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  • Name: Uma Thurman ( Uma Karuna Thurman )
  • Date of birth: 29 April 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Boston, USA
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Uma Thurman: the biography

    Uma Thurman born 29 April 1970 in Boston. Her mother Nena of Llebroc in the past was a famous model in Sweden, but after the birth of three sons and one daughter was replaced by a catwalk and glossy cover for dust-free work and money therapist.

    Father Robert Thurman — Professor of Oriental studies at Columbia University. Before his marriage he was a monk of a Buddhist monastery, and then returned to «light». It was the first American who was ordained as a monk, the Dalai Lama.

    Mind father was named after the Hindu goddess. Her name means «giver of bliss». However, when she was ashamed of him and asked to be called Diana. Growing up, she began to be proud of your rare name.

    School peers made fun of her tall and big feet. Uma Thurman wears a 42 size Shoe, her height is 181 cm But then it was non-standard settings became her fetish, helped in his career.

    By the way, future occupation, Uma Thurman was defined as a youth she wanted to become a model and actress. At 15, she quit school and went to new York to study acting. About the decision she announced family and for the credibility of broke vintage mirror in the house. The parents did not argue with her daughter, gave her $ 300 for the first time, a book about samurai and sandwiches for the road.

    The girl had to wash dishes, work as a waitress to pay for acting classes. Then she went to audition for a modeling Agency and it was due to high growth and innovative appearance.


    Career uma Thurman has begun with scenes in a second-rate paintings. Then there was a small role in «the adventures of Baron Munchausen.» At 18 she got an offer from Stephen Frears and played the bride-temptress in the movie «Dangerous liaisons». Aspiring actress quickly settled in explicit scenes.

    The painting «Henry and June» with her for a long time was classified as a pornographic film. A wider audience saw it when the ban was partially lifted. After the premiere of the Mind began to recognize, and strength came more often.

    Her kinoprogramm was «pulp fiction.» For the role of the bored ladies of catandica Uma Thurman was nominated for an Oscar, but the coveted statuette never received. But in hire the picture has collected in 26 times more than its budget. After «pulp fiction» Thurman woke up famous. She could afford to choose scripts and roles, its fees reached $ 5 million for the role.

    Another success of the actress — the role of Black Mamba in the film «Kill bill». They say Tarantino has postponed the shooting of the picture to Thurman managed to carry and give birth to a child. In the main role he didn’t see anyone else but her.

    Recently, the actress not so many good roles. In the film «the Nymphomaniac» she appears sporadically, and the film «Movie 43» was fruitful for a «Razzie», it can hardly be called successful.

    Personal life

    First of Mind got married in 20 years. Her husband Gary Oldman was older than 12 years of age, loved women, drunken drinking. Patience Minds enough for two years, and then she decided to divorce. Oldman then told reporters that Thurman is impossible to live, because she is an angel.

    The second marriage also failed. Married to Ethan hawke, the actress gave birth to two children. And her husband cheated on her with the nanny.

    From uma Thurman — problems in the circulatory system, to bear children, the doctors didn’t advise it, but she carried and gave birth to three. The father of her third child, a Swiss financier Arpad Busson, with whom relations lasted almost 7 years. During this time, the pair had twice engaged and twice terminated. In 2014, their Alliance fell apart.

    At the Cannes film festival Uma Thurman appeared in support of Quentin Tarantino. The actress and Director is bound by a 20-year friendship. This time, it looks like it grew into something more. Uma and Quentin rented one Villa for two, at all events to appear together. Everyone who saw them felt the attraction between them.

    Uma Thurman — a vegetarian since age 11. She does yoga, takes care of the garden, plays with his dogs and knits in his spare time. Knitting she calls a brain, although he recognizes that ready things get ugly.


    • «Dangerous liaisons»
    • «Robin Hood»
    • Pulp fiction
    • «Gattaca»
    • «Les Miserables»
    • «The Avengers»
    • «Kill Bill»
    • «My best lover»
    • «The wedding»
    • «Smash»


    Uma Thurman

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