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  • Name: Roman Fad ( Fad Roman )
  • Date of birth: 26 December 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Zaporozhye
  • Activity: the psychic, the sorcerer-characterniki, writer, participant in season 4 of «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    A novel Fad: biography

    Roma Fad was born 26 December 1982 in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye. True, he almost lived – the family soon moved to Russia. The childhood of the future psychic and his sister Alina was held in Cheboksary. With his parents he has developed warm, trusting relationships with senior it never came to nothing forced.

    Fad says that the gift of sight is passed through the male line. The grandfather gave his father when he was 5 years old. The novel I became interested in extrasensory perception at the age of 18. He recalls how his father took him by night in the forest, was there for the ritual. To the majority of the Novel did not admit to the sacred knowledge. With 18 years he began the study of Slavic magic. His sister chose a similar profession after high school he entered the faculty of psychology.

    In 26 years, the Fad moved to Moscow, where he conducted private sessions. When his father died, Roman has not ceased to engage in witchcraft and sorcery.


    A novel Fad calls himself the sorcerer-Gentile and specializiruetsya on Slavic magic. In an interview, he admitted that sometimes practicing voodoo magic. This knowledge came after their first joint with his father on a trip to Africa.

    In 26 years of Fad, Jr. came to «Battle of psychics», successfully passed the qualifying test and became a member of the 4 seasons project. His father participated in the 3rd season and took second place. A novel Fad also became the second. During the show the audience was divided into two camps: some regarded him warily, cautiously, others became his followers.

    In the «Battle of psychics» Fad often used amulets and voodoo staff. One of the most memorable test for him was the search of survivors of clinical death. Novel correctly identified him by the color of their aura.

    In many tests it showed itself on a high level, talking about the participants such things about which no one knew. The sorcerer says that the project became for him a serious school, left good memories. But it is a pleasant pastime, he did not believe. First, constantly had to mobilize all forces, because there were days when shooting lasted 18 hours. Second, competition among psychics was tough, and sometimes cruel.


    A novel Fad has written several books on the esoteric, some of them immediately became best sellers. Among them — the «Magic money», «places of power», «Codes for the subconscious», «the Big book of the Magus» and others. Fad says that the conspiracy described in the book, he checked on himself.

    Personal life

    The sorcerer’s married, has a daughter. Married Fad before, but she doesn’t regret it. His wife Irina – an ordinary woman with supernatural powers is not. The wife calmly accepts his occupation, does not put questions about what awaits them. Roman says she trusts him.

    Free time he prefers to spend with his family, although this time, he admits, is not enough.

    A novel Fad likes to travel, watch with interest discovery channel. He has a passion for good cars. In people he appreciates humanity, the ability to be themselves and categorically rejects jealousy and betrayal.


    • «The evolution of the magician»
    • «The Oracle»
    • «The secret of magicians. Keys to happiness»
    • «Places of power»
    • «Codes of reality. The book of spells»
    • «Magic health»
    • «The world through the eyes of clairvoyants»
    • «Magic money»
    • «The sorcerer»
    • «The big book of the Magus»


    Roman Fad

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