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  • Name: Adolf Hitler ( Adolf Hitler )
  • Date of birth: 20 April 1889
  • Age: 56 years
  • Date of death: 30 APR 1945
  • Place of birth: city of Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Founder of the dictatorship of the Third Reich, the Fuhrer, Nazi party, Reich Chancellor and the head of Germany
  • Marital status: was married to Eva Braun

    Adolf Hitler: biography

    Adolf Hitler – famous political leader of Germany, whose activities are connected with terrible crimes against humanity, including the Holocaust. The founder of the Nazi party and the dictatorship of the Third Reich, the immorality of philosophy and political views which today are widely discussed in society. After 1934, Hitler managed to become the head of the German fascist state, he launched a large-scale operation on capture of Europe, was the initiator of the Second world war, which made Soviet citizens «a monster and a sadist», and for many Germans – a brilliant leader, changed people’s lives for the better.

    Born Adolf Hitler 20 April 1889 in the Austrian town of Braunau-am-Inn, located near the border with Germany. His parents, Alois and Clara Hitler, were farmers, but my father managed to get out into the world and become a government official-a customs officer, which allowed the family to live in decent conditions. «Nazi No. 1» was the third child in the family and beloved by his mother, which is very similar in appearance. Later he had a younger brother Edmund and sister, Paula, to which the future German Fuehrer very attached and have done all my life.

    Childhood Adolf held in the permanent removal caused by the peculiarities of the father and change schools, where he showed special talents, but still managed to finish four classes of the real school in Steyr and got a certificate of education, in which good marks were only drawing and physical education. During this period he is dying of cancer his mother, Klara Hitler, has dealt a serious blow to the psyche of a young man, but he is not broken, and, issuing the necessary documents to receive a pension for himself and his sister Paula moved to Vienna and embarked on the path of adult life.

    First he tried to enter the Art Academy, because he had great talent and desire for fine arts, but failed the entrance exams. The next few years, the biography of Adolf Hitler were filled with poverty, vagrancy, odd jobs, constantly moving from place to place, rooming house under the city’s bridges. All this time, he did not inform any family or friends about your whereabouts, as he was afraid of conscription where he had to serve together with the Jews, which had a profound hatred.

    At the age of 24, Hitler moved to Munich, where he met with the First world war, which he was very pleased. He immediately enlisted in the Bavarian army, in whose ranks participated in many battles. The defeat of Germany in the First world war was perceived very painfully and categorically blamed it politicians. Against this background, he engaged in a large-scale propaganda work, which allowed him to get into a political movement of the working people’s party, which he cleverly turned into a Nazi.

    The path to power

    As Chairman of the NSDAP, Adolf Hitler gradually deeper made his way to the political peaks and in 1923 organizes «Beer hall putsch». With the support of 5 thousand troopers, he broke into a pub, where he held a meeting of leaders of the General staff, and announced the overthrow of the traitors in the Berlin government. 9 November 1923 Nazi putsch headed in the direction of the Ministry to seize power, but were intercepted by police forces, which used firearms to disperse the Nazis. In March 1924 by Adolf Hitler, as the organizer of the coup, condemned for treason and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. But in prison, the Nazi dictator spent only 9 months – 20 Dec 1924, for unknown reasons he was released.

    Immediately after his release, Hitler revived the Nazi party NSDAP and turned it with the help of Gregor Strasser in a nationwide political force. In that period he managed to establish close relations with the generals of Germany and to establish contact with the big industrial magnates. At the same time Adolf Hitler wrote his work My struggle (Mein Kampf) in which he outlined his autobiography and the idea of national sotsiolizma.

    In 1930, the political leader of the Nazis became vergonhosamente assault troops (SA), and in 1932 attempted to obtain the post of Chancellor. To do this he had to renounce Austrian citizenship and become a German citizen, and to enlist the support of allies. From the first time Hitler failed to win the election, in which it beat Kurt von Schleicher. After a year, the German President Paul von Hindenburg under Nazi pressure sacked the defeated von Schleicher was appointed in his place Hitler.

    This appointment did not cover all of the hopes of the Nazi leader, as the power over Germany remained in the hands of the Reichstag, and his powers included only the leadership of the Cabinet of Ministers, which had yet to create. Literally 1.5 years Adolf Hitler was able to remove from his path all obstacles in the form of the President of the German Reichstag and become dictator unlimited. From this point the country began the harassment of Jews and Roma, close to the trade unions and begins the «Nazi era», which for 10 years of his reign completely soaked with human blood.

    Nazism and war

    In 1934, Hitler gained power over Germany, where he immediately began a total Nazi regime, whose ideology was the only correct one. Becoming the ruler of Germany, the leader of the Nazis immediately revealed his true face and started a major foreign policy actions. He rapidly creates the Wehrmacht and restores aircraft and tank forces, as well as long-range artillery. Contrary to the Versailles Treaty Germany invades the Rhineland area, but after Czechoslovakia and Austria.

    Then he held a cleaning in their ranks – the dictator organized a so-called «night of the long knives», when it was destroyed all the prominent Nazis who pose a threat to the absolute power of Hitler. Appropriating the title of Supreme leader of the Third Reich, the führer created the police «Gestapo» and the system of concentration camps where made of all «undesirable elements», namely Jews, Gypsies, political opponents, and later Soviet POWs.

    The basis of the domestic policies of Adolf Hitler was the ideology of racial discrimination and preferences of indigenous Aryans over other Nations. His goal was to become the sole leader of the world in which the Slavs were to become the elite slaves and inferior races, whom he considered Jews and Gypsies, and completely destroyed.

    Along with mass crimes against humanity the ruler of Germany developed a similar foreign policy, determined to take over the world.

    In April 1939, Hitler approved the plan of the attack on Poland, which was defeated in September of that year. Then the Germans occupied Norway, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, and broke through the front in France. In the spring of 1941 Hitler invaded Greece and Yugoslavia, and on June 22 attacked the Soviet Union, then led by Joseph Stalin. In 1943 the Red army launched a massive offensive against the Germans, so that in 1945 the Second world war entered the territory of the Reich, which completely drove the Fuehrer mad. He was sent to fight the red army pensioners, teenagers and the disabled, ordering the soldiers to fight to the death, while he was hiding in the «bunker» and watched from the side.

    The Holocaust and the death camps

    With the coming to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany, Poland and Austria was created a complex of death camps and concentration camps, the first of which was established in 1933 near Munich. It is known that these camps were more than 42 thousand, which was tortured and killed millions of people. These specially equipped centers were intended for genocide and terror as prisoners of war, over and above the local population, which included persons with disabilities, women and children.

    The largest of the Nazi «factories of death» Auschwitz,» «Majdanek,» «Buchenwald», «Treblinka», in which dissidents with Hitler people were subjected to inhuman torture and «experimentation» with poisons, incendiary, gas, 80% of the cases led to painful deaths. All the death camps were created with the aim of «cleansing» the entire world population from anti-fascists, inferior races, which to Hitler were the Jews and Gypsies, ordinary criminals and simply undesirable to the German leader’s «elements».

    A symbol of the ruthlessness of Hitler and fascism became the Polish city of Auschwitz, which was built a terrible conveyor of death, where every day destroyed more than 20 thousand people. This is one of the most horrible places on Earth, which became the centre of extermination of the Jews — they died there in the «gas chambers immediately after arrival, without registration and identification. Camp oświęcim (Auschwitz) became a tragic symbol of the Holocaust – mass destruction of the Jewish nation, which is considered the largest genocide of the twentieth century.

    Why Hitler hated Jews?

    There are several theories as to why Adolf Hitler so hated the Jews, who were trying to erase from the face of the earth.» Studied the identity of the «bloody dictator historians have put forward several theories, each of which could be true. The first and most plausible version is considered the «racial politics» of the German dictator who believed only native Germans. In this regard, he shared all of the nation into three parts – Aryans, which were to rule the world, Slavs, how its ideology was given the role of slaves, and Jews, whom Hitler planned to completely destroy.

    Do not rule out economic motives of the Holocaust, because at that time Germany in terms of the economy was in a critical condition, and the Jews had profitable businesses and banking institutions, which took away from them Hitler after the reference to concentration camps.

    There is also the theory that Hitler was subjected to the destruction of the Jewish nation in order to maintain the morale of the army. He took Jews and Gypsies the role of victims, which were given to the wolves, that the Nazis were able to enjoy human blood that had, in the opinion of the leader of the Third Reich, set them up for victory.


    On 30 April 1945, when the house of Hitler in Berlin was surrounded by the Soviet army, «Nazi # 1» had accepted defeat and decided to commit suicide. There are several versions of how he died Adolf Hitler: some historians argue that the German dictator drank potassium cyanide, while others do not rule out that he shot himself. Together with the head of Germany died and his common-law wife Eva Braun, with whom he lived for more than 15 years.

    It is reported that the couple were burned in front of the entrance to the bunker, which was a requirement of the dictator before he died. Later, the remains of Hitler’s body was found by a group of guards red army – until today preserved only dentures and part of the skull is the Nazi leader with an entrance bullet hole, which are still stored in Russian archives.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Adolf Hitler in modern history has substantiated facts and is filled with a lot of speculation. It is known that the German Fuhrer was never officially married and had no recognized children. However, he, despite his rather unattractive appearance, was the favorite in the female population, which played an important role in his life.

    Historians say that «Nazi No. 1» was able to influence people hypnotically. His speeches and cultural manners charmed the opposite sex, women who started out reckless love of the leader, forcing the ladies to do the impossible for him. Mistress of Hitler were mostly married women who adored him and considered a brilliant man.

    In 1929, the dictator met Eva Braun, who with her appearance and cheerful disposition won Hitler. During the years of life with the führer girl twice tried to commit suicide because of loving their civil husband, openly fortovase with any women.

    In 2012, US citizen Werner, Smidt said he is the legitimate son of Hitler and his young niece Geli Roubal, which according to historians the dictator was killed in a jealous rage. He provided family photos, which the Fuhrer of the Third Reich and the Gels Roybal are in an embrace. It is also possible the son of Hitler showed his birth certificate, which in the data about parents are only the initials «G» and «R» that was done supposedly in the conspiracy.

    According to the son of the führer, after the death of the Gels Roibal it was brought up by nannies from Austria and Germany, but the father was constantly visited him. In 1940, Smedt last time you saw Hitler, who promised him in case of victory in the Second world war to give the world. But as events unfolded during the Nazi plan, Werner had a long time to hide from all of his background and place of residence.


    Adolf Hitler

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