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  • Name: ACE Butterfield ( Asa Butterfield )
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1997
  • Age: 19 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: English actor
  • Marital status: not married

    ACE Butterfield: biography

    ACE Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield is the full name of a rising star of British cinema. Fans call him ACE Butterfield. 19-year-old actor already has in his Luggage a stellar role in the rating TV series «Merlin» and «ashes to Ashes», as well as in his famous paintings «the time Keeper» and «the Boy in the striped pajamas» after which the young actor became famous far beyond his native England.

    As Butterfield
    ACE Butterfield |

    ACE was born in April 1997 in the British capital. It is the average age child in the family Housewives Jacqueline Farr and British actor Sam Butterfield. The Aces has an older brother and a younger sister.

    Future Aces Butterfield decided at an early age. The boy is still in childhood was drawn to the profession of artist. First steps on stage, he did, barely crossed the threshold of the school. First it was the stage of the school Amateur theatre. Parents, immediately noticing the abilities of his son started to drive it to an audition and the casting, in order not to lose precious time.


    A cinematic biography of the Aces Butterfield started in 9 years. The boy made his debut in a children’s serial drama «After Thomas,» the English Director Simon shore. This small role has opened the name of the young actor not only spectators but also Directors. From this point on Butterfield’s career began to rapidly gain altitude.

    ACE Butterfield in the series
    ACE Butterfield in the series «After Thomas» | MY-HIT

    In the following, 2007, ACE received an offer to star in a Comedy Thriller of Garth Jennings ‘ «Son of Rambo». Here he got a cameo role.

    But in 2008, 11-year-old Butterfield felt what it was like to bathe in the glory. Famous film Director mark Herman chose the ACE of several hundred applicants for the lead role in war drama «the Boy in the striped pajamas». This poignant half-hour British-American film about the Second world war, seen through the eyes of 8-year-old son of the commandant of the concentration camp. It is on this challenging role was chosen as a young actor. His father in the drama played David Thewlis – Hollywood star.

    ACE Butterfield in the drama
    ACE Butterfield in the drama «the Boy in the striped pyjamas» |

    Drama came to the big screen, was a bombshell. The enormous success of the film was due not only to the excellent script and drama of the events described, but also a talented game Aces of Butterfield. The film was awarded the prestigious prize «Goya» as one of the best European projects. After the broadcast in Europe and America, the drama has collected a dozen other awards, but also earned its creators a generous cash charges – more than $ 40 million. Film critics and filmmakers spared no compliments and laudatory reviews of the young Briton. ACE nominated for the award British Independent Film Award and recognized opening 2008.

    After a successful project went to other interesting offers. In 2010, the talented teenager has appeared in thrilling Comedy «nanny McPhee» with such movie stars as Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rice Evans.

    ACE in the role of Mordred in the TV series
    ACE in the role of Mordred in the TV series «Merlin» |

    In 14 years, Butterfield has received the offer to star in true legend of world cinema – Martin Scorsese. The famous Director chose the ACE for the role of boy Hugo in the adventure film «the time Keeper». Father Hugo was played by Jude law.

    Five statuettes «Oscar» and 6 nominations for this prestigious award – a staggering result is a masterwork. In contrast to the drama «the boy in the striped pajamas», received the festival’s popularity, «the time Keeper» brought Butterfield massive popularity. Picture appeared worldwide and were successfully broadcast in all the countries of Europe, America and Asia. Through participation in the project Scorsese ACE became a Hollywood star.

    ACE Butterfield in the movie
    ACE Butterfield in «Hugo» |

    To gain a foothold in this status, the British managed after the release of the sci-Fi Thriller from Gavin Hood’s «Ender’s Game». The film was released in 2013 was destined for success. After all, except for the Aces appeared here, Ben Kingsley, Harrison Ford and viola Davis. The image of the demure Ender – a guy whose job is to save humanity, Butterfield was a success.

    Today young Hollywood star continues to star in successful projects, which are excellent viewers and critics. Of the most recent paintings, it should be noted the projects «Plus X Y» and the «White circus». In the picture of Chris Lavis «White circus», released in 2015, the ACE Butterfield got a starring role pilot.

    Eva green and ACE Butterfield in the movie
    Eva green and ACE Butterfield in the movie «House of strange children Miss peregrine» |

    The fans of the Aces were eagerly waiting for the release of the sci-Fi masterpiece directed by Tim Burton – «the House of strange children miss peregrine». At the beginning of October 2016, the film premiered in theaters in Russia and other CIS countries. Butterfield went to the lead character, Jacob. This is another stellar role in his piggy Bank.

    Personal life

    Today the young artist is focused on his career and is not going to tie the knot. The 19-year-old Aces a wide variety of Hobbies. He plays the piano, loves to take care of your Pets – cats, found a friend with whom he had set. Enjoys playing squash and reading. And yet, like many boys his age, likes to enjoy gambling and computer games.

    As Butterfld
    ACE Butterfield |

    Recently personal life Aces Butterfield appeared on the pages of the tabloids because of the appearances of the actor on the audience with a charming colleague Ella Pernell. But the young people of their relationship has not yet commented.


    • «After Thomas»
    • «Merlin»
    • «The wolf man»
    • «The Game Ender»
    • «The boy in the striped pajamas»
    • «The time Keeper»
    • «The Game Ender
    • «The house of strange children Miss peregrine»
    • «The white circus»


    As Butterfld

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