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  • Name: Adeline Moses ( adelina moiseeva )
  • Date of birth: 17 July 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Lugansk, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer, contestant on «the Voice 5»
  • Marital status: not married

    Adeline Moses: biography

    Adeline Moses was born in Lugansk. As she herself admitted, started singing at 3 years and is not going to stop ever. In musical life the young songstress leads the mother, from which it follows that the love for this art form at Adelina hereditary.

    Adeline Moses
    In the childhood | VK

    However, besides the music, the girl turned out to be more and mathematical ability. So she went to school with profound studying of the exact Sciences. At some point, Adeline Moses almost lost his way», plunged headlong into the fascinating world of numbers. She even enrolled in mathematics. But after two years again «pulled up» on the music path. The Ukrainian left the school and became a College student at the Academy of culture and art.

    Their hand at various competitions, the young singer tried again. To get to the success was not immediately apparent. For example, she participated in the Ukrainian talent show «X-factor», but managed to reach only up to training camp.

    Adeline Moses
    Luck in Moscow | VK

    For the first time, luck smiled at her in the neighbouring country. Adeline Moses managed to win 2nd place in the competition «Young jazz singing». His final was held in Moscow, in the Taganka district, in the popular club of Igor Butman. It seems that the young singer truly believed in themselves and decided to make my way to the musical Olympus with greater urgency. With this purpose, arrived in the capital again and took part in the 5th season of «the Voice.»


    The seventh edition of Adeline Moses made it memorable: the stage of «blind auditions» it produced a complex mixture that is difficult to carry out even the venerable vocalists. The girl sang a song by the legendary Joe Cocker «You Are So Beautiful».

    Later she told me that she tried one in a repeat performance style star: she wanted to sing in his own way, by making a part of himself. I think she succeeded brilliantly, because the young singer first turned Grigory Leps, and for him and Leonid Agutin. They were genuinely surprised, seeing the fragile girl and not experienced adult woman. Agutin could not resist and asked where she had come from such sounds.

    Adeline Moses
    Project | VK

    It was chosen as Adeline Moses as his mentor. Admitted that this choice was «prompted» more childhood memories. After all, hardly the first song she started singing in early childhood, was hit by Leonid Agutin Fevral’.

    The next stage of the project «Fights» – was not less exciting and memorable for fans of the contestants of the TV show. Adeline Moses and Vadim Kapustin was the mentor to the Duo that sang the famous song of van Morrison’s «Moondance». This poignant song about autumn George Clooney has expressed a desire to take with you on a desert island.

    Dima Bilan has expressed his admiration of the performance hit by saying: «Energy is, strung!». Think I agree with this assessment all. But mentor Leonid Agutin had to choose, and he preferred to Vadim Kapustin. To the great delight of fans of Adeline Moses, salvation came to her from Polina Gagarina. So the girl was in her team and got a chance to continue to participate in the project.

    Personal life

    Yet the personal life of Adeline Moses is her parents and beloved friends. But the main thing is music, without which she is not its existence. Ukrainian sings pop-jazz ensemble and dreams of debut personal album.

    Adeline Moses
    On the scene | VK

    In her spare time she likes to draw, and that she, too, turns out great. It seems she has many more talents that will know her fans.


    Adeline Moses

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