looks, suitable for work on the runway of growth. The aspiring actress decided to follow a classmate to try his luck in the modeling business. She sent an application and a portfolio in one of the Riga Agency of fashion and had no trouble getting an invitation. Muceniece advertised the shoes of the famous Italian firm.

    Agata Muceniece
    Agata Muceniece | See All

    At the same time with a high school diploma Agata muceniece received a lucrative contract model was invited to work in Milan. The girl has visited many countries. Lived for some time in Germany. It sheltered a family of immigrants from China. This fact strangely coincides with the muceniece interest in the culture of this amazing country. According to Agatha, informed interest in China and she instilled the godfather. Girl well learned complex language and after returning home he entered the University. Chose the faculty of Philology, where he continued to study the language and culture of China.

    But the main dream Agatha muceniece suddenly reminded of itself: the scene is Manila girl. So after the first year she left the University and went to Moscow to enroll in VGIK. Many people do not understand Agatha, but she decided not to go with the preferred route. On the train the girl taught the fable and rehearsed a piece of prose. Worried incredibly.

    Agata Muceniece
    Agata Muceniece | LIVEstory

    She did the first time. Muceniece enrolled in a course of Alexander Mikhailov. In the Studio of this talented artist and teacher girl learned the basics of skill and first came on the scene.


    A cinematic biography of Agatha muceniece began in 2007, when she was a student of the first courses. The debut for the actress became a cameo role in the television series «Sled».

    Three years later, Agata muceniece starred as schoolgirl named Svetlana, who was the daughter of the protagonist of serial TV «Stroybat».

    And yet, in addition to films and television series, the girl often appeared in the commercials of companies «MegaFon», «Beeline», «Euroset», Nescafe, Jardin and Savage.

    The first popular hit for the actress, who makes his first steps in cinema, along with the role of Dashi Starkova in the famous TV mystical project «school Closed». On the idea of the producers role was to perform Marina Petrenko, but the actress refused to participate in the filming of «public school» because the work schedule was very tight. Agata muceniece gladly accepted the offer and did not regret it.

    Agata muceniece in the series
    Agata muceniece in the TV series «Closed school» | See All

    It is known that for the role, the aspiring actress was forced to change hair color. But is this price for such a striking and star-studded role? So brunette muceniece temporarily turned into a delicate blonde. But later, Agatha went back to the usual style.

    In 2011 Agata muceniece participated in the filming of the 6-minute episode of «My crazy family». In the same year she was offered a secondary role in the film «the novel with cocaine», from which she also refused.

    In the spring of 2014 Riga asterisk starred in the title role of the project «Secret city». The film was released in the spring of that year on the channel REN TV. The series is based on the eponymous series of works of the writer Vadim Panov. Here Agata muceniece starred with Paul Priluchny, who at that time was already her husband.

    Agata Muceniece
    Agata muceniece | Around TV

    Some admirers Panova was somewhat embarrassed by the fact that the heroine muceniece in the «Secret city» ore, as would be expected in accordance with the novel. But Agatha had managed to so precisely «to get in the way» that the issue of her hair color quickly disappeared.

    Agatha muceniece career after the release of «the Closed school» and «the Secret city» is developing rapidly. In 2015 the event will offered to play a major role in the adventure Thriller «Quest». The film was released on STS. The spectators saw in this project the favorite of many young actors. In addition muceniece played here by Paul Priluchny, Marina Petrenko, Ilya Iosifov, Mikhail Evlanov, and many others.

    Agata muceniece in the series
    Agata muceniece in the series «Quest» | L!FE

    Agatha muceniece to work in the movie «the Quest» offered to make a short cut and change the color of the hair. But because of work in another project she could not do. The producers of the show went on assignment, as they were interested in the fact that the talented actress remained in the project. Later she admitted that are ready for any changes in appearance for the sake of work. Entice her examples of Hollywood stars who for roles in films rapidly lose weight or get fat, because that requires work.

    In the spring of 2016 Agatha muceniece has pleased its fans with a new film – series «I know your secrets». She played a key role – Nina Luchnikova, verifier lies.

    Agatha Muceniece
    Agatha Muceniece | Avmode

    In 2016-m released a sequel to viewers of the third season of the project «Secret city» directed by Artem Masunov, which again saw Agatha muceniece.

    This year has been generous to Actresses for the main roles. Latvia has received an offer to play the heroine youth series Dina shturmovoi the «Civil marriage». In 2017 the film will be released. Agata muceniece appears here in tandem with Denis Cokoja, which viewers know the movie «Real boys.»

    Personal life

    The film «Closed school» not only became the first successful project of Agatha muceniece – he’s brought big changes in her personal life. During the filming of this rating the television series Agatha met Paul Priluchnogo. Soon broke out between them mutual feelings. Paul was able to take favorite are actually from the altar.

    Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny
    Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny | RU.TV

    The fact that in his student years muceniece started Dating a classmate and dancer from the team of Dima Bilan – Artem Alexeev. But on the set of «public school» between Agatha and Paul Priluchny «click», which broke out in a passionate affair. The girl said goodbye to Artem.

    Two years, the lovers lived together. And in the summer of 2011, they secretly formalized their relationship in one of capital registry offices, trying not to attract too much attention from the press. Agatha changed her name muceniece Priluchny on, but maiden name still appears in the movies: the actress kept it as a stage name.

    In October 2012 page husband on Facebook his fans saw a photo of his pregnant wife.

    Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny
    Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny | Facebook

    And at the beginning of 2013, the happy couple first child was born, whom they named Timothy. Since then the couple rarely appear at various events, attending only those that I consider important for a career. They prefer to spend more time with family.

    In the spring of 2016, it became known that the family of Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo happy event happened: the girl was born. The happy parents gave her a beautiful name MIA. In the summer the couple celebrated their «wooden» wedding.

    Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny with children
    Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny with children | OK!

    In November 2016 Paul Priluchny visited on the show «Evening Urgant», where he asked forgiveness from his wife for the fact that because of the tight work schedule not able to attend the birth of his daughter. He returned to Moscow only when it was possible to take his wife and child from the hospital.

    From time to time supporters and yellow edition «throw» this beautiful couple. News about the «divorce» occur starting in 2015. The last time the information about the separation of the spouses appeared in the autumn of 2016, but the rumors were dispelled in March of the same year, when the birth of daughter MIA. To ensure the strength of this family, you can look at the page of Paul in Instagram, where photos often appear a happy family and children.

    It should be noted that Agatha muceniece and she gives food to talk about the breakup. In interviews she admits that she and her husband have fiery tempers. Spouses can’t stop arguing, and have not learned to yield to each other. To accept them is not easy. And Paul Priluchny says that ten were going to leave after a quarrel with his wife, but each time the love won and reconciled a few.


    • 2007 – «Trail»
    • 2011 – «school Closed»
    • 2012 – «novel with cocaine»
    • 2012 – «My family is crazy!»
    • 2012 – «Gamers»
    • 2013 – «the Three Musketeers»
    • 2014 – «Secret city-2»
    • 2014 – «Beautiful life»
    • 2015 – «the Quest»
    • 2016 – «the Secret city-3»
    • 2016 – «I know your secrets»


    Agata muceniece in childhood

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