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  • Name: Adam Sandler ( Adam Richard Sandler )
  • Date of birth: 9 September 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Brooklyn, new York
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: American comedian, actor, musician, screenwriter and producer
  • Family: married Jackie Teton

    Adam Sandler: biography

    One of favorite American comedians Adam Richard Sandler was born in Brooklyn in September 1966 to a Jewish family, Judy and Stanley Singlerow. Adam’s mom was a teacher, dad an engineer-electrician.

    From a young age Adam Sandler showed his outstanding sense of humor. First he amused the parents, and then classmates in Manchester, where he moved his family. Jokes Sandler has always been a brilliant improvisation. The guy joked that is called as breathing. But at first he didn’t even dream of becoming a professional comedian. May he continue to bestow his sense of humor only a narrow circle of relatives and friends, if not brother. He recorded Adam bidder Comedy scenes, after the speech in which it became clear that they face a talented comedian.

    Developed Adam Sandler your talent and at the University of new York, where he regularly performed on the club stage in front of students and teachers. During my University years was the debut of Adam in the movie: he starred in the Comedy film «overboard.» The success of the picture had, but the creative biography of Adam Sandler got his start.


    After graduation in 1991, Adam Sandler began to actively act in films. The first two paintings – «Billy Madison» and «happy Gilmore» was very successful. But the following two Comedy «the waterboy» and «the wedding Singer» was almost unnoticed by audiences and critics.

    In 1999, screens out the film «Big daddy». The script for this film was written by Adam Sandler with Tim Herlihy. This film has brought the artist a huge international success. American horror story found out in Russia. In addition, the tape had excellent box office and grossed over $ 200 million.

    This was followed by the work of Sandler, where he acted previously in an unusual for him role, stepping back from being comic. The melodrama «the Love knocking down» Director Paul Anderson was warmly welcomed by the audience. After the Adam Sandler starred in a dramatic melodrama «the Spanish English» and «the Deserted city». The last plot of the film tells about the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Hero Adam Sandler – the man who lost his family.

    Richer in pleasant events for Adam Sandler was 2002. The comedian returned to the Comedy genre, starring in two comedies, «Chick» and «the Millionaire necessarily».

    A new and unusual American horror story, viewers saw the following year in the film «anger Management» with Jack Nicholson. And in 2004, Adam starred in the delightful Comedy «50 first dates» with drew Barrymore.

    A pleasant surprise for fans of the artist becomes a family Comedy called «bedtime Stories». Here Adam worked on the set with Keri Russell and English comedian Russell Brand. The actor played the hotel clerk, who told their children bedtime stories, had the remarkable property to true. The picture was taken at the request of Walt Disney.

    Huge success brought Adam Sandler tape «Funny». This is a tragicomedy about a successful stand-up comedian who learns about this deadly disease. A year before his death, he takes assistant, which transfers all its knowledge. For the role in this film, Sandler has refused to star in Quentin Tarantino.

    One of the big films of Sandler recent years – Comedy picture «Pretend my wife», in which Adam starred alongside Jennifer aniston. He played a plastic surgeon, and Jane — the assistant who pretended to be his wife.

    Critics have noted as successful, and the Comedy of Sandler «Jack and Jill» and «Papa dosvidos». Adam Sandler has a private Studio, which he called «Happy Madison Productions».

    Personal life

    With his future wife Jackie Sandler Titon met during the filming of «Big daddy». The affair lasted 7 years but ended with the wedding only after the adoption of Jackie Judaism.

    The wedding took place in 2003 on the ocean coast. Sandler was dressed in traditional Jewish clothes. A significant event at the wedding was that the young ring brought favorite brindle bulldog Adam named Mitbol (meatball). Guests of the holiday were the best friends of Sandler, with whom he repeatedly shot, Rodney Dangerfield, Jennifer aniston, Rob Schneider, Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Osbourne.

    In January of the following year the couple had the first daughter is Sadie Madison. In November 2008, gave birth to a second baby girl, Sunny Madeline.

    It is known that Adam Sandler loves animals. After the death of his bulldog of Mitbol he got himself a puppy of the same breed, calling it MACBA (matzo ball).


    • Billy Madison
    • Happy Gilmore
    • Big daddy
    • Love knocking down
    • Chick
    • Millioner ponevole
    • 50 first dates
    • All or nothing
    • Funny
    • Pretend to be my wife


    Adam Sandler

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