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  • Name: Ada Rogovtseva ( Ada Rogovceva )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1937.
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: Glukhov
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: Widow

    Ada Rogovtseva: biography

    Ada Rogovtseva is one of the greatest Actresses of our time. Having started his career during the Soviet era, the future star is not tempted by the opportunity to go to Moscow, and remained in Kiev, where, apparently, there was much less prospects, and not lost. Now the actress of theatre and cinema widely known outside of his native country and performs regularly in the CIS countries. Despite its venerable age, Ada N. takes an active part in public life, including scrolling to charity the money earned.

    Ada Nikolaevna was born in the small town of Glukhov, Sumy region, 2 years before the outbreak of the Second World war. The girl’s mother worked as an agronomist, and his father served in the NKVD, the young couple already growing up the son of Glory. When the Soviet Union was embroiled in war, family Rogovtseva appeared in Odessa. There’s Nikolai Ivanovich, the head of the family, tried to organize the evacuation of relatives of the ferry. Anna, his wife, was pregnant at the time, but because neither she nor the children had time to get on Board. This saved their lives. The ferry, which was supposed to go Rogovtseva, exploded a few minutes after they sailed away from the shore.

    After this incident, Anna Rogovtseva and the kids back to the deaf, and Nikolay Ivanovich went to Moscow, where he served in the protection of Nikita Khrushchev. Closer to the end of the war the head of the family managed to get for the family room in a communal apartment in Kiev, and soon they all moved to the capital of the Ukrainian SSR. Lived Rogovtseva poor, but friendly, and even in friendship with their neighbors. On those days, the actress later spoke with irony and warmth. Several years later, when Ada was in the fifth grade, her father was transferred again, this time to Poltava, where the food was better than in Kiev, hunger, all the while pursued family retreated.

    In this blessed land of Hell through school. Talented and diligent girl, study was given easily, and in addition to the sessions themselves Rogovtseva was often busy in the initiative. She willingly acted with poems both classic and own production. In addition, Ada participated in theatrical productions. In the graduating class Rogovtseva was planning to enter the faculty of journalism, but, on reflection, decided to take a chance and filed documents in the Kiev theatrical Institute named after Karpenko-Kary.

    Ada Rogovtseva: theatre

    Very quickly the young student was one of the best students of the course. Teachers noted her talent, hard work and perseverance. Soon Hell was the Stalin scholarship. In the 4th year friend Rogovtseva, theatre and cinema actor Oleg Borisov, invited a promising artist in NARTD named after Lesya Ukrainka. In 1959, the Ada made her debut in the title role in a production of «Youth Poly Vikhrova». Such rapid career growth happened in particular due to the fact that the young Rogovtseva was the youngest in the cast, and the competition it didn’t have any.

    Soon Rogovtseva received the title of Honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR. She at that time was only 23 years old by the time yesterday’s graduate managed to play three main roles in performances. Since 1960 rare season without new plays, where Ada Rogovtseva has not performed the leading roles. In 1967, the young actress put on the stage native theater, the image of the Polish woman Helena Modleski from the play «the Warsaw melody» and made it so beautiful that theatre critics instantly began to praise the performer.

    For 36 years, NART named after Lesya Ukrainka Ada Rogovtseva played more than 50 roles, including embodied five images in the production of «peer Gynt.» The artist has worked with many talented Directors. Among them, the eccentric Roman Viktyuk, who appreciate a flair for the dramatic actress.

    Once in the theater has a new artistic Director Mikhail Reznikovich, the atmosphere in the team began to heat up. The administrator began to survive uncomfortable for him out. According to the Ada Nikolaevna, she was Reznikovich chief enemy. Soon the actress was forced to use Edward and there is even a proposal to begin work in the Theater on the Left Bank.

    In zero Ada Rogovtseva adopted Roman Viktyuk, an old friend and admirer. The cooperation with the theatre Director that lasted several years, together they created the play, devoted the last years of life of Lesya Ukrainka, where the actress played the role of the great poet. After that, Ada Nikolaevna many participated in antrepriznyh performances. Now artist collaborates with the theater «Constellation», where the Director is working with her daughter Catherine. In his 78-th birthday of the great actress played in the play «Like happiness,» and gathered a full house.

    Ada Rogovtseva movies

    To participate in the film Ada Nikolaevna began while still a student-a freshman. In 1956 came the first film with the actress of the film «Bloody dawn», where Rogovtseva played a small role. Within one and a half decades of Ada Nikolaevna participated in several projects, as well appearing on the screen just a couple of minutes.

    In 1970 the film was released, which made Ada Rogovtseva, famous all over the Soviet Union. It was a two-part war drama «salute, Maria!». There’s a young actress transitioned into the underground worker, Mary, a girl with a tragic fate. Ada Rogovtseva has instantly become so popular that it was named best actress by the readers of the magazine «Soviet screen». The picture in cinemas has been viewed more than 17 million viewers.

    In 1971 a young Rogovtseva took part in the film adaptation of the play «the Stone master». Her partner on the set was Bohdan Stupka.

    During his career, the actress starred in almost a hundred films of various genres, from vaudeville (the film adaptation of the operetta «the Bat») to dramas (TV series «the private life of investigator Saveliev»). At the moment the last film with the participation of Ada Nikolaevna — «the fern Flower», is still in production.

    Ada Rogovtseva: personal life

    With her husband Konstantin Stepankov young Ada met by enrolling in the University. Konstantin Petrovich was one of the teachers of the course. Feelings between young people broke out quickly enough, but the couple waited until Rogovtseva graduated from the Institute, and only then, Constantine made his beloved proposal. In 1962, the couple had a son Kostya, and another 10 years on light there was a daughter Catherine.

    Just five years Konstantin Petrovich did not live up to the Golden wedding. The actor died slowly and painfully, the family fought for the life of its President, but in 2004 Stepankov died. After 8 years, there has been another tragedy from lung cancer died Konstantin Konstantinovich, son Rogovtseva. This loss crippled the actress. According to the Ada Nikolaevna, she stayed alive only thanks to his daughter and three grandchildren.

    Ada Rogovtseva: filmography

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    Ada Rogovtseva: photo

    Ada Rogovtseva

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