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  • Name: Abbie Cornish ( Abbie Cornish )
  • Date of birth: 7 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Lochinvar, Australia
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: actress, model, musician
  • Marital status: not married

    Abbie Cornish biography

    Abbie Cornish is an Australian actress and musician, who participated in the filming of such famous films as «Robocop», «Bright star» and «candy.» She was born in Australia, in the small town of Lochinvar. Abby was the second of five children in the family.

    My childhood actress remembers as a happy time. She, along with her sister Isabelle and three brothers grew up on a huge farm of his parents in the hunter valley. Through joint education with children Cornish has 12 years of know how to drive a car and drove through the fields and around the farm on a motorcycle.

    Abby received his primary education in a Catholic school. But the study was of little interest to her: the girl was in love with foreign cinema. And when she was 13, Cornish for fun for the first time posed in front of the camera lens. The pictures turned out so successful that the mother, herself a painter and photographer, sent them to the photo contest of the magazine «Dolly». And Abby was the winner!

    Since then, she began her professional career in the modeling business. Two years later, the first time she decided to try her hand at movies. After that Abbie Cornish was finally convinced that he wants to become an actress. Since her parents had filed for divorce, she moved alone to another city, Newcastle, and begins an independent life. Future star finishes high school, while simultaneously studying acting at the Studio theatre.


    Movie career of Abbie Cornish started in 1997 with the television series «the wild side». Then, after a number of Australian projects, which are the Thriller «the monkey Mask» and the drama «16. Love. Reloaded», the actress went on to conquer Hollywood.

    In America, Abby starred in more than 20 films. She quite successfully played the role of the main and secondary characters. Most viewers paid attention to her in the historical drama «Bright star,» a fantasy action movie «sucker punch», an action-Packed novel, «Psychics» and psychological Thriller «fields of darkness».

    Recent work of the actress, it is worth noting adventure Western «Klondike» and the sci-Fi Thriller «Robocop.»


    In addition to the movie, in the life of Abbie Cornish occupies a major place music. And as a musician at first she was planning to achieve success. In Australia she has performed with the rock band «Blades», in which he played the guitar and synthesizer. Later she started a solo career under the alias of Dusk, and the style of her compositions became closer to electronic music.

    Abby was rapping along with the American hopper Nas when he was in the Australian tour. Independently, she recorded a number of songs for mini-album «Key Of The Sun», but to give his girlfriend did not. The fact is that up to the moment when the album came to an end, the Cornish began to change musical tastes, so the arrangement and style of the recorded tracks, the singer was not satisfied.

    But two songs of that period, «Evolve» and «Way Back Home» were released on singles, and also posted online for free through a special online service Soundcloud. In addition, the Cornish voice can be heard in the song «Negative Capability» which is the soundtrack to the film «Bright star». However, the song Abby performed not as a solo artist and a duet with Ben whishaw.

    Personal life

    About the romantic adventures of the actress and singer is known not so much. Officially it was reported by the press and fans about only one affair with a famous actor Ryan Philippe. They met on the set of the film «War of compulsion» and since 2007, started Dating. Ryan often came to Australia, was presented to the Cornish family. But in winter 2010 the couple announced that their romantic relationship came to a deadlock and now they are not together.

    To date, the actress has never met the person with whom you would like to do with my life. In fact, a career in film and music field leave the girl not so much free time for personal life.

    Abbie Cornish, who spent his childhood on a cattle farm, at the age of 13 decided to give up meat and became a vegetarian. She is an activist of the «animal lovers Club» was their Ambassador at various events and brought up from childhood kangaroo, who was named Casey rooster. By the way, in 2008, the Australians called the most attractive actress is a vegetarian country.


    • 2000 — monkey Mask
    • 2004 — 16 years. Love. Reboot
    • 2006 — candy
    • 2009 — Bright star
    • 2011 — areas of darkness
    • 2014 — Klondike
    • 2014 — Robocop
    • 2015.
    • 2016 — 6 days
    • 2016 — Lavender


    • 2009 — Negative Capability
    • 2015 — Way Back Home
    • 2016 — Evolve


    Abbie Cornish

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