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  • Name: Adnan Koç ( Adnan Koc )
  • Date of birth: 26 June 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Mardin, Turkey
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Adnan koç: biography

    Adnan koç is a Turkish actor and singer who gained great popularity in the country due to several dozens of TV series. Worldwide fame brought him the serials «Magnificent century» and «East-West».

    Adnan koç was born in the ancient Turkish city of Mardin. His father was the owner of the garage, and his mother was a housewife and raising children, which the couple Koch was nine. Adnan was born the seventh and had three sisters and five brothers.

    Adnan koç (left) and his brothers in childhood
    Adnan koç (left) and his brothers in childhood | Facebook

    Now the actor says that he, as one of the youngest children, had to wear other brothers clothing and footwear, and to know some of the shortcomings that the family is older and stronger guys. But Adnan is very lucky to have a father who always found a kind word and showed sensitivity and care not only to his descendants but to all children in their district.

    Adnan koç in his youth
    Adnan Koch youth | Facebook

    Unfortunately, the father of Adnan Koch died when he was nine years old. The future actor had to work with his brothers in the family workshop, and the main activity in his life was music. The boy learned to play musical instruments and sang folk songs.

    When Adnan Wheel turned 20, he was drafted into the army. Two years later the young man was discharged, but did not return to his native Martinu, and went to Istanbul to try to make a professional career in music. About the movie at that time, Adnan had no idea. But friends started to convince him that he has all the necessary external data to be of interest to Directors and producers.

    Adnan koç and his mother
    Adnan koç and his mom | Facebook

    The last straw was the fact that once in the subway he was approached by a man who introduced himself as the owner of a talent Agency and handed a business card. Adnan koç realized that it was fate and decided to try her hand at movies. However, asked a guy in another Agency, more prestigious «Tümay Özokur». And, despite the fact that he was not only proper education, but even experience of working in children’s theatre circles, after a month Koch received the first job offer.


    The first picture in the career of Adnan Koch were the historical film «Black castle» from the series «History of hometown». The actor managed to prove its worth and for two years appeared in twelve films this project.

    Adnan Koch FLM
    Adnan koç in the movie «the Magnificent century» | the Best of the series

    In 2011, the screens out the Turkish military biographical drama «Magnificent century» in which Adnan Koch played the role Behram Pasha. In addition to his film was involved such stars like Halit ergenc, Meriem Uzerli Engin Ozturk and many others. The series was extremely popular in his native country, so it showed in several dozen European countries, including Ukraine and Russia. And all the Turkish actors participated with enthusiasm.

    In addition, Adnan koç received an invitation to the Turkish romantic serials «don’t run from love» and «Crime for love», the family drama «Fathers and children» and large-scale historical painting «the Ancient Ottoman Empire.»

    Adnan Koch FLM
    Adnan koç in the film «East-West» | Best TV shows

    And in 2016, a dream has come true Adnan Koch: they took part in an international project. In the joint Russian-Turkish-Ukrainian melodrama «East-West», he played the main role of the successful physician reproduction Kemal, who is in Istanbul to get acquainted with Russian woman Tatiana, whose role is played by Russian and Ukrainian actress Evgenia Vine. Since most of the scenes were conducted on Ukrainian territory, Adnan koç visited Kiev and other cities. But some of the scenes were shot in Turkey.

    Adnan koç and Evgeniya Loza in the film
    Adnan koç and Evgeniya Loza in the film «East-West» | Best TV shows

    I wonder what the filming process has already started, and no one actor for the role Kemal has not yet been approved: Director Dennis mount of olives was not happy with any candidate. Here, the Russian actress Anna Varpakhovskaya who plays the mother of Tatiana, I remembered that I watched the series «magnificent century» and there she really liked one of the characters. Was made last year with the participation of Adnan, and the project was approved by the Turkish actor for this role. It later turned out that Koch is suitable for this way more than optimal.


    It should be noted that Adnan koç lives not only in the world of cinema. He does not forget about the music she loves from childhood for which, in fact, moved to the capital. Husband regularly gives concerts, records videos, which show on TV.

    In 2007 he recorded his first solo Studio album, «Yolculuğa Davet», and eight years later the world saw the mini-CD «Merak Etme», contains five new tracks and one Remix of a popular song. The title song «Merak Etme» Adnan koç sang a duet with Turkish pop star, Isel.

    Personal life

    Actor and musician Adnan koç many years was familiar with his wife, whose name is Dilek. In my youth, they were close friends, and after many years realized that the experience of each other is not only friendly feelings. We had a wedding in 2011, and a year later the family was born the son of Mehmet EfE.

    Adnan koç, his wife Dilek and son Mehmet EfE
    Adnan koç, his wife Dilek and son Mehmet EfE | Facebook

    Double name of the Turkish children is not widespread, as, for example, English or Spanish culture. He explained the unusual choice by the fact that Mehmet is the name of his father, whom the actor was very fond, and of the son with the name EfE dreamed the wife of Adnan Koch. In the result, the couple decided that the double name in this case is appropriate.

    Adnan Koç
    Adnan Koç | Facebook

    I should say that Dilek, which, incidentally, is not an artist, works as a doctor-dermatologist, supports her husband in all creative endeavors. She’s absolutely not jealous of him to display beauties and not react to the gossip in the tabloids regarding novels Adnan Koch on the side. My wife believes the actor unconditionally. It is interesting that Adnan almost never refers to his wife by name, replacing it with the gentle words «Darling», «Honey», «Native» and the like. He is confident that in this way relationships within the family become special.


    • 2006 — Black castle
    • 2006 — the Love I found
    • 2007 — Dr.
    • 2008 — Wounded heart
    • 2011-2013 — Magnificent century
    • 2012 — Parents and children
    • 2013 — the Ancient Ottoman Empire
    • 2014 — No escape from love
    • 2016 — a Crime for love
    • 2016 — East To West


    • 2007 — Yolculuğa Davet
    • 2015 — Merak Etme


    Adnan Koç

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