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  • Name: Adele ( Adele Laurie Blue Edkins )
  • Date of birth: 5 may 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: British singer, composer, poet
  • Marital status: Married

    Adele: biography

    Adele Laurie blue edkins, that the whole world knows as the singer Adele, was born in London in 1988. Her mother penny edkins was raised by the girl herself: Adele was 3 years old when his father abandoned the family.

    Musical ability appeared at Adele very early. She listened to «the Spice girls» and Gabriel and sang beautifully. But the singer himself is not seen. Adele strongly from complexes because of their appearance: the girl considered herself too full.

    Everything changed when Adele was 13. She first heard the songs of dusty Springfield, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James. Only then she realized that looks aren’t everything, and become similar to well-known singers it is quite a force. Then Adele had begged mom to buy her a guitar and quickly learned to play it. Soon the young singer went to Croydon, where teachers immediately considered in Adele edkins future popular singer, which will be able to Express themselves in the world of music.

    In 2006, Adele graduated from the prestigious London school for performing arts and began a rapid ascent to glory. Then she turned 18 and she already knew how to play not only the guitar but also the piano.


    Shortly after graduation in Brayton 2 Adele songs were published in the 4th edition «». And demo singer, donated to a school friend a few years earlier, appeared on music online MySpace. The single is then still an unknown singer with an unusual velvet voice came across well-known producer. Less than a year the 19-year-old Adele received the first award and went on tour around the UK.

    The fame of the new Amy Mayhaus apply immediately. In October 2007 the debut hit of Adele «Hometown Glory», which soon recognized as single of the week. And in December of that happy year, the singer signed a contract with a famous recording Studio and released a second hit called «Chasing Pavements». Song 4 weeks stayed at the top of the hit parade in Britain.

    At the beginning of 2008 the band’s debut album, Adele titled «19». Just a few days it soared to the top of the hit parade. Over a month had sold half a million copies of the disc «19», thus received the status of «platinum».

    In March 2008, the oldest American brand of record «Columbia Records» signed a contract with Adele. After that, the singer went on tour across America and Canada. In 2010 for best pop performance among women, the singer was nominated for «Grammy». This success came to Adel in the award for the single «Hometown Glory». Career advancement the Brits have been so rapid that the critics involuntarily compare him to the legendary success of the Beatles.

    In early 2011, at home Adele released her second album. Critics have noted a shift in the direction of country style. One of the singles of the new album, «Rolling in the Deep» almost 2 month to keep on top of the Billboard Hot 100″. This album, titled «21» was able to hold out a month and a half in the charts of UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and several other Western countries.

    The song «Someone Like You» Adele performed at the annual British awards in the field of music «Brit Awards» . The single immediately got on the 1st place of the hit parade in the UK. It was the second after «the Beatles» in music history case when the contractor failed to obtain such a result.

    A new victory was waiting for Adele in 2012. Her song «Set Fire to the Rain» topped the «hot hundred» hits the national charts of the USA. In may of the same year it became known that the Adele album «21» sold more than 4 million copies in the homeland of the singer. In the same month, the singer received 12 awards in 20 nominations, becomes the winner Billboard Music Award».

    But the biggest success came to Adele in 2012, becomes the award «Oscar» and «Golden globe». Both awards British star earned for the performance of the soundtrack to the next film about James bond. Some time later the two joined the third award – «Grammy».

    For his great services in the promotion of culture and art of the country in 2014, Adele was awarded with «Order of the British Empire», which she was awarded the Prince Charles.

    Fans of the singer is waiting the appearance of her third album, which is traditionally called, which symbolizes the number of years Adele for the period of the album – «25». Presumably, the album will be released in late November 2015.

    The long-awaited presentation of the first single «Hello» was held in October.

    Personal life

    Since 2011, the personal life of Adele tied to Simon Konecki. In October of the following year the couple had a son whom they named Angelo James Konecki.

    Adele has a tattoo I did in honor of his mother, penny adkins. The tattoo depicts a coin of a penny. It is known that the singer is very fond of mom and equally negatively to the father who left the family when daughter was little.


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