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  • Name: ACE Gonzalez ( Eiza González )
  • Date of birth: 30 January 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Caborca, Sonora, Mexico
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    ACE Gonzales: biography

    ACE Gonzalez — Mexican actress and singer. She gained fame at age 16 when she starred in the youth television series «Lola: a long time Ago». World fame came to the girl later, after the release of the American horror series «From dusk till dawn». Also Gonzalez has success in show business as a singer.

    ACE Gonzalez in childhood
    ACE Gonzalez in childhood | Instagram

    ACE was born in the Mexican town of Caborca, located in the North of the country, in the state of Sonora. The girl’s mother was a famous Mexican supermodel Glenda Rhine. Father Carlos Gonzalez crashed to death when the ACE was only 12 years old. This tragedy has greatly affected the future life of a young girl. She retreated into herself and had difficulty in communicating with strangers. Depression Gonzalez began to malfunction and were able to rectify the situation only three years later. By the way, patronymic of the Aces has a brother who is older than her 12 years.

    Little ACE Gonzalez and her mother Glenda Rhine
    Little ACE Gonzalez and her mother Glenda Rhine | Instagram

    So as the hometown of the actress is actually on the border with the United States, they had a lot of schools with profound studying of English language. ACE Gonzalez studied at two such institutions: «the Academy Hadron» and «basic American school». There she not only at a high level, learned the language of the neighbouring state, but also learnt to speak Italian.

    ACE Gonzalez in childhood
    ACE Gonzalez in childhood | Instagram

    At the age of 14 ACE was transferred to a specialized theater College «Televisa»s Centro de Educación Artística». After a three-year course Gonzalez got his debut role in the television series, and gain experience, went to new York, where he studied acting, this time in the famous Academy Lee Strasberg.

    In that time she traveled to the US for training, so he returned home and continued to appear in Latin American television. But in 2013 she decides that for the sake of her own career development must work together more closely with Hollywood film companies, so she moved to Los Angeles for permanent residence.


    For the first time on screen ACE Gonzalez appeared at 16 years of age. It was a remake of a famous Argentine teen telenovela «Floricienta», which is on the Mexican TV was called «Lola: a long time Ago». The young actress got the lead role of a teenage girl, and she coped with it perfectly.

    Interestingly, the picture was a musical, so the ACE had not only to play but to sing. And after the show on television, the actors went in a large tour of the country. Tour further strengthened the popularity of Gonzalez in Mexico. Then the actress appeared in many commercials, including clips of such brands as «Always», «Avon» and «Cosmopolitan».

    The following picture of the Aces becomes the crime drama «Female killers», where she turns into a teenager-a antagonist named Gabi. Followed by the Argentine musical Comedy «Dream with me». There the actress played two roles: an ordinary girl named Clara Molina and his alter-ego nicknamed «Roxy Pop». For the filming of this picture Gonzalez for a year went to Buenos Aires and came to the family only on major holidays.

    ACE Gonzalez in the series
    ACE Gonzales in the TV series «From dusk till dawn» | Mairamax

    After a number of other local projects, the largest of which is romance «True love», the actress was invited to the American youth horror series «From dusk till dawn». The role of an evil vampire Santanico Pandemonium brought the ACE world-wide popularity.

    After this success, on account of Gonzalez appeared Mexican Comedy «Almost thirty», the American fantasy musical «JEM and the holograms», the Colombian Thriller «the Equation of God» and the British family Comedy «Hello, Queen.» Now the young actress is working on a new Thriller «Young driver».


    During the filming of the series «Lola: once upon a time» was released on the album «Lola… Érase Una Vez» with songs from there. Most of the songs as the actress main role was performed by ACE Gonzalez. In the same year she records a joint with the singer RBD Kudai single, «Estar Bien», which urges peers to struggle with anorexia.

    After the success of the aforementioned soundtrack music company EMI has signed with Eisai Gonzalez contract, and she sat down in the Studio to record their debut album. The album «Contracorriente» was published in Mexico and in the United States, and the most interesting – was a success in both countries. In the homeland of the singer, the album was ranked 13th in the top hundred, and in America rose to 25 positions. Most popular song from this CD was «Mi Destino Soy Yo».

    Musical picture «Dream with me» also gave fans the Aces a chance to enjoy her vocals. Songs that sound in this picture, was released as a double album with «Sueña Conmigo», and the output disks was followed by a long tour.

    In 2012, the world saw the second solo album by Gonzalez, which she called «Te Acordarás de Mí». The success of this record was more modest than in the previous year. The title track took the Mexican hit parade the 24th, and the album managed to climb as much as possible only to 66 lines. In other countries the songs of «Te Acordarás de Mí» did not chart at all.

    Personal life

    In 2010, around the name of the young actress Aces Gonzalez there were a lot of rumors about her relationship with popular Mexican singer Alejandro fernández. Spice to this novel in the eyes of the public gave a big age difference: the actress younger than her husband by almost 20 years.

    ACE and Alejandro Gonzalez Fernandez
    ACE and Alejandro Gonzalez Fernandez

    After a year, ACE began Dating Mexican businessman Pepe Diaz. They were together for two years, but then Gonzalez left him for Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. However, with him her relationship didn’t work out and the couple broke up after two months.

    ACE Gonzalez and Pepe Diaz
    ACE Gonzalez and Pepe Diaz | TV-Novella

    In the future, the Mexican beauty had Affairs with the Argentine actor and model sebastián Rulli and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

    EISA Gonzalez I Di Jay Cotrona
    ACE Gonzalez and Dee Jay Cotrone | Listal

    The last two years ACE Gonzalez was together with his colleague on the series «From dusk till dawn», American Dee Jay Cotronei, but now the young actress is free in their relationship.


    • 2007-2008 — Lola: a long time Ago
    • 2009 — Female assassin
    • 2010 — Dream with me
    • 2012-2013 — Real love
    • 2014 — Almost thirty
    • 2014-2015 — From dusk till dawn
    • 2015 — JEM and the Holograms
    • 2016 — Hello, Queen
    • 2016 — The Equation Of God
    • 2017 — Young driver


    • 2007 — Lola… Érase Una Vez
    • 2007 — Estar Bien
    • 2009 — Contracorriente
    • 2010 — Sueña Conmigo
    • 2012 — Te Acordarás de Mí


    EISA Gonzalez

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