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  • Name: Adriano Celentano ( Adriano Celentano )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1938
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: Milan
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: singer, musician, actor
  • Marital status: married to Claudia Mori

    Adriano: biography

    Adriano Celentano was born in Milan on 6 January 1938, the day of Befana, a holiday of jokes and pranks. The family was large and poor. Adriano was the 5th child under the account. He spent his childhood in his hometown on the street Glitch, which then mentions the well-known song. The family’s financial situation made the future artist to leave school in 12 years and get an assistant watchmaker.

    Young, witty Adriano often, fooling around, parodied the famous comedian Jerry Lewis. It’s so good he managed that sister sent a photo of him in character in the look-alike contest. He won, receiving a prize of 100,000 pounds.

    In 1955, Adriano heard «Rock Around the Clock» by bill Haley and irrevocably in love with rock-n-roll. In addition, this music adored his mother, always including her in the morning. Celentano that wakes to the sound of rock-n-roll, became a member of the rock band «Rock Boys». It also consisted of Giorgio Gaber and Luigi Tenko. The artist writes and performs his own songs, working on repertoire and with his friend Miki Del Prete, who would become his producer.


    Together with «Boys Rock» in 1957 Celentano receives a «musical baptism» in the ice Palace of Milan, at the festival rock ‘ n ‘ roll, the first in Italy. Songs represented mostly covers in English, but their group has a chance to perform their own creation in Italian. In the end, the song «I’ll tell you, «Ciao» took first place.

    In 1958, Adriano Celentano was already alone in going for victory at the festival in Ancona. He conquered the jury with the song «Il tuo bacio è come un rock», the name of which means «kiss like rock». The company Jolly concludes with a young artist contract. Since the beginning of his solo career, in the same year, interrupted by the departure of the army.

    In 1961, Adriano Celentano first appeared at the festival in San Remo. Military service can not keep him from participating. You have to obtain a special permit from the Minister of defence. This was an exceptional case, after all, before such permission could be obtained only by athletes who travel to competitions. The song «Ventiquattromila baci» becomes a hit song of the decade. With her Celentano wins the second place. The first prize were not given to him just because the judges seemed rude the way he rotated to the viewer.

    In the same year, the artist breaks the contract with Jolly and creates his own record label, gathering his own group of friends and associates. They call themselves «Clan Celentano».

    In 1962 he wins the competition», Katagira» with the song «Stai lontana da me» (You’re far from me), toured Italy and France.

    In 1966, he reminisces about his home street, performing the song «Il ragazzo della via Gluck» (the guy from the street Gluck) at the festival of Sanremo. This time he gets a prize, but later the song became a real hit. «Il ragazzo della via Gluck» is socio-political in nature. Further Celentano will return to this line. Two years later, the song «Canzone «San Remo» brings him third place. Third appearance at the famous festival concludes with a long-awaited victory in 1970. He sings a duet with his wife.

    Since 1965, under the label of «clan Celentano» albums out almost every year. During this time, Adriano has been collaborating with composer Paolo Conte. «Azzurro» became the unofficial anthem for the championship football in 2006.

    Creativity Celentano largely due to his credo, a conviction that the duty of the artist at the highest level — to confront injustice. Therefore, his repertoire of songs not only about love.

    The album «I mali del secolo» in 1972, includes only songs composed by Celentano. Texts devoted to the problems of the modern world. Particularly worried about environmental pollution. «Svalutation» 1976, is also filled with ironic songs and topical in highlighting the problems of ecology and social crises. The album became popular throughout Europe.

    In 1979 Celentano has partnered with Toto Cutugno. The album «Soli» lasted 58 weeks at the top of the charts.

    In 1987, despite his fear of flying, Adriano Celentano comes to the USSR. There is a record on the Central television with a Grand concert in «Olympic».

    Since the 90-ies Celentano is only into music, abandoning the filming of the movies. He continues to experiment and attracting talented authors.

    CD «Esco di rado e parlo ancora meno» in 2001, goes platinum. Heartfelt «Confessa» became one of the most famous songs in the 2000’s, and its popularity had a bombshell. Share the glory belongs to the composer Gianni Bella.

    Today Adriano Celentano earlier on the stage, he releases albums, tours the world. Politicians are afraid of his wit and influence. So in 2012, Italian authorities frowned on the prospect of the artist as a guest at the festival in San Remo. And still he was there. The performance lasted about an hour. Celentano did not hesitate then and now to talk about the European crisis, the problems of the Catholic Church and social injustice.

    In 2012, after a long hiatus, he released an album under the name «Facciamo Finta Che Sia Vero» («Let’s pretend it’s true»). In that year, Italy was plunged into a crisis, and Adriano for the first time in a long time decided to give a concert. It can be put in an example to many. He spoke in the amphitheater for 6,000 people. Tickets were sold at 1 Euro. This is unheard of price. So the actor has supported the Italians in a difficult time, worrying not about benefit, but about raising people’s spirit. Celentano wanted to see him in concert was attended by whole families.

    In February 2013 the singer appeared composition «Ti fai del male», timed to the election. In the same year he published a collection of the best songs on four discs.


    On account Celentano 41 film. He began acting in 1959, played himself in episodes. So in «the Sweet life» Fellini, he plays a rock singer.

    His successful career begins with the film Pietro Germi’s «Serafino». This is his first big role. He plays simple village guy, maybe too simple, but with a good heart. This way, he managed. During the filming of the actor is actively interested in all the nuances of filmmaking. Germi, seeing his interest, even suggested that soon he will become a Director.

    By the way, Adriano really made a few films: «Yippie-Doo», «Joan Lui». The latter flopped at the box office and not very well received by critics.

    Most popular actor brought the films with Ornella Muti,authentic Italian beauty. «The taming of the shrew» , followed «Crazy in love» grossed billions.

    Also noteworthy is the film «Bluff», «Bingo-Bongo», where Celentano appears as the APE-man to draw our attention to environmental issues, White, red, and…», where he plays paired with Sophia Loren.

    Today, Celentano studied music and appeared on television with the author’s programs. So show Rockpolitik has caused a wide public resonance. To the accompaniment of electric guitar Celentano has invited famous guests, talked with them, sometimes in a satirical discussion of political news. After the 4th edition of the show was closed, although the ratings were high.

    Personal life

    Adriano Celentano — monogamous. He is still married to actress Claudia Mori. They met on the set of the film «strange type». First, and he seemed Celentano beautiful nineteen-year-old girl is quite strange: came to the set in a dirty shirt, flip-flops on her bare feet and guitar.

    But later, charming actor won the heart of Claudia. No one thought that their relationship will be serious. The Sea itself at the time of the meeting with Celentano was the bride of the famous football player. Celentano speaks of his wife as the perfect woman, charming and unique. He just realized that he will never meet anyone better.

    Adriano confessed his love to her from the stage and dedicated a song. The couple were married at three o’clock in the old Church. On the eve of the wedding the lovers quarrel broke out because of the failure of the tie of the groom, but the wedding still held.

    And so they have already celebrated Golden wedding anniversary. In marriage they had three children: girls, Rosetta back, Rosalind and son Giacomo.

    Once, back in the early years, the couple performed a duet of the song «We are the most beautiful couple in the world.» The secret of their family happiness in the fact that today they sing the lyrics to each other.


    • «Non mi dir»
    • «Il ragazzo della via Gluck»
    • «Azzurro/Una carezza in un pugno»
    • «I mali del secolo»
    • «Soli»
    • «Un po’ artista un po’ no»
    • «Atmosfera»
    • «Quel punto»
    • «Per sempre»
    • «Facciamo finta che sia vero»


    • «Serafino»
    • «White, red…»
    • «Yippie-Doo»
    • «Bluff»
    • «Velvet hands»
    • The taming of the shrew
    • «Lovestruck»
    • «Bingo-Bongo»
    • «Grumpy»


    Adriano Celentano

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