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  • Name: Dana Abyzova ( Dana Abyzova )
  • Date of birth: 12 may 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Riga, Latvia
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married Alexei Morozov

    Dana Abyzov: a biography

    Dana Abyzova, a young Russian actress, recognized because of the main roles in the TV series «Sea. Mountains. Expanded clay» and «Valka’s misfortune». But the girl herself considers herself primarily a theatre actress. Childhood and adolescence spent in The Latvian capital Riga. Her parents met and fell in love with each other since being students. And when they were in 10th grade, was born their eldest son. To the Soviet society this turn of events was a shock, but the parents of Abyzova stand collapsed on them squall and got married. Three years later, Dana was born, and then her younger brother Dan.

    Dana Abyzova mom
    Dana Abyzova mom | VK

    The girl with the early years just got sick of the stage. Still in preschool, she began visiting the children’s Studio of the Youth theatre «Reverence» and although there was the youngest actress who has successfully performed in many plays. But suddenly This biography of Abyzova made a sharp turn: her parents divorced, after which 14-year-old girl with her mother and brother moved to the suburban town of Sergiev Posad. There is Given Abyzova finishes 9th class and for fun goes to take a creative contest in Moscow theatrical universities.

    Dana Abizova
    Photo courtesy of Abyzova | VK

    She did it to get experience of receipt, but suddenly she is enrolled in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in the course of Konstantin Raikin. The girl had to admit that she has no high school diploma. The rector of the University Oleg Tabakov cursed itself Abyzov Dana and her mom, but took the word that when talented girl will have a chance, she will come to learn only in the theater. Inspired by the idea of such a legendary person, This externally for the year is finishing high school and next year is becoming a student of the School.

    Abyzov was given in the play
    In the role of Vera Zhidkova in the play «Russian literature» | Group VK

    But Abyzov studied in this University only one course. Then she took the papers and went to Riga, to her father. However, after a year in the biography Given Abyzova reappears Russia and theatre. She travels to the Northern capital, and entered the St. Petersburg state Academy of theatrical art, workshop of Yuri Krasovsky, which ends in 2012. Once the graduate was enrolled in the troupe of the Maly drama theatre, where the actress plays on the same stage with such stars as Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Kseniya Rappoport.


    The first film is Given Abyzova brought her popularity. It was a romance «of the Sea. Mountains. Keramzit», where the actress played the role of Seraphim, and many viewers called it the game compelling. After this success on The offers rolled in, but she believed that theatre is the priority, so long refused, making an exception only for criminal history «Last day».

    Abyzov was given in the movie
    The role of the Seraphim in «the Sea. Mountains. Keramzit» | Movie-Theater

    And in 2016, Given Abyzova working simultaneously on four projects. The audience was able to meet a fantastic tape «the Day», in which This is playing with Elena Lyadova, crime drama «C-2» with Paul Priluchny and romance «Valka’s unhappiness» with Sergey Peregudova.

    Abyzov was given in the movie
    In the role of Anna in the movie «Major-2» | Ruskino

    Another work of the actress was a costume adventure film «the commander of the «North star» that tells the story of brave Russian researchers of the XVIII century. In addition to This Abyzova, the film allows you to enjoy the game such actors as Nikita Efremov, Valery Barinov and Leonid Bichevin.

    Personal life

    When the graduate of theatre of the University first appeared in the wall of the Maly drama theatre, she met actor Alexei Morozov. Husband was 10 years older, and at first they struck each other actor’s energy and talent. But the circumstances of his personal life Given Abyzova was so that with Aleksei Morozov, they were always close: he played in one performance, went along to the audition in Moscow, spoke after rehearsals. And gradually the interest to each other transformed into a romantic relationship. Dana Abyzov and Alexei Morozov began to live together, and in January 2016 were married.

    Dana Abyzov and Alexei Morozov
    Dana Abyzova with her husband Alex Abyzov | Telenedelya

    Interestingly, the parents of the bride and groom met each other only in the building of the registry office. The occasion was celebrated in a very narrow circle, and instead of the honeymoon couple along with a theatre troupe went on tour to Milan. Relaxation together Dana and Alex decided to postpone the beginning of autumn, they even had prepared a trip for Cypriot resort. But just before This the man Abyzova hospitalized due to the inflammation of appendicitis. And as the actress did not resist, Alexei Morozov persuaded his wife to go on vacation with my mom instead of him, not to disappear presale tickets.


    • 2014 — the Sea. Mountains. Expanded clay
    • 2014 — Last day
    • 2016 — Valka’s misfortune
    • 2016 — Major-2
    • 2016 — Day
    • 2016 — the Commander of the Polar star


    Dana Abizova

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